The English word ‘beetle’ comes from the Middle English ‘bityl’ or ‘betyll’ and the Old English ‘bitula’, all of which mean ‘little biter’ - a term that admittedly popped into my mind as my digits were repeatedly pricked and stabbed by the embroidery needle as I worked on this piece! In spite of this I have a deep fondness for this piece as it was one of my very first embroideries - not perfect by any means but a step toward the forging of new creations. 🦋 #embroidery #embroideryart #insect #bug #hoopart #hoopembroidery #decor #insectart #naturelovers #nature

Nouveau projet! Je vais délaisser quelques temps mes affiches musique et le Vector Art, ainsi que mon cher Mac 🖥 pour un projet qui me tient à cœur depuis un moment: une série d’affiches et de cartes insectes 100% aquarelle! J’espère que ça vous plaira! ☺️
Voilà un petit spoil du premier, en attendant la suite!
New project! I’m gonna leave out for a while my music posters and the vector art (including my dear Mac) for a new project that is dear to my heart: a new posters and cards series of insects, 100% made with watercolor! I hope you’ll like it! ☺️
Here is a little glimpse of my first one!


Beurang maju ka Lohor
Papatong nu koneng euntreup na regang
Ngageter jangjangna keur ngagupayan.
Pancen keur wasiatan.

Sore mengkol ka Ashar
Papatong nu koneng hiber teu luhur
ngalayang ngawahan arek pamitan.
poma tong kajongjonan

Papatong nu koneng teu tembong deui.
Leungit indit teu pamit
Papatong nu koneng teu tembong deui
Tilem bewara baturna

Prak reureuh tina kareureuh
prak pasrah kanu Kawasa. .
#papatong #papatongkoneng #kinjeng #capung #capungkuning #insect #insects #dragonfly #insecta #animalia #arthropoda #odonata #anisoptera #garden #nature #naturelovers

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