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Relaxing weekend?

WHAT: INSCAPE "Our studio is a quiet space away from the distractions of everyday life. The intentionally designed 5,000-square foot studio in NYC offers fully immersive group experiences for meditation and relaxation. The vibe is somewhere between 4th century monasteries, the mood in the temple at Burning Man, and the feeling you get when you look at the infinite horizon line. The space honors the traditions of meditation while infusing modern design and technology to foster immersion and self reflection".
WHERE: @inscapelife 45 W. 21st Street, #1
WHEN: M−F 7:45am−9pm, Sa−Su10am−5pm. Book online. Sessions start at $18.
FEED INSPIRATION: #inscape #inscapenyc #inscapelife 📷: @tinavalentina

Busy New Yorkers are obsessed with this meditation dome. #tranquiltuesday #insidertravel @alyweisman @inscape

Today on my blog: #NYC is packed with new #wellbeing options (gong baths,all types of hybrid yoga, meditation class). Here is on I tested and adored: @inscapelife nearby flatiron building. Link in my bio to read my post in French (sorry) ➡️ bon je suis toujours en Grèce mais je rattrape mon retard et tous les posts que je vous ai promis. Voici celui sur #Inscape le nouveau studio pour méditer en pleine conscience entre midi et deux à #manhattan le lien est dans mon profil ➡️

When you're more Leonie than Leonie #inscape #fridaysfundays #freakyfriday

Beyond excited about my new find @inscapelife a gorgeous new mediation centre in NYC.. don't leave town without dropping in for a 30 session .. full story soon @ft_howtospendit #spastories #meditation #inscape #nyc #spajunkie

Check out our new track 'I Guess' - link in bio. Visual starring @jossmacdonald and @christina_orchard on a dreary London day. #inscape #newmusic #iguess #london

Such a magical place, must try #inscape #goinginisthenewgoingout


West Elm Workspace helps creat those inviting 3rd spaces!
#newwaytowork #westelmworkspace #openoffice #lovewhereyouwork #inscape

Take a seat, let’s chat. #westelmworkspace #tangraminteriors

Meditation is an extension of self care. Wellness, a new dimension of luxury.

Read more about our mission in @GlamourMag. Link in bio. #FBF

That moment when you realise a dream has come to life... I was really moved this morning when I opened this weeks Inscape email. And there shining on the screen were the two words travel gently. For those of you who listen to Inscape meditations you will know this is how our sessions end. Travel gently is a mantra I have used for over twenty years. Shared with me by a special teacher who had a remarkable impact on my life. It has always been a key to unlocking my self care, kindness, softness and compassion. I also use it as a reminder to friends and people I meet who are being hard on themselves or are in a sensitive place emotionally. We generally all need this reminder daily to #travelgently .. so seeing these kind words alive and moving if you will, just warmed my heart and reminded me of what we have created at Inscape. And that my wish for gentleness and kindness to lead our lives is ongoing. Dreams do come to life. Love does expand. And the journey is always the gift.. travel gently my friends. 🙏 #inspiration #inscape #compassion #kindness #soften #journey #meditation #gowithin #loving

Relaxing weekend?

Starting my day with an INCREDIBLE bang @inscape with @missdelailac

We have a new song out today. It's called 'My Life' - have a listen on Spotify via the link in our bio 🌚 #inscape #newmusic

When the knomes come to town #inscape

When you're more Leonie than Leonie #inscape #fridaysfundays #freakyfriday

These are the kinds of presentations you need in your life. 🖥
#inscape #design #designislife #graphicdesign #logodesign #presentation


Your brain after meditating.

Make space with a short session in the Inscape app. Link in bio.

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