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#insanity - some of the most insane fans in sports!!
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Que você possa se incentivar 😉. "Emagrecer não me faz melhor do que as outras pessoas mas me tornou mais forte para minhas próximas adversidades"

Quando era criança todas as vezes que andava em algum veículo qualquer que fosse me dava náuseas dor de cabeça, sensação de desmaio, e me lembro que meu pai sempre falava filha estamos chegando, vai já passar, pense que você já chegou, você está brincando com seus amigos, ele inventava várias coisas, sabe o que acontecia eu me distraía 😄 ele todo tempo positivo e pensando no que aconteceria depois que passasse por todo aquele mal estar. 📌O ponto que quero chegar é que quando queremos mudar nossos hábitos de vida saudável a primeira coisa que vem a cabeça é vai ser difícil 😳, é que vai ser muito demorado, que você já começou e não conseguiu dar continuidade ...
É São milhões de sabotadores que vem a mente.
Eu fiz como meu pai, quando esses pensamentos vinham , pq n é todo dia que você acorda empolgada e cheia de iniciativa todos temos nossos dias ruins 😓😟😳. Eu pensava lá na frente 🌈 pensava principalmente nos benefícios que isso me traria. Passei a enumerar e tinha por objetivo realmente sentir esses benefícios. 📝Para isso você precisa enumerar o que faz mal a sua saúde e ao seu psicológico pq obesidade engloba muitos fatores.
E enumerar depois o que você quer que melhore lá na frente, em consequência do seus esforços 🏃🚶💃💪. Comece ! E veja o quanto você vai se beneficiar !
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Growing up as a child with a nick name like kitambi (kitash) I have been very comfortable with my weight and size but one year ago I decided that I was going to TRY 🙊and make a change. I started with random diets and nothing seemed to work until I met my metabolic coach @shelinamediratta who helped me learn what foods are good for my body and this was the beginning of a lifestyle change for me and my wife @wabbzy. The metabolic balance program comes with introduction of exercise after the 1st 16days so my wife and I choose to cancel our gym membership and start on some home workouts we had purchased and had never gotten through the 1st week of exercise. I was motivated by how understanding my food had boosted my energy levels and decided to start on of the @beachbody workouts we had purchased. @shauntfitness was our new fitness coach with Insanity workout as our option😥. Determination,discipline and consistency both in food and exercise kept us going and our clothes, scale and change in body features showed it all. From a U.K XXL TO XL/L in the 1st round of Insanity 90 days later. Next we choose to move to Insanity Max30 and loved the strength training. 2 months later we decided to start Insanity again and see if our endurance was better and for sure it was and the scale result were great. From waist size 38 to 34 in about 7 month and I was determined to keep pushing. Coming from 96kgs down to 81kgs in 7 months of clean eating with 1 or 2 cheat days and a consistent workout plan. After completing Insanity again we decided to challenge ourselves and introduced a new coach @tonyshorton and started @p90x3 . This brought more strength and flexibility into our lives but we wanted a bit more of cardio and decided to combine it with @shauntfitness T25 halfway through and we started doing P90x3 in the morning and T25 in the evening. Today marks 1yr since we started this journey now at 71kgs rocking waist 30 pants and medium size Tshirt's but it's no longer about the scale my aim now is to shred all my body fat. So this week we started Insanity all over again for the 3rd time. #metabolicbalance #insanity #weightlossgoals #couplegoals #couplesworkout #fattofit

i hate you for never taking control of me 🕷


After 4 and a half months....I GOT MY FAVORITE PAIR OF PRE BABY JEANS ON! Thanks to the Thrive, BBG Sweat with kayla app, the past 3 hard weeks of starting insanity and changing my diet up (not to much), I feel so accomplished! I have my low self esteem days but I have to remind myself that my body did an amazing thing by growing a tiny human and the recovery time is a long haul. I still am AMAZED at the woman body! So excited to see the next few month of progression! .
#fitmom #postpartumrecovery #fitmombod #insanity #beachbody #bbg #sweatwithkayla #fitness #fitlife #fitmom #girlswithmuscle #thrive #thriving #postbabybody #health #sweat #nutrition #abscomingback

You're welcome in advance if my picture helps with a certain JT meme going around.... spoiler?! Not if You are Awesome! But if I did spoil it, this news was worth the give away... BeachBody just announced that Shaun T, the creator of #insanity #insanitymax30 #theasylum #t25 #hiphopabs ... just to name a few ... has a BRAND NEW WORKOUT PROGRAM and we find out what it is on 5.12.17! Say what?! And guess what ... people who have BeachBody On Demand All Access get it added to their library, automatically, for FREE
Don't have BOD All Access? Dont sweat it (yet😉)... There's a special promo going on RIGHT NOW! Message me for more info ❤

Sorry JT... Shaun T took over May!

We went exploring this morning and found a trail along the ocean. We did 4 sweaty miles!! Life is so fun with fit friends that have the same interests as you!
So proud to be a part of the Beachbody family and getting spend time with these great friends and many others! ❤

Thoughts can either keep us sane.. or drive us insane.. so we write them down as a story line to show what got us to the place where we are at
#thoughts #words #insanity #thinkingoutloud

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