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Yesterday was the death anniversary of Bhagat singh. He died protecting the country's honour, fighting for its freedom. I think being an atheist made him more ambitious to get freedom for his country. He just had one aim, free india for all. Not for Hindus or Muslims or anyone but for ALL. M not going to quote facts or something but just write about feelings. He still is an inspiration to all. Fight for what you love, keep on fighting till your last breath. He fought for freedom, freedom not for him but for everyone. Every time I read about them I'm just amazed, amazed at their courage, bravery. Don't let his sacrifice go to waste. We can do our bit by fighting against any injustice we see. Freedom for all be it Hindu Muslims Sikh Christian male female poor rich. Everyone should be allowed to or given an opportunity to progress and to speak up for his or her rights.#inquilabzindabad

Cute little #nationalflags at newsx office. And though the heart feels heavy, they reminded me how much Freedom means to us and how crucial it is to fight for it even today.
#happyindependanceday #jaihind #inquilabzindabad

Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳 #inquilabzindabad #longlivetherevolution #indianindependence 70 years Independence from aggressive imperial control. Big shoutout to the British empire for dividing my people and country, stealing our natural resources & selling it back to us, and treating us like slaves in our motherland ‼️💘 #jaihind

Here it is folks!! My first ever interview feature by a news channel.. 😎😇 http://newsable.asianetnews.tv/video/meet-rahul-and-mirael-the-newest-musical-talent-in-bengaluru

Many thanks to the folks at Asianet Newsable and Atta Galatta for making this happen.. 😍😘
Also a shout-out to Mirael.. one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard.. she sings like an angel :) <3
There will be times in your journey where you feel is it all worth it.? and then there will be moments like this which give u the strength to soldier on 😎😇
I'd like to thank each and every person who has enjoyed my music and supported me so far... Pls do keep at it cos thats what I live for.. 😎✌ #InquilabZindabad


" देश के नाम अपनी जवानी लिखी
यह जवानी है क्या, जिंदगानी लिखी
बस यहा तक की हमने कहानी लिखी
अब लिखो इसके आगे की तुम दास्ता.. फ़र्ज़ कर दो अदा "

Ghar Bta K Aaye Hain, Hai Khalbali
#rangdebasnti #inquilabzindabad

Happy Independance Day India! 🙏 From the flags on my back of 🇮🇳 🇨🇦 as i walk to the cage and raise in victory, 🇮🇳🇨🇦on my mouthguard ...i carry the strength of my ancestors who were freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves in order to give their fellow man a chance. Being in Canada, ive never forgotten the stories of Bhagat Singh and so many others, from the second my entrance song about Bhagat Singh came on in Mumbai as i walked to the cage,i found strength in hearing his story in the lyrics as i walked to the cage. Hearing the courage gave me strength and i wanted the whole world to hear his story through my entrance song.There is still much controversy that surrounds the history of Indias independance from the damage it also has left , and we cant ignore that but also cant ignore the brave freedom fighters who were the vital source of the independance and must draw strength from that courage because they were also someones sons, and brothers. #independanceday #india #indiaindependenceday #jaihind #bhagatsingh #inquilabzindabad #punjab

70 years ago August 15, 1947: India became independent from British colonial rule after 190 years of tyranny. Long live the hundreds of thousands of martyrs-nationalists, socialists and Communists alike, who died to make India free. Victory to Indias progressives and leftists who still struggle to make India free of the new chains of neo colonialism, caste oppression, neo liberal capitalism and Hinduvta fascism. Inquilab Zindabad! #india #redfort #newdehli #inquilabzindabad #chandrabose #baghatsingh #chandrasekarazad #naxalbari

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