Lunch today! TW‼️ So tomorrow i have to get weighed at 1 pm and im really debating if i should have breakfast or not before going? I know that im going to have lunch after and even tho you normally weigh first thing in the morning im kinda freaking that ive already eating before getting weighed!? Its kind of a good thing bc then the doctors wont worry if ive lost but then it tricks my mind in thinking ive actually gained heaps so what do i do? Do i have breakfast or do i just make up for it later in day after weigh in?

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I REALLY need some new pics to post. I have none lol. So enjoy this random pic of a horse at the program where I volunteer. His name is Oakley and he is new to the program.
Anyway, I was wondering how it is that a lot of people on here were able to keep their phones while in the hospital/inpatient treatment. Like any experience I’ve ever head with hospitalization or even going to the ER bc of self harm/suicidal thoughts and my phone gets taken away
Comment your experience below. #edrecovery #edwarrior #edtreatment #inpatientrecovery #hospital #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #recovery

Night snack 😊 coz no one wants to see me hangry at 3am (side note: I was attempting a fast in hospital once and was on 1:1. At said 3am my stomach rumbles so loudly that my nurse got me out of bed and made me eat porridge 😂) Tinned pears, strawberries, sultanas and 20g dark chocolate. Plus a hot chocolate and my squash 💕
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Austin, TX. America’s 7th drunkest City! #soberup #recoveryguidance

Oh, man Austin’s on a list again! I know, everyone loves Austin, but 7th drunkest City??? Behave yourself, Texas! #recoveryguidance

Lunch today was 1,5 slices of pizza 🍕!!!! Okay,there wasnt cheese on it but still

My team is happy with my progress here on the unit. They all say I've been eating my 4 o'clock alpro "right" (normal amount of time, normal bites, scooping everything out the container and off the lid) and they added an additional alpro at breakfast, on top of my daily upping of ng tube feed. The dietitian (not mine, as she isn't in today - but we meet tomorrow) said there's no way to know when I'll be off the tube, but I just do my best to prove myself at every chance I get. I've started to gain a little weight which they are happy with, but I'm still not being taken off the monitor or bed rest (fingers crossed for Wednesday!) 🌻 My little sister came to visit last night. She was 90 minutes late, which upset me at first, and when she came in I told her I wouldn't be able to "fake it" for her visit, and said it would be best if she just left then and there. Fortunately, she stayed. I slowly let go of my frustration and allowed myself to enjoy her company the way I always have. She's a truly special person; wise beyond her years, clever as a fox, funny as a bunny, and the person who understands and knows me best. On her first visit at the unit she told me the reason we've drifted apart in the months leading up to my hospitalization was that seeing me made her think of death. I feel tremendous guilt for the way my indulgence in my disorder has affected those around me. So often, our EDs act as a wall separating us from the outside world, entrapped in a prison of our own making. And so often, we seem to forget that the key to the prison is in our hands. It's been there all along. The isolation we feel convinces us we'll never be normal, and never get better - perhaps because we can't, perhaps because we don't deserve to. And maybe, in a sense, we become comfortable in our little prison. It's a safe space. It's a shield. Recovery is making the choice to use that key to free yourself, leaving the ED behind, then locking the door. And the best part? You won't even need a small opening in the door to feed it.

Tbf my swear jar would be pretty full as well 😂
@mental_health_memes_2 ~T

Breakkie today is the classic banana-cinnamon oatmeal 🍌 and also a mug of cappucino as i slept only 2-3 hours without my medicines. I couldnt take them as i drank alcohol last night. I hate when i cant sleep enough 😭
And about last night 🔜 i wasnt drunk as shit for the first time in forever!! It is a big step for me as i never know how much i can drink without being fucked up. It is possibly because my weight is still quite low and if i drink as much as my friends i become uncontrollably drunk 😂 but it was much better like this. Im glad that i remember to the funny things and dont forget like 98% about the whole night as usual.

Eating disorders aren’t about what most people think. Today’s #newblogpost attempts to explain what’s happening on the inside and what EDs are REALLY about. Maybe you’ve believed some similar lies over the years that have harmed you, as well. #linkinbio
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So I'm going to be using this account to mark my journey on my road to recovery, it's a ongoing process but I'm up for the battle!💪🏻 I'm currently inpatient but working for freedom everyday:) I hope this is going to be a positive account but it'll be raw as I never want to glamorise eating disorders and as recovery is never a straight road there will always be bumps but that it doesn't ruin the work you have already achieved and what you will in the future🙈 I will try to post as much as possible but I have limited access to my phone 😑 so we'll see how it goes :) #ed#eatingdisorderrecovery#strongnotskinny#recovery#eatittobeatit#bpd#inpatientrecovery#edcommunity#anorexia#selflove#selfcare#

Moved rooms again😣. In the past two✌🏻 weeks I’ve had five different rooms🙄. But I don’t mind too much as I have WiFi now🖥
I’ve had the confidence today to tie my hair up💁🏻‍♀️ which is a huge step for me. Because usually I’m so self conscious🤦🏻‍♀️. But it’s so hot in the sun☀️. I’ve spent the majority of my day making things and doing up my journal🎨📖. It’s just something to do to keep my mind occupied.
But my mood dropped📉 drastically😣 after an argument with another patient🙄. I just really need to go home now🏡. I’m so fed up of being on the ward🏥. I just don’t feel like I’m going to have any sleep tonight. I don’t know why
Sick of BPD mood swings🙄
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So sorry for the SUPER long time away from insta. So here’s a little update on my life regarding mental health and reading!
So on Wednesday I got discharged from my section and so I was discharged from inpatient! Woohoo!! The reason I was on section was basically because I had 4 major incidents in the space of two weeks and the mental health professionals and my parents had enough of it so I was put on a section 2.
I am feeling much better now and enjoying the simple pleasures of life like music, reading and Netflix lol.
I was also without a phone for three weeks but got a new iPhone yesterday! YAAAAS. I love it and it’s so good to be able to look at social media again, especially Instagram.
I am meeting one of my favourite authors tomorrow, Raymond E. Feist. I’m so excited!!! I have currently read 30 books this year so I am on track for completing my goodreads goal of 85 books this year. 📚
I am #currentlyreading Final Girls and I am liking it so far!
Hope you are all okay!
Lots of love xoxoxo
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