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To all involved in the corruption in the Suffolk County, Long Island Courts...it has been a long nightmare! **But none of you ever broke me**
I "never stopped fighting for my children" after they were wrongfully removed 3/2/12;
and I will never stop until "ALL" involved in making my children disposable all these years are exposed!
I am also still living the nightmare of Suffolk/Spota hell...I am still fighting to clear my name and I will NEVER STOP!
But a huge thank you, to Judge Iannacci for elucidating the truth about my wrongful conviction; I am forever grateful for how hard you fought for Justice for me! I am also so appreciative for the Dissent you wrote.
I will never break and never stop until EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ALL MY CASES ARE FULLY EXPOSED!
One of my daughters (who aged out on 12/13/2017) drove to my apt, to spend her birthday with me, and we can spend as much time together, whenever we want! I am still fighting for my other daughter (who is almost 17) and I will never stop!

To everyone who is fighting our corrupt and broken legal system everywhere...
DON'T GIVE UP HOPE...My daughterS and I fought hard to stay bonded, and they know who I am (as far as my WRONGFUL conviction)...the joy of seeing one of my daughters walk through my front door, doesn't make the years of pain disappear, but it definitely made it worth fighting all these years and made me want to keep on fighting until the Justice we deserve, happens! ❤️Allison

I wanted to share "some HOPE" with anywho is suffering the wrongful removal of their children. Ideally my daughters & I had hoped the legal system would have worked & given us the Justice we still deserve...but it didn't.
For 6+ years...I have ALWAYS said, "TIME moves forward and even corruption can't stop time!" Well, one of my daughters aged out 12/13/17 and I received the most “priceless” message from her, proving the love/bond of a parent and child can survive.
For all of you in the groups I belong to, for all the contacts that became friends, for anyone who has come on my page and asked me, "Allison, how do you do it?" THIS DAY IS HOW... the hell my corrupt county (Suffolk County, Long Island, NY) has and still is putting me through, I just focused on "this day" and it feels AMAZING to say, "Suffolk County & ALL involved; you never broke me, nor were any of you involved able to turn my daughters against me & I will expose you all for making my children's needs disposable all these years!"
I wanted to share this special moment; may it help someone/anyone who may need a reason to believe in HOPE and know there can be happiness at the end of this nightmare our broken/corrupt system puts us through on purpose.

Sadly, this is how things work on Long Island, NY... “you are treated guilty and YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE.” I am so grateful to
Head Appellate Judge, “The Honorable Angela G. Iannacci, J.P.” for standing up and fighting so hard for the truth she saw in my case; and the Justice she felt I deserved. (While the two lower Judges stayed with Suffolk/Spota corruption.)
I will always be thankful to Judge Angela Iannacci, J.P. who never wavered from the oath she took.
As I sat listening to her speak during oral arguments; I was so thankful for her strength in how she fought for what she believed I deserved from our system, “truth and justice!” Judge Iannacci felt so strongly that I deserved what our system was supposed to be about; that she wrote a 9 Page Dissent that reflected just that.
In fact, her Dissent not only expressed the truth she saw, but also it included evidence of the egregious errors of the lower court (Islip) when Thomas Spota was DA.
He has since been removed by the FBI. Sadly, not soon enough for my case, so my fight to clear my name (wrongful conviction) continues on.
Thank you Judge Iannacci for your strong belief in me; as well as standing up for the truth you saw in my case and the evidence you provided in the Dissent you wrote.
I will never forget you!
In 8 years, you are the ONLY person I met who deserves the title “HONORABLE” -Allison

On FaceBook my page is public & called... The Long Island Cover-Up
I have recently decided to share my FaceBook onto my Instagram, to spread the reality of our very broken/corrupt system; in hopes it helps others to avoid having their children made disposable by our system, as mine were.


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