1. Just smile, BJH! 😁😁 2. Nope, you can have this one, I call it 'pensative boredom'. 😒
3. Can I interest you in a 'smoldering temptress' instead? 💃🏼 #moulinrouge
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How often do you use the words I can or I will? How often do you use the words I can't or I won't? Remember affirmations are about the awareness of the mind and the conversation it has with its self. There is nothing wrong with recognizing that you need to fix the voices in your head..Start right now saying I can and I will❤

Wow! This one is deep for me. I have this struggle 24/7. The last few days I’ve been struggling with staying motivated with my side job. I want it to succeed and I do all the work for it but it just isn’t clicking with the success. But I know I can do it I just gotta get past the inner voice in my head to know I can do it.

Take a deep breath and relax, sit back and ask yourself "What do you really want?" Listen to your inner voice and ask again " Why do you want that?" Try to figure out what is your "Big Why" beyond it. And once you found the "Big why", you will wether "Want it badly and do all your best to achieve your goal" or you will realise that you need to set a "new goal". This simple technique helps us to review our goals and create more determination to achieve them.

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