Would you rather be right or free?

Be still before you start to defend yourselve and ask yourself the question if it's really important?
Do you really have to convince him/her? Is your story more true than the other story?
Or can you just be open to the other story? And maybe there's even something you could learn from it. Be creative and you can always find something to learn about yourself.
Find the path to a free and uncomplicated life.

"In The End, Just Home"
Poetry Of Notions, Day - 22;
☕Thoughts, By Me,
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Jai Bajrang Bali 🙇🙇🙇🙏🙏🙏🙋🌹🌹🌹 bolo jai Hanuman G ki🙋🌹
Hanuman inspires us to make our everyday & life. You are my 2nd besty God known. Always be with me lord, inside me and around me 🙏🙏 shower me with your glorious blessings always in life.....
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Change in our lives is inevitable. It happens within us and all around us.
And most of the time it is different to what we know. Leading us to the unknown territory, filled with uncertainty.
Uncertainty of what will be, but mostly, of who will we be, amongst it.
As we have not experienced ourselves in this new space, this can be an unconscious invitation to self criticism follow by the familiar expression we call stress.
Why do we do that? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we speak to ourselves in a way that no one else would dare to?
I believe it’s because it’s the most effective way to stay where we are, in what we know and therefore in what we perceive to be safe.
Our inner critic is saying “you’re not good enough to do that new thing because you have no guarantee that this new and unknown direction will succeed and may cause you pain. Therefore you must stay safe, in what is familiar to you. At least you have much more of an idea of what to expect here.”
So what to do with this knowledge?
1. Start from within first.
The first thing that helps me is to become aware the self-depreciating dialogue.
Then, by understanding its purpose be accepting of it. As fighting it will only feed it more power.
2. Then look outside.
Become aware of my external influences.
“Yes, I’m going through this change and I am likely to be feeling this way.”
Obtaining a clear view and accepting the temporary ‘what is’ (even though it may not feel good) helps to free up some of your focus and energy from the inner fight to, a clearer, more positive outlook.
3. From here (when I’ve deflated the noisy balloon) I’d ask myself more empowering questions, such as:
• Will this matter in 2 years time?
• When have I gone through a similar experience and survived?
• What if anything was possible? How would I be and what would I do?
• When it’s my time to leave Earth, what will make me feel proud for the life that I’ve lived?
From my heart to yours ... “you are an amazingly strong, courageous and super awesome human being.”
Keep up the fabulous work ... being yourself 😊💖🤗🙏🏼🌟.
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Are you asking yourself and others the right questions?

Let your heart lead. Ask questions from your heart center and from a vision of authentic light.

Brighten your path as the light shines on you and within you so you can lead others. Or let light from source and within illuminate your being!

If you allow you can give yourself permission to make room for nurturing love within.

What has your heart been saying?
Listen from a place of authentic love.

You have to love what you do to want to do it every day.
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For those who believe that a flower that blooms in the darkness can only feel at ease in the darkness....just listen🌺🎶 #shinobokidbuu #innervoice #imteasingtfoutofthistape #dontlosefaithinmelol

🌸 Bloom where you are planted.🌱
Challenges. Man, I’ve had many. From health, career and faith just to name a few. But when I have surrendered to the process and have chosen to believe that everything that happens is meant to serve me, then I receive God’s grace. Past the fear, doubt and resistance, I always expand into a greater version of myself. A version that is deeply rooted in truth so I can receive more love, support and abundance beyond my own understanding and ability. And then in turn, I become an even greater blessing for others.
So, no matter what you are going through, have faith. Choose to believe that it’s all happening for you and not to you. Then you can allow yourself to fully receive the grace, love and blessings that Life is giving you. 🙏💌✨

if it could all be said with words
we wouldn’t be here
doing this work
making these messes
longing for seaward veins
to recall the namelessness taste
of womb-mouthed moonlight
reaching through the restless friction
of all cosmic becoming’s
alignment and obliging anarchy
for our suns and dawnters waking
at Her now-sowing feet in dance
where tree sap sizzles blood sweet
over ripping roots carving alabaster
bones against the scarred drumheads
of pulsing thrones as round
the primordial fire
ever un-sentenced
they water each seed
with ecstatic tears

Powwowerful Play 💫
flora based watercolor 🌿
original adopted 💌
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almost too beautiful to burn rose, rosemary + sage smudge gift from @twigandstone + @rainbowforester 🌼 such lovely creations from them both, thank you ladies! 🧚🏻‍♀️🦌
Merry soul-stice everyONE!
“The Center we seek, that drives us through every known and unknown intensity, is the Center we carry ourselves and feel within others, feel within ourselves and carry in others. And it is She—and He and It and They and We—who feel and carry the beat of our roaring hearts and dance us home.” —Swamiji Ambikananda Saraswati ✨(((🧡)))✨

what i really want is a long ride with no destination. windows down and music playing. and nothing except the world outside my car and what feels right.

Stand up for what you believe in. Listen to the voice inside of you. Follow your own moral compass. Don't be afraid to stand alone and do what you think is right ( as long as no one gets hurt in the process). #character #independent #strong #voice #innervoice #spirit

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