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"There is no one-size-fits-all diet solution for everyone. But whether you eat a vegan, paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian or any other kind of diet, I believe unprocessed, organic, free-range, low GI and low HI (low human intervention), sustainable foods are best for our bodies, the food chain, the animals and the environment". Carla. x
The Beauty Chef Cookbook includes recipes for delicious family meals, special occasion treats and time-honoured ferments, all designed to pack a powerful nutritional punch. #beautybeginsinthebelly #innerbeauty #healthyeating #feedyourskinfromwithin

I’ve learnt a lot about myself this past year. Some shocking developments, some not so, yet they’ve changed my being all the same. I always thought of myself as fiercely independent, but what I came to discover is that I wasn’t yet an individual. The individual I am now and that I will continue to grow in to. I think we all have eccentricities, some of us pick up diagnoses along the way, some of us simply learn to accept our uniqueness for what it is. In the greater scheme of things I’ve learnt that despite the woes, I’m nothing more than a fraction in time, in a universe too vast to map. My insecurities and self indulgent behaviour wash away in that reality. My statistics no longer important as I realise this life of mine will be gone in a universal second. Will I leave a legacy? I doubt it. Though I suspect the small generosities I manage whilst here will have impact on my future and those around me.

“The least interesting thing about a person is what they look like.” My amazing Camp Well roomie/dear friend Jackie shared this quote with me.
The next day, i had the courage to share with the room of 50 women i didn’t yet know about the hardest parts of the past year. I cried and shared my fears and hurts associated with Everett’s diagnosis. A sweet woman approached me afterwards in tears confessing she judged me when she saw me the first day by my appearance and thought, “she looks ‘perfect’.. I wonder what she knows about hurt?” She shared how she lost her son 6 months ago and how she related to me more than she ever imagined. And a bond was formed. Over and over conversations were started and bonds were formed with the simple question, “what brought you to Camp Well?” It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL hearing people’s stories (ALL involved trials and challenges) and the way God meets us where we are.
If you know me well, you know I like to go deep.. I’m not great at surface conversation and don’t enjoy small talk especially where other people are the topic. In the social media world where life can look picture-perfect, we all can be quick to judge. In fact, I don’t feel like God has called me to share every challenge or detail on IG... In the transition from just being a stylist/salon owner looking to promote my business and share some marriage fun into a mom of a child with a rare condition, I was very confused on what to share. I prayed A LOT. God was very clear that I was just to bring glory to Him, that simple. I have REALLY hard days and wrestle with having balance, impatience, and an occasional hot temper. I’m exhausted, somewhat unorganized, and some days I literally wonder “how am I gonna do this?” In my weakness, God ALWAYS shows up with his strength... still not what I would have planned, but ALWAYS enough. I am so thankful for this crazy life and that is it much more than it looks like on the outside ❤️ #mybiglionheart #campwelllv2017 #beyondbeauty #innerbeauty

Special thanks to Actress Christine Lakin @yolakin for taking a stand to End Human Trafficking by taking the #innerbeauty Challenge. Help @savinginnocence end human trafficking and join the #innerbeauty challenge!
Go to: www.nationalinnerbeautyday.com to learn more. @innerbeautyday @natdaycal
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There are times where I want to scream. Times where I want to break out of my shell, break my mold, breakdown, and be someone else.

Someone who can get mad, frustrated, annoyed. Someone who isn’t perfect; who isn’t even imperfectly perfect. Just human. Someone who isn’t always the Yin. There are times I want to do what’s not expected of me. There are times I just want to be shocking...

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Happy no cal count day fam 🤪.
Thankful for my family, friends, another day to breath. Have a blessed day. Xo


The outer appearance don't make a person, the soul within will always shine on the outside. #loveyourself #innerbeauty #prosperity

We all know the saying, "you are what you eat" + so to, is your skin! Potent packages of VITAMIN C - raspberries help to fight against cancer, heart disease + age-related illness.

SKIN SPECIFIC, raspberries work magic on wrinkle + age spots. Yup! Beauty from the inside-out. Be sure to compliment your Skinfaktor home diet with quality ingredients in your dining 🍓🍍🍆🍽

Plain Jane today 💚

Not only are grapes nature's candy, they also can help work wonders for your skin! 🍇✨ Our Vanilla Bean Day Cream contains Marlborough grapes, which are packed full of goodness and they're homegrown right here in New Zealand!

It was such a pleasure and so much fun being a guest, along with my girl @genia718, on @beautyfetishshow, with beautiful host Sandye Lomax @beautyfetishlashes, discussing personal triumphs and sharing beauty tips/secrets. It was like water...just flowed. Stay tuned for upcoming shows!
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repost via @instarepost20 from @beautyfetishshow Welcome to Beauty Fetish with Sandye Lomax! ♦️ Here's a snippet of what's to come when my girls @tasiagrantactress and the host of @industryscoop @genia718 stop thru my Honey Comb Cave✨🥂 Laughter and makeup chat! Yes I'm obsessed with @tarajiphenson @mac new lipstick and glitter gloss to top it off💋💄☺️ I hope you all tune in to be enlightened, uplifted and inspired!Walking in my Purpose & Passion is a blessing! I will chatting with influential people who help to make this world BEAUTIFUL♥️ We will not only be sharing personal testimonies that have shaped us into who we are today but we'll indulge in sharing beauty/grooming tips, regimens and possibly some crazy experiences! Stay tuned.....‼️


Copy Cat Tom and Luke's Espresso Crunch Super Slice
1/4c Oats - made into oat flour
1 serving of Pea Protein - I use @nuzestnz Clean Lean Protein in Rich Chocolate
3 tspn each stevia and Erythritol
2 tspn Cacao powder
2 dates blended in nutribullet with hot water
1/2 tspn Decaf instant coffee granules (though you can use regular) - blend with dates
Water to bind
1 Coconut Oil Chocolate - Chopped
275 calories
Combine ingredients together
Press into 4 mini loaf pans
Freeze for 30 minutes
Let defrost for 20 minutes before eating
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Good today girlies!!!!

Get a step closer to discovering who you want to be by making meditation part of your day to day life. Discover your essence! Your destiny lies in your hands and only you have the key! You can meditate anywhere but hiking to discover a secret waterfall like this, just makes life a bit more exciting doesn't it? 🙏🙏

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This is love for my home girl Cyn❤️. Thanks for following! Love you

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Descubre tu lado más sexy! ✨

BabyDoll Atracción
Colores: Azul, Beige, Verde
Tallas: S, M, L

Cra 49B # 79-01 Local 21 CC Plaza del Prado - Envíos Nacionales - Whatsapp 317 552 0509
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When you get in touch with your inner self you give path to your purest thoughts to come out. #lifegoals #innerbeauty #soul #heart #selfreflection #selfappreciation #perseverance #shabbatshalom

[Backstage] Aujourd’hui c’était shooting par @francoislenski de la sublime @racheltrapani avec Gloria en maquillage et coiffure on est fan et on kiffe et toi?

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