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Second time using the D-ball & if you simply want to feel like death, do em' ☠️only halfway through @rogueamericanapparel @disciplesofiron ..#innerbattles#girlswithmuscle#trainharder#getuncomfortable#alwaysgreatangles

Woman in the mirror: Some days I hate you. Some days I love you. Some days I don't want to be around you but I'm stuck with you. I've learned to appreciate you with time because I can't get away from you even if I tried. #innerbattles #innervoices #undermyskin #becomingoneperson #thingsarentalwayswhattheyseem

sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.
#innerbattles #innerpeace #choosetobehappy #bestrong

Sometimes it's not about the success. There may not be evidence of failure. Sometimes it's just showing yourself what you're made of. Show up and get it done!
#fitness #mentalhealth #innerbattles #lovethyself

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.
#skam #lifemoto #innerbattles #battlewithin #lifeisabattlefield

"Absolute honesty isn't always the most diplomatic, nor the safest form of communication with emotional beings."
Truth means love. Love means truth. How, then, are we to realise where to draw the line between being fully honest, and sparing the truth? If absolute truth isn't the goal, then what is?
#BigQuestions #InnerBattles #Interstellar #DubaiDiaries

“Beware of Destination Addiction – a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, and with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is someplace else, it will never be where you are.”💭💭💭 #thoughts #withinyou #balance #energy #innerbattles

#Elevator #angermood #rage #stressed #innerbattles

In the elevator
I pick my floor
And If i want to battle
I pick my war

As I get to know myself more,I’ve realized I am an ambivert,I can be around people and extend my energy to them but there are days I need to recharge my batteries. I’m not social unless spoken to,which is the part of me I’m working on the most because apparently the first impression I give is stuck up.. I have terrible social anxiety and it’s such a battle for me,but I always want to to reach out to people and be there for them. The more I’ve worked on myself the better I’ve gotten,I used to think social anxiety would get the best of me,and now seeing me overcome it,I’m proud! #innerbattles #trying


I just started watching the punisher, and I’m loving it already 😀. I’ve started noticing a trend in shows being more philosophical and helping us to think. It’s a beautiful thing that we as a collective consciousness are starting to dive deep into the source of our unhappiness. In this world of social media, it’s easy for us to compare ourselves to everyone else and fall into the trap of low self-esteem. If we keep looking externally for validation/praise from others, we’ll never be content with ourselves. It’s not easy to face our emotional baggage head on, but it’ll free us in the long run. It all comes down to fear. The most common types of fear are:
1. Caring what others think
2. The fear of not being liked
3. The fear of vulnerability
4. The fear of facing our own darkness
5. The fear of being left out
6. The fear of death 💀☠️
7. The fear of losing everything
8. The fear of embarrassment
9. The fear of not achieving perfection
10. The fear of being betrayed
11. The fear of being alone ✨

We must question why we have these fears in the first place. Most of the time, these fears go back to childhood. We may still being enacting our the fears we’ve experienced in our childhood, consciously or unconsciously. I’ve notice that I’ve tried so hard to feel accepted because I was enacting out the fear of being alone because I’ve grown up in a single parent household. Even though I had a loving mom, I’ve still felt the need to have other people there to feel my pain, even at the cost of letting people use me. I was unhappy with myself and sought acceptance from others as a way to cope without my dad being there 😭😓. I felt alone internally because I was abandoning myself. Even though that was a painful experience, I don’t regret going through it because it was a key part of my path ☺️. You may see me living life like I’m on top of the world now, but you didn’t see the steps I took to get to where I am today. I proud of all the hardships that I’ve gone through internally and externally because they’ve made me tougher 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾✨💪🏾💪🏾✨💪🏾💪🏾. I am happier than I’ve ever been. I want anyone that reads this to know that you are enough and you...

One of the best books I’ve read is called ‘The War Of Art’ by Steven Pressfield. The book talks about how everyday we’re in a on going battle with ourselves. He calls this our inner ‘Resistance’.
Whenever we are faced with something we know we should be doing, we are faced with resistance. Can you remember a time when you had an amazing opportunity and you didn’t act on it? Resistance got the best of you.
Resistance leads to procrastination and prevents us from doing the work that needs to be done.
What’s the solution?
It’s work. The difference between a Pro and an Amateur is that a Pro puts in the work whether he/she feels like it or not. An athlete trains, a writer writes, a musician practices their instrument.
An amateur on the other hand, waits for inspiration to strike or when they ‘feel’ like it.
For example, my goal was to lose weight and I put in the work every single day. If I would have waited to feel like going to the gym, I would have never gone.
I am by no means perfect but I’m aware of my resistance that is holding me back. This is one of the best lessons I’ve learned from pursuing my fitness goals.
Are you a Pro or an Amateur?
Please do yourself a favor and look up ‘The War Of Art Audiobook’ on YouTube. You can listen to the complete book for free.
If you can’t find it, DM me and I’ll send you the link. 😀

Reached my usual emotional breakdown / baby blues stage just before Olly goes back to work... how am I going to function, get the kids ready for school, feed Ottilie, get myself breakfast, manage my sleep deprived temper, and not go stir crazy with the constant daytime feeding...? First world problems, and I know I have a lot to be grateful for (plus I have help this time - how did I ever manage without it before?), but sometimes it doesn’t make it any easier. Also psyching myself up for the boob v bottle battle I know I’ll have with myself next week. 😩 #newborn #babyblues #itsoktocry #weektwo #sleep #feeding #routine #innerbattles #survival #tired #motherhood #mumming #maternityleave #newnormal

Sometimes it's not about the success. There may not be evidence of failure. Sometimes it's just showing yourself what you're made of. Show up and get it done!
#fitness #mentalhealth #innerbattles #lovethyself

When will my reflection show who I am inside...
Lol #innerbattles pauli ta ey. Haha! 😂✌

Six years ago I was 20, working at a place I didn’t feel very valued in and I was in an awful mindset of “I’ll never amount to anything” and “I need to put my art out there” I describe that year as one of my lowest points in life. I’m looking back at this picture and honestly...it got better. I am better. I’ve grown so much, I’ve improved so much artistically and as a human being. I am so proud of that girl in the picture for staying as strong as she could, even when she thought she was nothing. Without that unknowing strength she had I would not have been here. I would not have done so much for myself and for those I love. I owe this girl to continue to be the very best person I can be. #lookingback #growth #selflove #selfcare #overcomingdepression #innerbattles #innerstrength #thankyou #outtostealyogirl

Every single day I'm fighting a war with myself and I'm winning but the enemy never backs down.

#praisetoyah #selfcontrol #stromgmind #strongmindset #strongsoul #innerbattles

"You must tell yourself, no matter how hard it is or hard it gets, if you believe in yourself you will get there"
The opportunities I have been given this year come with hard work and dedication. Ive learnt to not listen to peoples comments questioning why and how I travel so much. Ive learnt this year that its ok to believe in me. That anything is possible if you believe. Ive learnt that its ok to trust yourself, to follow your dreams and not give up. Ive take chances and risks and worked on getting over certain fears. Ive actually spent time working on me. I may not be where i want to be...but im a hell of a lot further then I imagined. #workingonme #motivated #determined #focused #fitness #fashion #music #goals #monat #mexmixentertainment #berklee2018 #travel #mylife #change #innerbattles #anxiety #hustle #❤ #uk #takemeback #londoneye #champagne #happy #bossbabe
Make up @jennanicoleofficial

Today is #worlddiabetesday and I️ want to thank my strong and amazing support system behind me that pushes me and supports me to live and lead a healthy life. Even with my strong support system, this journey can be a real struggle both mentally/physically and only people living with my disease can understand what it’s like to have the simplest joys of food be limited..when your body fails you and there is nothing you can do to be cured. Today I️ want to shed light on the emotional roller coaster any diabetic patient has to go through and send a reminder that it’s not as easy as “choosing” to eat clean, because “choosing” not to eat a piece of cake really is just the constant reminder that we have to “choose” to want to live with this disease when there was never a choice at all. I️ fight this inner battle everyday and hopefully one day the battle will get easier #innerbattles #understandbeforeyoujudge #diabetesawareness #foodforthought

So much of who think we are has been effected by how others view us and their opinions and judgements of us.

To know yourself is to truly love yourself. Find the true version of you which existed before others shaped you. You must first face and destroy the illusion of you.

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Everyone always talks about dark times and happy times. No one ever tells you there will be those times when all you see is red. Those times when it seems everything just went haywire and you wonder how in the world your whole life seems to have flipped upside down in an instant. Those are our inner battles. Sometimes our mind takes off on us faster than we can catch up to it. You can’t see a way out but you just know you’re fighting through it. Those moments are what will push you to the next level in your life. Sometimes things need to be shaken up to get you out of your comfort zone and get you to a better place. #keeppushing #stayfocused #redzone #comfortzone #levelup #bebetter #dobetter #struggles #confusion #chaos #red #innerbattles #patience #perserverance #commitment #getbackup #lifegoals #quotes

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