I say to myself, “that’s not something, a hotdog topped with corned beef hash from a can, that ever needs to happen.” Then I hear myself say, “somebody should probably try it.” In the end, it’s an argument I have with myself often and I can never really decide no matter the outcome whether or not I won or lost. #innerbattles #hotdogs #merica #dreamsdocometrue

I'm thinking of doing a blog. What do you think?
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Body dysmorphia can happen at any size. "Skinny" or "fit" girls may not see themselves the way you see them. I struggled with these issues before I had a chronic illness, but now I've felt them get worse. I used to be able to fight the demons in my brain by proving to myself how strong I was by finishing another race, getting another medal. As long as I was active, I could ignore my own negativity. But now, the space between what my body is and what I see is even bigger. I can't prove those voices wrong, well ok I should never say "I can't", more like it's a harder battle. I have to retrain every aspect of how I've approached fitness and body positivity. I have to accept where I'm at and be inspired by where I can go.

When the highs soar and the lows crush but you get up every day and keep fighting. That's bravery! I am so lucky to have a phenominal family, boyfriend and group of people around me who understand and take the time to be patient with me when I'm struggling. For that I will never stop being grateful. Mental health week is over but it still needs yo be a topic that we're ok talking about!! #MentalHealthWeek #mentalhealthawareness #courage #InnerBattles #KeepGoing #FightTheGoodFight #ItllBeOk

The physical battle was lost but the competition within will never be lost 🦁

I spoke in depth about the "competition within" in my latest email. If you missed out on subscribing Ill be opening the link sometime in the next 11 days for 24 hours. Stay woke

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We all have our inner demons.. But how will we fight with them?? 😨

Check out the student film I took part in at @pima_cc, with talented student @adamn.profile below 👇

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omg yay it's a surprise party 🎉🍷🎉🍷🎉🍷🎉

What is so unique about the worship of fasting?

Fasting is a worship you can only offer to Allah Almighty. Take a moment, when that throat of yours dries up entirely, you know very well that you could hide in a corner and take a sip of ice cold water, but you also know that you are doing this for Allah and He knows, so you dismiss the thought immediately.

That is taqwa.
To love Allah enough to not want to disappoint Him. Often taqwa is translated as 'fearing Allah' - I really dislike that translation, I believe it is loving Allah so much that you willingly look for ways to seek His pleasure, and stay away from all that which displeases Him.
Ramadan is the month in which we restrain our most basic desires, hunger & thirst as well as our sexual desires.

There is a deep lesson that needs to be learnt from this. In other words, if you can be victorious in your inner-battles with your most basic desires then you can overcome bigger battles in life!
If we fail in the face of our most basic desires then we remain weak human beings. "But as for those who fear the position of their Lord and prevented their soul from [unlawful] inclination,
Then indeed, Paradise will be [their] refuge." [Qur’an 79:40-41]

Fasting is also a reminder to humble ourselves; that we as humans are weak. If Allah did not provide us with food and drink, we would perish and wither away. Have you felt that weakness in the lead up to iftar when nothing can distract you from your hunger and thirst? Everything seems bleak at times. We are weak if it wasn’t for Allah’s blessings that we take for granted.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: "..When I love him [my servant] I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely Grant him it.." •

Restraint -- Taqwa -- Love -- Protection ❤

« Each worldly person, moralist, spiritual aspirant and yogi -like a devotee- should every night before retiring ask his intuition whether his spiritual faculties or his physical inclinations of temptation won the day’s battles between good and bad habits; between temperance and greed; between self-control and lust; between honest desire for necessary money and inordinate craving for gold; between forgiveness and anger; between joy and grief; between moroseness and pleasantness; between kindness and cruelty; between selfishness and unselfishness; between understanding and jealousy; between bravery and cowardice; between confidence and fear; between faith and doubt; between humbleness and pride; between spiritual and material desire; between desire to commune in meditation and the restless urge for worldly activities; between soul consciousness and egoity. »
Paramahansa Yogananda
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Sixteen seventeen & eighteen. Those were the toughest years for me personally.. bullying was the main contributor to my inner demons.. but I pulled through in the end.. was always known as the fat girl with the pretty face... soo glad I've passed those years #innerbattles #bullyingisnotok #myjourney #gastricsleeveaustralia #growingup #learningtolovemyself #wlscommunity #gastricsleeve #weightlossjourney #fatgirlprettyface #insultorcompliment #dailystruggles #battledmyownbattles

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