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Spain is not the only country where being a dog can be really hard. All over the globe there are animals in need, creatures in pain, but whose pain is invisible. This is Sri Lanka, where we found this handsome dog living in the train station, he had been hit once already but stayed there as if waiting for the train that would change his life. Yesterday we saw a documentary that hit me like a train, a film that I believe everyone should watch to understand the need to connect with the animals and their suffering. The film is called Safari, by the Austrian director Ulrich Seidl who has always been an inspiration to me. I know these stories are not distributed as they should and it might be difficult to access them. It is not an easy film, but a important one. 🎬💔

España no es el único pais en donde los perros sufren. A todo lo ancho del planeta hay animales que sufren ante cuyo dolor nos hemos hemos acostumbrado hasta dejarnos de importar. Esto es Sri Lanka y un perro, que a pesar de haber sido golpeado ya una vez, vive en la estación como si esperará el tren que le cambiaría la vida. Ayer me golpeó un tren en forma de documental que creo que todo el mundo debería ver. Una película para entender la falta de conexión con el mundo animal y la mezquindad humana por encontrar la diversión y la sangre. La película se llama Safari, del austríaco Ulrich Seidl. Se que estas historias no tienen la distribución que se merecen y a veces es difícil acceder a ellas, es una pena. No es un film fácil, pero es muy importante. 🎬💔

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Stress-free laughs 💯 #inneed 📸: @hanihan_lee

Yep it's a takoyaki hat. This is where I go when I miss home. #okinawa #foreignkid #inneed

Caption: Feels .\
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Let's just say... I really need to get a new phone 😂 Ipads are a pain in the ass 😒#inneed #newphoneplease #justanotherselfie

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Dear Lord, please help me today 🙏

Over 1.8 billion people use a source of contaminated water.
Get inspired, take action, make waves and make a difference.

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Tardy #winterstormstella pictures. Looked like a windswept tundra out in the fields. And the drifts, so deep! But once the snow and wind died down it was so nice to feel the sun again. And take my farm girl outside for an adventure. Although entirely grateful for our cozy home that offers us protection from such weather, we were both a little tired of being indoors right then, and needed to feel that sun direct! #inneed #vitamind #myhusbandwassothrilled

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