Happy 35th birthday to my husband @starrluke 💕
You are the love of my life.
My favourite place in the world is anywhere next to you 😘
And here are just some of the places you’ve been:
1. Top of the Sentinel in Kosciuszko NP
2. MTB from Mürren to Lauterbrünnen 🇨🇭
3. Roys Peak, Wanaka
5. Proxy Falls, Oregon
6. You love MTB and mountains 😂🇨🇭
7. Hiking Ben Lomond in Queenstown
8. Coffee in the Warrumbungles, NSW
9. You love birds 🦅 and hot chocolate ☕️ on mountaintops. Even when the keas get way too close (there’s another on the right but it got cropped out 😁)
Love you 😶

It’s almost #taurusseason!! Last year, at this time, I was in Switzerland in the middle of my “soul-searching” eurotrip. I’m not perfect and certainly have room for improvement but a few things remain important to me - God, family, being and self-love.

Guess where this is!!! 🌅🌅🌅 😄 (Lake Sempach)

organised, punctual and unreasonable prices, nothing has changed 🇨🇭

🌸 Cherry blossoms in Bern, Switzerland 🌸

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