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Good morning Chicago. Looking forward to some ⛈ #inlandsteel #midweststyle

Captured in this photo from the SOM archives, the model for the Inland Steel Building showcases the elegant, functional, and innovative design of this Chicago landmark. The project is composed of two adjoining volumes: a 19-story glass and stainless steel office building coupled with a slender 25-story service tower. By housing the elevators, service components and mechanical systems in the taller, vertical volume, the office tower floors could be completely opened up, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in the arrangement of workspaces. To further maximize the interior space, the office tower’s steel-clad support piers are positioned along its perimeter, where they visibly express the building’s structure and signal its identity.

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Good morning #chicago #inlandsteel

Found some Inland Steel onsite.
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take your son to the [new] office [satur]day #lifeathdr #chicagoloop #inlandsteel #pickingoutfinishes with @tommyleeprojects

They're either protecting me or coming at me, not sure which.


.. steel glass light #inlandsteel

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