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Распродажа #пигментов #Inkstinkt 10мл всего за 275грн, количество товара ограничено!

The Jai Thep journey translated into a story on skin. For the genius who transformed bamboo into a festival! 💪🏼 Thankyou for a day of wonderful conversation and staying so Jai Yen through a few thousand pokes 💚

Done at @sangbleuzurich today! Thanks Jéromine!


Пудровые брови😊
Такой вариант подойдет тем, кто немного подкрашивает брови тенями или карандашом.
Такой татуаж позволяет зафиксировать форму и ширину, но при этом оставляя впечатления натуральных бровей.
# татуаж

Was such a pleasure to tattoo Gerrit today, this piece is our day long conversation. Some people just emanate light 👌🏼💙💫 Thank you for looking!
#jerrrabluestattoos #jerrradraws #jerrrart
#colorgeometry #fibonacci #patterns #patterntattoo #goldenratio

Forever outwards, inwards, and constant change for everything in between.
"Basically it's just a fuck tonne of magic". I love you Lizzy and all the magic you carry with you.
Freshly poked and nicely swollen here.

Finished these guys, up for grabs, hit me up if you like what you see 💫
#jerrrabluestattoos #jerrradraws #jerrrart

🌞 On my ray of sunshine

🌚🌝 A tao/te circle of cuteness handpoked on a beautiful fairy._____________________
Otters were once worshiped as sacred creatures by the Zoroastrians as they kept the rivers pure by eating the dead animals which would otherwise rot. They're also considered lucky by some Native American tribes and symbols for loyalty and honesty. ________ Random otter facts aside, hit me up with your best puns:

Design available for a forearm, wrist, shoulder, ankle or wherever you would like to put it 🤗
DM for booking 📝🖤
#jerrrabluestattoos #jerrradraws #jerrrart

I'm so grateful to people who let me get creative, thank you so much Susan for allowing me to do what I love 🙏🏽 This is a cover up too!
If you would like anything in that style, color mandalas, abstract pieces etc please hit me up, I love it 😇
#jerrrabluestattoos #jerrradraws #jerrrart #coveruptattoo #ankletattoo #abstractgeometry #colorabstract #colormandala

A see through take on a cover up for @catarios20 🤓
Hit me up for custom mandalas, color or black/grey 💫
#jerrrabluestattoos #jerrradraws #jerrrart #coveruptattoo #coverup

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