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Are you educated on GUT health and what that truly means?
Don’t take some company’s “word” on this matter. Educate yourself.
I am a Lead Mentor with an AADP Accredited Holistic Wellness and Gut Health Specialty/Business Strategy and Mindset School.
Take YOUR business and knowledge to the next level today!
Message me for a 5-day FREE glimpse into our ELITE program.
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Back to SUNDAY prep with another week of my Gut Challenge and broth cleanse/intermittent fast.
Message me to join today!! #guthealth #holistichealth #bonebroth

Gestern war DER Tag...💕
Ich hatte meine ersten Anprobe für ein Brautkleid 👰
Eigentlich hatte ich keine großen Erwartungen. Ich wollte einfach die Zeit genießen und schauen was es so gibt. Natürlich habe ich vorher im Internet nach Inspiration gesucht und unendlich viele Screenshots gemacht um diese dann dem Berater zu zeigen! Also ich war dann dort... Und so ganz plötzlich wurde aus TiefenENTspannung... TiefenANspannung... Adrenalin, Aufregung, hippelig und völlig nervös 🙈
Was war nun los? Nun ja... Es ging um DAS KLEID!!😱😱
Nach dem Frage- Antwort Spiel mit dem Berater ging es nun daran Kleider rauszusuchen. Am Ende waren es 7 Stück die es geschafft haben mich auf dem Bügel hängend anzusprechen.
Ich habe mich nun in alle 7 Stück reinwurschteln lassen und am Ende waren es nur noch 2 von 7 💕 also beide nochmal angezogen (nacheinander natürlich)

Und da war es... DAS KLEID... Bauchkribbeln... Ein Lächeln... Ein strahlen... Das Gefühl das es genau dieses Kleid sein muss und kein anderes! Es passt wie eine 2. Haut... Es muss nichts geändert werden 😊😊😊🎉🎉🎉 #teambride #imthebride #weddingdress #dreamdress #happy #feellikeaprincess #wedding2018 #mrsvoigt #julibraut #julibraut2018 #loveyousomuch #loveofmylife #endlesslove #onlyyou #couplegoals #family #familygoals #aus2wird1 #awesomefeeling #nervous #inkedmom #inkedmomsofinstagram #potd #pictureoftheday #instagirl #instagood #instadaily #lightbox #tulpe

So in love with my Holistic herbs and this yummy yogurt parfait 🌱🌱
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Save up to $1,000 on our courses.
Humans have lost between 15-40% of their bacterial diversity largely due to antibiotics and unfortunately lack of probiotic foods and soil based organisms. All those original bacterial species were designed for different function and immunity purposes throughout human evolution and now we are backpedaling causing our risk of illness and disease to become higher than ever. Learn more about GUT HEALTH!! DM ME or post your email below!
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She told me I’m the coolest mommy at school because of my tattoos ♥️ My daughter, I promise to protect your life with my own, and to always be there for you 💕 #mydaughterismyworld #iloveyousomuch #mybestfriend #tattooedmommy #inkedmomsofinstagram #mytattoosdontmakemeanylessofamother

3weeks cigarette free and it feels awesome on the 25th it will be a full month I cut that nasty habbit out of my life and im never looking back, since I quit I have lost 5pounds (yay!) I have more energy and have been overall more happy
#3weekscigarettefree #newbeginings #feelinghealthy #lovelife #livepositive #nonegativevibes #exsmoker #igotthis #healthierliving #inked #inkedmoms #inkedmomsofinstagram #inkedupwoman #inkit

What’s in the cup?? A 100% PURE adaptogenic blend of chlorophyll and trace minerals 🌱🌱 #holistichealth #holistichealing #holisticlife #guthealth #heathykids


Do you have any certifications to go along with your business? Is that important to you?
Do you want to make sure that the products you promote are in the best interest of your COMMUNITY?
Comment below or message me to join our FREE mini-coach week and see our full curriculum.
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We did a thing 🎉🎉🎉 If you would have asked me 8 months ago when we would be able to move into a single family home (it is CRAZY expensive in the D.C. area) I would have said we may be able to “settle” for a place this summer.

I you would have asked me 8 months ago if I would consider leaving my previous company, I would have said HECK NO!!! Why would I do that? ONE day, I am going to BREAK through this big wall they put up for me. I must not be working hard enough. ....
Then the earth started rumbling. Everyone started leaving. I knew that the big craze was definitely not for me, BUT someone said to me “I just never even thought to look at what other options are out there. Did you know that xxx basically has the WORST compensation plan out there? Just go Google for your own benefit.” So I did. And I started doing a TON of research. And I got on a TON of calls with different companies. And most of those were just like the rest, or required even more work than I was already giving.

When I decided to run my own business, it wasn’t to be a slave for someone else. It was to HELP people and EMPOWER women. It wasn’t to be a slave to my phone and make more time for it than my family.
I was led to an option that FILLED MY SOUL. Being a Holistic Wellness and Gut Health Specialist, it is SO important that the products I am using to HEAL people do not contain ingredients that most of the population has allergies and sensitivities to. I spend YEARS educating myself and was starting to think I would never find a solution.
I prayed on it and it was brought to me. I thank God every day for this journey. Now notonly have I been able to help MORE people than ever before, but I am also compensated for my time. I am no longer a SLAVE to my business and am able to really put my family time first.
I have a team of practitioners, people passionate about nutrition and healing the proper way. I am teaching people the TRUE meaning of Gut Health and how to heal from the inside, out.

Holistic healing is SO POWERFUL. We are beating the pharmaceutical lead world day in and day out. The BEST thing is that it doesn’t break the bank. #holistichealing #holistichealth #guthealth

Oh HEY 2018....I’m coming for you 👊🏻❤️🙏🏻
#boymomsrock #mompreneurlife #goaldriven

My very first veggie broth so I can start the New Year with a cleanse!! Make sure to message me if you are interested in a 6 week Gut Health course OR our FREE mini-coach week @coaching.school 🌱
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Baby got his new belt👊🏻👊🏻#tkd #boymomsrock

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