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#beforeandafter #results during my #flexibilitytraining sessions via Skype with #competitivedancer @_lianarose #trains with my online #flexibility #streching course in
between to keep the incredible forward momentum going. Client feedback: Thankyou! Thank you! Thank you! and WOW!!! She is so #inspired by you & almost
can't believe that things that she didn't think were ever going to be
possible for her, are feeling within reach!! What a great lesson to teach a
young person that with consistent work (hers) and proper guidance (yours 😊)you can literally reach beyond your wildest dreams!! Joy Weisbord

The knee stretch series....I always find this series so humbling, no matter how strong you are or how efficiently you move this series gets you everytime!! I know I've spoken about it before but the biggest thing for me in the series is setting up that foot position correctly without that you loose the purpose of the exercise. The feedback that the foot position gives this hips and knees is incredible. This series is amazing for runners, sprinters or anyone who is working on endurance training and finishing it off with the long stretch is a killer on the abs 😍

Great post by @the_running_lab
The majority of Crossfit Athletes still run like Shit!!
They have become very proficient across many athletic domains
Yet every year the fittest and toughest competitors arrive at the Crossfit Games with a HUGE hole in their armoury... RUNNING!!
It is painful watching such superb Human Machines twist squirm and plod their way through the oldest and most natural of athletic endeavours
Running is truly a simple skill to learn.. And an incredibly valuable asset to compliment much more complex gymnastics and weightlifting movements
Tia-Clair Toomey.. Crossfit Games Champion!!.. completes two dedicated Run Like a Boss sessions each week.. dominates Crossfit running events across any distance.. and is a current Olympian in Weightlifting just for good measure
If Running decreases your ability to Lift.. you are either on the wrong program.. or your technique is in need of serious help
Clean up your running technique and find improved performance, efficiency and decreased risk of injury
#thefootcollective #run #movement #barefoot #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitrunning #runwell #crossfitathlete #crossfitmasters #shoes #injuryprevention #education .
(I mean no disrespect to the unknown athlete in the picture.. This was one of countless pics I took at the Games.. all of the same theme)

Rehabilitation Specialist for spinal care and injury prevention/ treatment. Call 1-917-626-8930 or DM for more information. .
#Osteopathy #SpineCare #Rehab #InjuryPrevention #ManualTherapy #Scoliosis ... thank you @siovanhope 😘🌸 and @troygordonnyc 🎥🙏🏽

I love watching other people train, it's one of the best ways to learn/pick up on new training techniques and ideas to use for our own athletes. Give this cool series of exercises by @justtrain a go if you want to increase your physical capacity (think stamina/endurance) in order to improve your performance and reduce your injury risk….or even if you're a more advanced trainer wanting to lose some weight! I also love the addition of the asymmetrical load too which further challenges trunk and lower limb stability throughout the movements. 👌💪🏋⚽🏀🎾🏉🏃 #Repost @justtrain ・・・

🙋🏼 Ladies, tag a friend who needs help with their form 🙏🏼
✅ So here's something a little different, and way less glam, but after SO MANY of you girls sending me DMs about correct form and preventing injuries you are getting at the gym, I have put together a series of videos showing correct form for loads of simple gym exercises, that can SO EASILY go wrong. ⚠️ There has been a growing trend recently of incorrect form shown in exercise videos on social media platforms. Not only does this prevent you from getting the 'gains' you want, it has also resulted in a rapid growth in lower back injuries in young girls, who are coming to me and my colleagues for physiotherpay.
LADIES (and gents) PLEASE BE CAREFUL with the videos you choose to follow and trust, your spinal health is WAY more important than looking sexy for a workout video!
TRUST ME- I'm a physio and I don't want to see you all in 10 years time with chronic long term back injuries.
I really hope this helps girlies, and I can't wait to share more on my YouTube channel and on here.
Love Lilly 😘
#lillysabri #leanwithlilly #physio #physiotherapy #physiotherapist #physicaltherapist #spinalhealth #prehab #injuryprevention


The majority of Crossfit Athletes have become very proficient across many athletic domains.
Yet every year the fittest and toughest competitors continue to have HUGE hole in their armor... RUNNING!!
Running is truly a simple skill to learn.. And an incredibly valuable asset in competition. Being efficient in your run can be the difference between good & bad placement.
If you're a serious Crossfit athlete, then working on your running mechanics should be part of your program just like working on the mechanics for any other movement.

If you are truly wanting to become a better all round Athlete, get in touch with us to have your running evaluated and see how it can be improved.
Share or TAG a friend who needs to sort their run out.
#myofix @myofixdoc #running #crossfit #crossfitrunning #runwell #crossfitathlete #sports #injuryprevention #investinyourself #the_running_lab

Young Athletes Pilates Class #2.
Stretching & Strengthening = Injury Prevention. 💪🏼🏊🏼‍♀️ With 3 young athletes in the house, I watch a lot of games and I see a lot of injuries take place.
I wanted to teach my girls how to care for their body in order to prevent injury to be able to continue to compete for years to come, so we put together a couple of impromptu Pilates Mat classes for anyone who wanted to come. 🤽🏼‍♀️⛹🏻‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏸 The girls putthe call out on Snapchat and voilà!😊

Here's to the kick heard around the Country🏈 It was incredible! I think I made my husband rewind it 15 times! Do you know why Jake Elliott had the opportunity to make that 61 yard field goal? He replaced Caleb Sturgis who was sidelined because of a hip flexor injury. Many times it is not the broken bones that keeps an athlete from competing but the wear & tear placed on the body. Even training can add stress to a body that's already exhausted. I am not saying that injuries don't happen. I AM saying you want to do everything you can to make sure your body is prepared for every challenge. To make sure you don't give the next guy in line the opportunity to beat you out of your position & steal the spotlight from you! Are you do everything in your power to make sure you stay in the game, playing at your highest potential? If you're not doing yoga the answer is NO! Yoga offers hundreds of poses to increase FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY. It moves the body in all ranges of motion strengthening the larger AND smaller muscle groups. It looks at the entire body of an athlete. Everything in your body is connected & has a specific job to do. If one part is weak the entire body shifts to overcompensate setting you up for injury!! Yoga strengthens every inch of you. It is unlike any other training out there! Don't be another Caleb Sturgis find out how yoga can set you above your competition & keep you in the game you love! #yogaforathletes
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@gretchie0 came in touch up on her deadlifts. Get it Gretch!

This week we will be introducing a week long series on deceleration:

1️⃣Being fast, quick, and explosive is only one component to being a good athlete. The ability to stop 🛑on a dime and to get out of cuts faster by loading the hips to find a good center of balance is also key 🔑

2️⃣Deceleration is important so that athletes do not get out of position and lose a step, but also to reduce injuries. 🚨Studies have shown that ACL injuries can be caused by rapid deceleration (Myer, Rationale and Clinical Techniques for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury and Prevention Among Female Athletes)

3️⃣ Decelerating properly from landing can also decrease injuries (Griffin, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies.) So, it is important for athletes to learn how to control their bodies when they are landing, cutting, stopping, or pivoting 👍

Stay tuned for clips of different exercise progressions through out the week‼️ #deceleration #decelerationtraining #injuryprevention #acl #speedandagility #performancetraining #fitness #exercise #healthandwellness #movement #nsca #cscs #orangecounty #ocfitness

Hey, no one said it was easy...
"Some of you will say f@%# this, I don't care about being mobile. It's too much work." @drandreospina ... or you will give your teacher the 🖕🏼and keep on keepin on! @helaineknapp #loveyou
@kinstretch schedule this week:
😜Wednesday @sohostrengthlab at 230p
😜Friday @sohostrengthlab at 530p
😜Saturday @willybcrossfit at 945a
😜#sundayfunday @cityrow at 415p
DM me for more info and how to sign up!
Hope to see you there!!!
@acason @vpb_travels @dixievixen @jodielynngold @finally_fit_nyc @dnebergall @ladyshipliann @slasala13 @danielletheresa_ @_tones_ @oriontait @alx.gallagher @amylubinski @big_ross91 @chungychung @physiofitness_pt
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Good ☀️morning from us at the LAB and happy #motivationmonday . 💪Rise, shine, and believe in the grind #learnedathleticbehavior

Fantastic day at the @savethehighstreet conference 🙌🏻 Very informative & reassuring to know that there is support out there for new & small businesses #savethehighstreet #northcoteroad #community #businesswoman #london

La fascitis plantar es una afección muy molesta y rebelde al tratamiento. Es muy común en corredores y otros deportistas que generan impacto en terreno de juego irregular. Es la inflamación de una membrana en la planta del pie que se inicia justo en el talón. Los masajes con hielo o botellas congeladas pueden ayudar pero te recomiendo que consultes un especialista para realizar una evaluación más precisa. #orthopedics #sportsmedicine #injuryprevention #medicinadeportiva

I woke up a week ago pissed off and hurt. An experience Sunday night left me feeling that way and I was simmering in these feelings. 👉A good, and very smart friend, suggested i needed to own up to my part in it🙄, express how I was feeling and then be done. 🔥Because here's the thing, holding onto that negative energy was just impacting ME. And not in a healthy way. So I chose to be the bigger person, apologized for my part, expressed how I felt (confused and hurt) and knew after that, that it was out of my control. Guess what? Yup, I felt massively better. 🔥Moral of the story- holding onto hate or anger or some other stupid negative emotions that you think is serving you in a good way is doing the exact opposite (emotionally AND physically). 👉What can you let go of that's not serving you anymore? I promise, it's worth it. #Mondaymotivation #yogaforathletes #positive

After a quick stop in Vermont I will be back in Rochester, NY @numvmntny end of this week!! Spots filling up quickly! Reserve yours!

Life, stress, work, kids, repeat. Sometimes we just need a time out, a reset. Come join a physical therapist and credentialed yoga therapist, 9/29 @numvmntny to release tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Unwind this area, create more mobility with stabilization to heal and prevent tension headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and can even reduce issues in the jaw!
Get to know ur body better, asanas for home and essential oils to compliment to maintain the change when you emerge back into normal life. See you on the mat!
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #rochesterny #roc #rochesteryoga #rochesterworkshop #rochesternewyork #yogatherapy #yogatherapist #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #yogateacher #yogalife #healing #injuryrecovery #injuryprevention #spinalhealth #healthandwellness #heathandfitness #healthandwellbeing #yogaanatomy #alignment #alignmentyoga #wellness #wellnesswarrior #healthylifestyle #momboss #rochesterfitness #rochesterhealthclub

Shapewell Bootcamps.. Challenge yourself! Tuesdays 645pm Ripped Group PT Weight Training Class & Thursdays 645pm Bootcamp 💪🏻 Private Gym in Rhiwbina.. Text 07970258522 now to book your place.. run by Personal Trainers, small bespoke classes to suit all abilities with our EXPERT personal touch 👍 #personaltraining #shapewellfitness #privategym #bootcamps #fitnessclasses #injuryprevention #fatloss #cardiff #penarth #fitness #nutrition #sportsmassage

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