Here's some Motivation for you all!
There will be days, weeks, months, seasons of your life that aren't easy. The question you have to ask yourself is how badly do you really want it???
Are you sticking around for something you love or are stuck doing something you don't like just because you are too scared to take that leap of faith and find something you do love???
Here I am, running the final miles of my 2nd marathon with determination written all over my face 👊🏻. This goal to be a 2x marathoner was worth all the sacrifices and hard work I put into training for this race!
2018 is almost over, who is ready to get a head start on making 2019 a great year!?!??! <3 #racedayprep #ilovepurple #tcsnycmarathon

Yep our tree is up! 🎄 .
Not because the pageant has happened. Not because it’s December 1, but because I got a sneaky 10 minute opportunity of spare time!! 🤷‍♀️😝 and so it’s up 💪 and I love it 😍
What’s on your Christmas shopping list?? .
Here’s some of our fave ideas for your loved ones, or for yourself!! 🤣🤷‍♀️
@archiesfootwear @moveactive and spikey balls 👌 Lots of colours and designs for all of these items. Stay tuned and we’ll post some pics of the options 👌

❤️❤️Long rambling post ahead.... Last week I was hopeful that the worst of this injury was behind me, but if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t been feeling great. I woke up on Monday with pretty awful foot and calf pain, and after almost three months of discomfort, I finally saw another doctor for a second opinion. She was amazing and diagnosed me with a lateral calf strain (which I suspected), mild ITBS (unexpected), and a very swollen and inflamed plantar fascia (which I also knew), all in my right leg and foot. I start physical therapy next month, which has left me with a lot of emotions.
Something about getting a physical diagnosis was comforting. For the first time in a while, I’m convinced my pain is real and not in my head. I’m also frustrated that my own attempts at healing have gotten me nowhere. I like to think I know a lot about anatomy (I teach neuroanatomy guys! I’m studying to become a doctor!) and that I could have figured this out on my own, but it’s time to finally ask for help. I have finally accepted that deferring my marathon was the correct choice, and that this injury would have only gotten worse had I continued training. Mostly I just miss running. I miss the joy and inner peace I find when running, and lately all it’s given me is physical pain and heartaches. I’m so scared that this is forever and I’ll always have to deal with this injury. ❤️
I asked the doctor if I could still run in the interim. She was honest and said I shouldn’t, but that she understood she could never ask a runner to stop running 💕 I think this is probably a good time to take my cross training seriously though.
Thanks for sticking with me, #fitfam. I’m going to keep living vicariously through all your running victories 🏅

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Nice 2 finally have a dry day after 4days of torrential rain☔☁⚡
The river track has taken a battering!
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I was so apprehensive before this run... too apprehensive. I almost put it off. But what was I waiting for? It’s like this mind battle every day. “What if it’s still really achy... should I be doing this... is this even worth it?” So many thoughts ... so much fear. But then I remembered Gods promise to me.... to follow.. let him lead. So I just followed what he was telling my heart. Take it day by day. Don’t focus on tomorrow... only today. Do what you can today and then when tomorrow comes... we will work on what we can do tomorrow. My knee was achy but NOTHING like it’s been. I was smiling. My heart was smiling. My heart was more than smiling... it was beaming. I am grateful. I am hopeful. I am listening... and I’m striving everyday to follow. Now, if I can just get rid of this damn chest cold.... my throat is on fire and my cough is gnarly. BUT... just like my knee, I will take it day by day. AND I will continue to be the supplement junkie I feel I’m becoming... #gettingoldisforthebirds •• #flossing #kindaclassykindahood
6.25 miles || 49:05 || 7:51 pace

So glad I did my #planksgiving plank before strength training! I’m beat. 😅The PT is still working on getting my hip to release. Thankful for strength and spin for now. #oisellevolée #oisellemn #rileydog #dogsofinstagram #strengthtraining #plank #heartrate #tuesdaymotivation #injuredrunner #imissrunning #gettingstronger

favorite bridge on my bike ride yesterday 🚲💗 hoping to return to running in two-ish weeks 🤞🏻 which still seems like forever, but it’ll get here eventually. I’m hoping that returning to my sport will help get me in a better mindset. Arranging my possessions in a certain order...wanting to schedule my day down to the minute... prepping all my meals so that I know exactly what I’m eating in a day... counting endlessly...control is the holy grail I constantly fight for 🙄 but all of my methods towards gaining control are really just an attempt at solving something much deeper. It’s similar to when someone says their problem is alcoholism- but really, alcoholism is how they’re treating their problem. Finding a healthy activity that can “treat your problems” is an awesome way to boost confidence!! In two weeks, running will once again be my medicine of choice, and I can’t wait.
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Transformation Tuesday.... but In reverse 🔙
Its hard to believe these pictures are nearly one year apart. Exactly one year ago today I was high on the running life, running 9.3 miles a day, raising money for charity doing what I love! I remember being so amazed at how well my body was holding up with such high mileage and how great I felt. A few short weeks later a tiny nagging pain in my thigh would cause me to stop running and my challenge for charity, which would then lead me down a 6 month journey to a hip dysplasia diagnoses and then ANOTHER 5 months to ultimately arrive to the moment on the right.... in a hospital room, recovering from major hip surgery. This road has been a very long roller coaster ride. I wish I could say the ride is finally over but I know there’s still a lot of track left to cover ahead. I’m dreaming of my transformation Tuesday post where these pictures are switched around, and I’m transformed from patient to runner again. I’m getting ahead of myself though. At almost 3 weeks post op with huge screws holding my entire hip joint in place, I’m just happy to say I can go up and down my stairs once a day! Teeny baby steps. 👣 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #pao #paosurgery #paowarrior #surgery #hipsurgery #hipinjury #longroadahead #recovery #runnernotrunning #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity #runner #injuredrunner #injury #grit #journey #enjoythejourney #christianrunner #running #iloverunning #runningforcharity #girlsberunning #runnergirl #runningacrossohio #girlswhorun #motherswhorun #determination #itsthejourneynotthedestination #transformationtuesday

I helped out with a craft in my little guy's Pre-K class and had less than an hour between craft time and needing to pick him back up. I raced home, hopped on the trainer, snuck in a half hour ride, and got back to school in time.
32 mins
8.4 miles
I've been spending a lot of time this week stretching and doing some therapy on my foot. I tried taping it with @kttape, too, and it seems to be helping. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic.
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Only a very few will get the picture reference but what this means is... I won't be running the #bmwdallasmarathon as I have been planning for the last year.

Running this Marathon has been my goal since last December and I officially began training for 26.2 miles in August.
On Nov. 5 I went for my 1st ever 20-mile run. At mile 12 I was really struggling, my leg was hurting and I just felt "off". By mile 14 I could barely run and needed to walk/ waddle/ jog/ the last 6 miles.

Since then I haven't been able to return to running. Today I went and got X Ray's that confirmed 2 small fractures in my left leg. Good news, the doctor said these small fractures usually take about a month to heal and I'm already 2 weeks in. Bad news, even with best case scenario, I won't be ready to run 26 miles by Dec. 9 😞. In these last 2 weeks, I've already gone through "I'm going to run through this pain phase" "why me"/ 😭phase" and the "maybe my body really isn't meant to run 26.2 miles phase". Right now I'm in the acceptance. I'm ready to start getting back to non-running physical activity and to evaluate what I can do different going forward.

I'm not a professional athlete and I'm not facing a real lifelong condition like cirrhosis this time (I'm already whooping that). So, I'm this is really not a big deal in the grand scheme of my life. I know I'll be more than OK.

The worse part is my fundraising is already being affected because I'm not training so I'm not raising money per mile. The fundraiser will still run until Dec. 10th. I was expecting for a big push leading into the Marathon. Please, guys, don't lose faith in me. Pledgeit.org/stephens-reason-for-running will still go on. WWW.Tiwahe.Org. still needs our support. Please PRE forgive me when I reach out to some of you guys one last time for a small donation to close this thing out.

Thanks for all the support. I'll be back and I WILL RUN A MARATHON!! #sober #sobriety #recovery #hope #run #running #runner #injuredrunner #runninginjury #healing #stressfracture #lakota #fundraiser #native #nativeamerican #cirrhosisofliver #cirrhosis #illbeback #betterstrongerfaster

Tonight was a big victory in my return to running after learning I had to overcome a painful neuroma in my left foot! I’ve been running the #mafmethod almost exclusively and am seeing some good results. Logged six miles all with negative splits and kept the HR under 149 the entire time! So pumped to get this distance in without any overwhelming pain. My “long run” for this week is also my longest run so far in my recovery! #chattanoogamarathon I’m coming!

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When a few days of rest turns into a week, then two, and before you know it you haven’t used your feet for exercise in over a month with no real end (start?) in sight, it’s really hard to be grateful for your body. During my forced time off from running I’ve come to realize that my morning runs are so, so much more than keeping my body fit. It’s my morning prayer, my time for mental peace and strength. Finding mental peace in new ways is hard, but I’m getting through and grateful that at the end of the day (month? year?) I’ll have my morning run prayer to go back to and this time I won’t take it for granted 🙏🏼
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Photo from Trail Rider Pass from the Four Pass Loop

Day 25 Week 4

Pushing through with Patience- Can you believe it’s been 25 days since my last run 🥴? I have kept up my activity levels & am embracing this recovery period; a little progress each day adding up to big results. .

Today is Globally Organized Hug a Runner Day #GoHard and I am sending out a Hug, High Five & Fist bump to all you amazing runners! I’m not really a big hugger (ahem) but a virtual one is an absolute must! This community is amazing! .

When you are missing your running group you head over to the bridge on tomorrow’s route for a photo op! With you all in spirit! 🥰

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Sadly, dealing with a lateral hamstring strain means LOTS of aqua jogging #killme ! Working on PT exercises and lots of positive thinking to be able to make it to the start of #runsra_cim in 12 days. 😬😬😬 Pardon the grainy pic of the gnarly bruise that showed up with this injury—backward photos in bad lighting with old phone equal terrible quality. #prayformojo #road2cim #injuredrunner #marathontraining #nuunlife #staycalm #recovery

Hug a runner day 5k. Still not running, but I can walk a 5k. #hugarunnerday #runtheedge #rty #5k #walking #garminconnect #injuredrunner

When I have yet another horrid toothache from yet another tooth 🦷 that has to be pulled that has kept me in tears 😭 for days, I make a pain playlist 🎧

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I may have been more excited to graduate from physical therapy than I was to actually graduate college. Work to be done—one squat at a time. #recovery #injuredtriathlete #injuredrunner #physicaltherapy #ivyrehab #gettowork #triathlontraining #running #brokenfemur

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