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Had my first taste of Ethiopian food this evening, albeit in Mumbai and cooked by a world travelled Bengali. I am talking of Ananya Banerjee.

The soft home made dosa like bread that you see is a fermented bread called injera she tells me. This is her version as the grain required for making it, teff, is apparently difficult to source in India. The smell of fermentation was prominent when I opened the container and the texture was perfect for mopping up the curries.

What looks like a Bengali murgir jhol or chicken curry is the Ethiopian national dish Ananya told me. It's a chicken stew called doro wat and is spiced with a paste called berbere. The taste was familiar to my Indian palate, high on chilli heat and yet had a spice kick which was distinctive but not alienating.

What you see in the white Di Bella mug is a spicy chickpea paste stew called shiro wat.
Ananya later told me that you dunk the stews onto the injera and eat them. Like an appam and stew or a kori roti I guess. Since I didn't know this, I scooped up bits of the stew with the injera, roti sabzi style. Made for a delicious evening snack (I put it all on the plate for the pic but have kept some back for later). Has anyone here had Ethiopian food before? Looks familiar?

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Addis is treating me so far so good👅🙌🏾 #FoodAllTheWay #Ethiopia #AddisAbaba #Injera

#tbt to 2015 having #injera with my #ethiopian #fam

A lot of our brothers and sisters in the diaspora, particularly those in the older age group have a high incidence of high blood pressure and diabetes. One contributor to these health problems is the use of self-rising wheat flour for making injera quickly without leavening and made at home quickly or bought from the store.
Self-rising powder is the real junk food of our people giving them the sense that they are eating injera while consuming a deadly mixture of high salt (from the baking soda which causes the instantaneous rise) and semolina or wheat STARCH which is pure sugar. The sodium elevated blood pressure and the semolina or white flour causes a sustained elevation of blood glucose levels. This deadly mix is the source of an untold and unaccounted suffering of our people some of whom might have suffered heart attacks strokes and many other associated health issues from this bad choice of baking ingredients.
Please watch out for this hidden enemy and if you have to use it - please minimize it as much as possible! #blackhealth #blackhealthmatters #ethopiancuisine #injera #injerabread
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Before my late show at Absolute me & Eden from black foodie went to the dopest Ethiopian spot in Toronto. Food is fire! Last show and then back to MTL.

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Happy birthday to me. Made ethiopian injera and wat for breakfast. Dank #ethiopianfood #ethiopian #injera #teff #eritreancuisine

Siga Bets or "meat houses" do not use refrigeration systems, and I have been told by locals it is always best to go bright and early when the ox has just been slaughtered (fresh is always best, regardless of cooling systems). It is served up raw, so if you're the adventurous type, definitely order the tere siga, one of the most popular dishes in the country. #travel #wanderlust #bizarrefoods #foodporn #butcher #localbutcher #culturalrecipes #ethiopia #africa #eastafrica #ox #tibs #injera #kitfo #ig_travel #instagood #photography #worldtravel #anthropology #coptic #milkmakers #clinicatatime


Addis is treating me so far so good👅🙌🏾 #FoodAllTheWay #Ethiopia #AddisAbaba #Injera

I know y'all will get typophobia but bear with me, it's more appetizing if you eat it then look at it. .
This is Ethiopian Food from the Etophian House,
It's really aromatic with lots of rough textures, for some reason, you can't use a fork or a knife. You use ur ✋!? Huh!?! #questions .
Vegetarian Kik Wok (Split Beans) with Injera(type of bread) ✨✨✨ Out of 5
The Ethiopian House
4 Irwin Avenue (Yonge and Irwin)


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All you can eat Ethiopian order online for home delivery of Injera and many spices.
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When I'm not eating fruits, 9.5/10 I'm eating Ethiopian food. Last night I had the pleasure of sharing my favorite food with my favorite person. This is not a dinner, this is an experience. Rahel's Vegan Ethiopian Cuisine is the best Ethiopian experience I've ever had. It is also one of the longest standing Ethiopian restaurants in Los Angeles, entirely vegan. Beyond the food—which I regard as one of the most divine pleasures that life has to offer— the staff are great. They all carry a warm energy and they truly honor your presence in their space. Go here.

Traditional Ethiopian dinner for Moms Birthday! #injera #ethiopianfood #ethiopiancoffee #teffflour

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