I guess you wonder why it’s fellowship of sons when I have all daughters. Well, the beauty is in inheriting sons. #Dad #Daughters #sons #inheritance #blessed #father #love #family

I inherited this beautiful antique statue of Quan Yin from my grandmother, and was told she was excessively valuable. I recently had her valued by Mossgreen, and she isn’t 😊 In fact, you can find more expensive statues at Bunnings. She looks pretty smug, don’t you think?
Wait until she realises she’s going out Staging! #antique #quanyin #carving #propertystaging #inheritance #chinese #chineseantiques #infreo #heirloom

🎉 Daily cards for Tuesday 24th April, 2018. 🎉
I'm hearing that some of you are going to be recommended, or 'put forward' for a position, that 'showcases' your talents, skills, and your creativity. Perhaps this is a 'leadership' position, such as an assistant manager, a 'co-partner,' a vice captain, etc. Regardless of the position, I'm spirit is saying that this is your opportunity to 'put your best foot forward,' and to make a good impression. If there is a 'staff shuffle' currently taking place, then I feel like this chance is being granted to you in order for the authoritative figures, within your workplace, to determine whether or not they will offer you this position, permanently. Don't let this 'rattle' you though, because I do see that you will 'shine' and that 'abundance' surrounds this promotion. You're 'sitting pretty' right now, and you've worked very hard, to get to where you are. These cards are confirmation that you will 'reap the reward' of your efforts. Furthermore, I'm seeing that some of you are dealing with someone that is very 'money hungry' and materialistic. This person is also likely to 'cut corners' to get what they want, and to use other people to get there. If you are someone who is dealing with an individual like this, then I'm hearing that 'people who use other people as stepping stones, will eventually lose their balance.' In other words, this person will be responsible for their own 'undoing.' And lastly, if you've been considering putting a 'down payment' on a house, a car, etc, then spirit is letting you know that you're in a good financial spot (right now) to be able to 'go ahead' and do so. 🔮🦋
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ˈpōləs,ˈpä-/ noun

a city state in ancient Greece, especially as considered in its ideal form for philosophical purposes.
Polis,Police,Politics...Territorial sovereignty, politics, and security.. All constitute the same corrupt ideals..No more tribal affiliations or family bloodlines #inHERitance for us.. But the elite still hold tight to their bloodline yet world governments are based on Territorial sovereignty..#Setup this shit has nothing to do with lizards..Peep the matrix box..Or #blackcubeofsaturn .. Once we get they keys, fear will alleviate itself from the mind and the liberation of the ruak shall follow..
The self-governing city-states created by Greeks on the coast of Asia Minor had a great importance in world history. For by inventing the city-state or polis hence our word "politics", the Greeks of Ionia established the Prototype from which the whole Western World derived its penchant for political organization into territorially defined Sovereign units or into states.

My grandmother’s #operapearls from my grandfather’s #ww2 service tour. These are such a #treasure and I am proud to wear them in her honor! #inheritance #pearls #youresogorgeous

Selling the House When You Divorce: One of the options you have to deal with a house during divorce is to sell it and divide the proceeds.

Should I Buy a Fixer-Upper? 6 Reasons to Make the Leap! While they aren't for everyone, experts do say that there are many real reasons to buy a fixer-upper.

Be encouraged, God chose, approved & predestined you to walk in His purpose for you before time. Shut out any voice including your own that tells you otherwise. The purpose He has birthed within you is a gift. You are at liberty to walk in it. Need help? Please feel free to visit our website at www.yourbestbyfaith.com & book your appointment so we can get started with doing what it takes to see your dreams come through.
Ephesians 1:11 "In Him also we have received an inheritance, having been predestined (chosen beforehand) according to the purpose of Him who works everything in agreement with the counsel and design of His will." Ephesians 2:10 "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." #youaregodapproved #destiny #purpose #god #godsplan #walkinit #vision #focus #goals #birthing #positivity #positivethinking #breakthrough #success #lifecoach #successtraining #empowerment #dreams #life #lifestylechristianity #faith #believe #inheritance #freedom #grind #mondaymotivation #inspiration #quotes #quotestoliveby #instagood

I’m going to keep posting this until people get it. If you have it get it reviewed.

| God's Riches |
We learned this weekend in our #Blessed series that every person is part of God's riches because we were made in the image of God. We are God's inheritance and when we get to Heaven we are part of God's wealth. What an amazing reminder of how much we are worth and how greatly we are loved by God!

Did you miss this weekend's teaching? Watch it now at calvaryCCM.com/media

Basement Billionaire: You will always have seeds to sow. The test is where and the type of tree you plant. The fruit is the prototype of the heart of those seeds. #trees #sow#reap #harvest #money #blessing #wealth #motive #inheritance #brand #secret #soil #tree

You have value.. no matter the situation where you come from the worst of the worst storms, tornados, drama, etc. There is a testimony and a #diamond in the ruff that comes outof the storm if you learn the lesson from the test/storm looking at it from God's view for you is the press from the pressure you endured, but when virtue goes out while in the pressure pot while fighting bac new emotions and spirits you the inner you builds character, strengthens, your soul and moral conduct even if you fall weak at times but the fight in you have the vision of victory so while down on a knee or two or flat out on the floor in fleshly submission you are cooking up the warriors drum and dance while your virtue reach the great Holly of Hollys the great I AM to send you a Blessing that we don't see as blessings at times thinking it's us, which is what the human eye sees defeat but in the spirit the Father through his Son Romans 8 (Jesus of Nazareth Which is our Salvation in form of a bill that was paid long ago which paid the cost of our reckless behavior while immature mentally of what was put in you and the instructions for your true heart intentions to materialize via bounding up the strong man and breaking down the strong man and sending that spirit where Yeshua commands it to go). Try to live Bible Biblical with the right tools so we don't have to wait till we feel ready because of where we are at in life in sin, if that's the case you will never be ready. So the tool is #Yeshua come as you are do better try to do better and keep in your heart true intentions and build the strength to battle while #Jesus kick ass in the spirit realm. Believe me it works... and watch how the gates of heaven open and flow down the Blessings that already had YOUR DNA serial number all over it while Satan has to return what was stolen from you and your bloodline... #inheritance That's already in you but you have the instructions on how to access the Key and how to use it... and make you ask his will to be done not yours. Because that's where it can go all wrong thinking we know the truth, we don't even have a clue even if you think you know about the record spot lol ☝️ #akashic #Bluekeyz

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