Today the most special woman in my life celebrates another day of life! Growing up you were always tough with me and at times I felt you just wanted to give me a hard time; not knowing you were just teaching me life lessons(but you could’ve given your girl a hand here and there..lol). I admire you for being smart, a business woman, entrepreneur, independent, bookworm, world traveler and most importantly...YOU DONT TAKE SH*T FROM ANYONE! Thank you for never making things easy and for teaching me what a strong independent women is! Happy birthday ma! Que Dios le de muchos pero muchos más! Oh! And thanks for actually staying in the country on you’re birthday. We finally get to do something with you on your actual birthday! Love you 😘 #mariswolelifts #datsmymomma #inher50sandstillfine #hairdresser #fromnothingtosomething #likemotherlikedaughter #mimama

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