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Traffic in New York has always been terrible. This "Llama in Times Square" is speeding towards our preview of Icons & Images: Photographs & Photobooks, opening February 9. Auction February 14.
Inge Morath, 1957.
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Inge Morath photograph of Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe rehearsing while on set filming The Misfits, Reno, 1960. Monroe had been married since 1956 to playwright Arthur Miller who wrote the screenplay of this film for her. Not long after this image was taken these two colossal stars would be dead, Gable in 1960 and Monroe in 1962. Miller and Monroe were already divorced at the time of her death. Inge Morath and Arthur Miller would marry in 1962. Their daughter Rebecca is married to Daniel Day Lewis. #ingemorath #ingemorathstyle

Inge Morath’s first photobook captured the events of the legendary San Fermin festival in Spain and marked the beginning of her photographic career.

See the photos in today's classic story on Magnum. Link in bio.

PHOTO: Torero Antonio Ordonez. Pamplona, Spain. 1954. © @ingemorath/#MagnumPhotos

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The great #IngeMorath took this photograph of me, which I had never seen until just the other day. Interesting how photographs can pull one back into a moment long forgotten .

1 Bild was mich in 1 Wort beschreibt #ingemorath #newyork #1957 #mamameinteichdarfdassonntnichtteilen:'(

Love This Mexican Hat 🌵
Audrey Hepburn on set of The Unforgiven in Durango, Mexico, 1959. 📷 #IngeMorath #audreyhepburn #style #icon @pampamswim

Mask Series, 1959-1962 #saulsteinberg#ingemorath

Fabian of the Yard...
Photograph by Inge Morath.
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My new favorite photograph! Saw this at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine.
Inge Morath, Encounter on Times Square, 1957
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Feliz Noche!!! 🌙
Monroe🔥, Clift and Gable
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Photographed at the "Beauty and the Beast" fashion show in Paris, this image shows a Great Dane owner in a wide skirt, A-line coat and large straw hat. The constructed look of 1950s fashion with the restricted waist and wide skirts made women into the perfect, feminine ideal. However, 1950s women's fashion also functioned as a kind of protection for the woman. The popular, synthetic fabrics, which are most likely worn by the lady in this photograph, were often thick fabrics, unpleasant to the touch. Even though the lady in the photograph is bending down, her dress and coat remain perfectly shaped. Many 1950s couture gowns such as Charles James' designs could stand up on their own accord. The undergarments and elaborate petticoats were more than just visual and almost served as a kind of armour to protect women. Inge Morath, 1954.

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Today, one year ago, I was with these goddesses opening for the first time our #DanubeRevisited exhibition at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid. Now it can be seen, until Sunday, at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt.
Photo by @pebeling #ingemorath

"We convince by our presence, and to convince others we need to convince ourselves." We will talk about self-awareness in our personal and professional lives in our next conference in two weeks ☝️ #amycuddy #presence #ingemorath

Inge Morath, "Reno, Nevada", 1960
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I love this quote from @gloriavanderbilt and often wonder where our photos taken today will appear and mean to someone when looking back years later on their life ...
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The great #IngeMorath took this photograph of me, which I had never seen until just the other day. Interesting how photographs can pull one back into a moment long forgotten .

In 1954, Paris organised the "Beauty and the Beast" fashion contest in the garden of Les Ambassadeurs in which both owners and dogs were judged on style. The contestants' dresses demonstrate the romantic and historical inspiration of late 1940s to 1950s fashion. With the boxy, masculine silhouette of wartime fashion and people's horrible experiences, the ultra-feminine fantasy of post-war fashion was an immediate success. Even though women had been liberated from the corset before the war, fashionable postwar women returned to wearing corsets or girdles to emphasise their small waists. With its focus on the bust and wide skirts, 1947 to 1950s fashion was inspired by Victorian crinolines and bustles. The woman on the left and two women on the right show the modernised, Victorian silhouette. The extensive pleating of the cape worn by the second lady from the left is even reminiscent of the 18th century Watteau pleat. Photographed by Inge Morath.

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