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Ignore, leave or tell them stop complaining because nobody cares, we all have problems, let's talk problem-solving & solutions instead. What you focus on expands, what you think about, you atttact. If you think and act with negativity, frustration, desperation, and anger. You will be more of that. So take a step back when you are stressed, count your blessings, be grateful for what you have available that can take you to the next level, and focus on small practical steps every day that will get you to where you want to be eventually. #infuseTHAT 💉

8 months and 3 days ago our lives changed. Ky was diagnosed with Hemophilia.
Most of the time you pass people with hemophilia and never know they have it. You may pass Ky and think "wow he's a rough kid, look at all of those bruises". In reality those bruisers probably came from bumping his knee getting out of a chair or just propping his head up on his elbow too long. So if you ever think I'm "over protective" or a "helicopter mom", you're right. I am. One day he will be old enough to understand and I'll be able to be more relaxed. For now I'll keep the bandaids and knee pads ready.
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