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🖐🏼 Firstly, a big high-five to my source @degreesearch for inspiration behind this #infographic.
🚫Also, please note these figures are based on averages and will massively vary from person to person due to a whole slew of individual factors and variables.
📍The infographic itself is relatively self-explanatory, but if you have any questions or thoughts, please leave them ⬇️ in the comments. 🙃
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I wish there was a campaign post #metoo to tell you all how brave and how healing and how NORMAL it is to see a therapist to help handle difficult experiences in a way that empowers and helps us grow strong and fierce in kindness. //Page 1 of notes from Dan Allender's class yesterday. His book The Wounded Heart was my first step towards quietly saying to myself "me too". #psychology #psychblr #gradpsych #psychotherapy #studygram #studynotes #studyblr #handwriting #studyspo #handwritten #gradblr #studyinspiration #doodles #psych #infographic #illustration #counseling #sketchnotes #classnotes #recovery #sexualassault #abuserecovery #ptsd #feminism #neveragain #handlettering #handdrawnletters #mastersstudent #modernscript

Although the research available into the split squat is still very limited in comparison with the standard back squat, we can still assess it biomechanically in order to predict what specific types of strength it will be able to develop, when included in a strength training program. -------------------- #sandcresearch #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #strength #sportsscience #biomechanics #exercisescience #research #sciencetopractice #performance #science #infographic #infographics #hypertrophy #muscle #splitsquat #squat #lowerbody #legday #quads #quadriceps #hamstrings #gluteusmedius #physiotherapy

Photo by @resultsincgym

This week, CSA and ESA are conducting field tests with our Juno rover to simulate lunar missions in a quarry in Montérégie modified to look like the Moon surface. The rover is being remotely operated by teams in Canada and in Germany.

Learn more about the mission on the CSA website.
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🍂It’s #wellnesswednesday ! And that means another #infographic grid for you all. This week we’re talking about Warming Spices. Because what better time to talk about these than in the Fall months
🍂 Now when I say ‘Warming' I mean this in regards to traditional Chinese Medicine terms, not warm in temperature
🍂 Warming foods in Eastern medicine help activate bodily functions. If you’re Yang deficient you’ll experience symptoms like sensation of coldness, low libido, frequent pale urination, pre menstrual lower back pain, cold hands and feet and shortened luteal phase
🍂 If you feel you’re Yang deficient your body will benefit from adding more of these warming spices into your diet. Turmeric, Ginger, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cinnamon Bark and Pumpkin Spice (which contains Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmeg). With chili you need to be careful as too much chili can have a strong cooling effect, however in smaller doses it is warming
🍂Another thing to note if you are Yang deficient is that you may also have dampness. Without confusing you all too much .
👉🏼Yang (heat) is related to Dryness and Yin (Cold) is related to Dampness
🍂So if you have too much Yin not enough Yang you also may have too much dampness and therefore ned to avoid damp foods
👉🏼Signs you may have dampness - fatigue, body heaviness, sluggishness, excess weight, cysts, tumours, yeast infections, bloating and gas, unclear thinking, chronic sinus infections, cloudy urine, foul smelling stools, thick tongue coating 👈🏼
👉🏼Foods to avoid if you have dampness - dairy, wheat, cold drinks, processed foods, cold raw foods, refined sugar AND sugar substitutes, coffee, alcohol, peanuts/peanut butter, bananas, avocado, deep fried food, pastry, pasta, breads.👈🏼 .
🍂Obviously I would suggest confirming all this with your Chinese Medical Practitioner before making any huge decision/changes to your diet. This is just information to give you a little more understanding about how our bodies work, because man, we are all soo complex!
🍂If you’re in LA and interested in seeing a TCM practitioner I would highly suggest @dr.kara.aculand she knows her stuff and is super relatable!

😜Tag a friend who says 'MACROS' too much😂 (SAVE⤴️)
🌏 Full explanation can be found in your downloadable guide (link in bio!)⬆️ .
What's your favorite macro?🤓

#theresamay - May has seen her popularity erode at home. According to Ipsos MORI, her image ratings have worsened since last September. While less of the public feel she is out of touch with ordinary people, fewer think she has a clear vision for Britain and that she is a capable leader.
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Know the difference! Agree or Disagree?
Follow @rmrstyle for more tips on style and fashion.
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❤️ Súper post de @justget.fit mostrando de forma muy gráfica como las elecciones y porciones importan.
🐥 En ambas imágenes tenemos “comida de verdad”, en su forma más natural, super “healthy” y todo ese rollo... PERO, ¿CON QUÉ CREES QUE ESTARÁS MÁS SACIADO?
🥗 Esta es una de las razones por las que siempre recomiendo añadir una mega ensalada a tu día a día.
🍳 Añádele huevos, aguacate 🥑, requesón, atún, etc... Y tendrás un plato único por unas 500 calorías que te mantendrá saciado, te dará vitaminas y minerales, y hará que te sientas genial en general.
🍕 ¿Lo mejor de todo? Esto no significa que no puedas comer cosas densas en calorías. ¡Simplemente se trata de tener los ojos abiertos y saber lo que te metes al pozo! 👀 👊
🙏❤️ Como siempre, espero que ayude.
¡Menciona a quien “come muy sano” pero no consigue sus objetivos! Esto le puede ayudar. 💪🥑🥗🍗


Where to start? I am happy to help guide you through the home buying process!
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A Calorie Deficit is Key 🔑 to Weight Loss ⚖️📉 BUT Not All Calorie Deficits are Equal! •
Order of importance 🔺
1️⃣ Energy Balance (Cals In vs Cals Exp)
2️⃣ Macronutrient Composition
3️⃣ Micronutrients
4️⃣ Nutrient Timing/ Meal Frequency
5️⃣ Supplements •
Many people claim to understand this BUT only focus on 1️⃣ & 2️⃣. Although you absolutely need to have a solid foundation, once you have that in check, you can further optimize your results by dialing in 3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣! •
In this study by Arciero et al. (2013) they had 3 groups eat at calorie maintenance for 28 days and then put them in a 25% calorie deficit for 28 days. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Group 1 - traditional diet, 3 meals per day, macro ratio 24%fat/61%carb/15%pro
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Group 2 - High Protein, 3 meals per day
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Group 3 - " ", 6 meals per day, macro ratio 22%fat/45%carb/34%pro

During the first 28 days at Cal Maintenance, Both High Pro groups lost some fat and gained some LBM!

During the 25% deficit, all groups lost "weight" but the traditional group (1) lost the greatest amount of LBM and the least amount of fat!
The High Protein Group that had 6 meals per day lost the greatest amount of total body fat%, abdominal fat, and was the only group that gained LBM from start to finish!

This may be due to an increased thermogenic effect of each meal and due to stimulating muscle protein synthesis 6x/day vs 3x. (There is contradicting evidence within the scientific literature showing, larger, less frequent meals has a great thermic effect) •
Too many times I hear people say these other variables "don't matter" 🤦🏽‍♂️😩 although they may not be nearly as important as some other variables, over time, the details do add up! It's honestly pretty easy to get results, BUT, if you want to optimize your results, other factors do come into play! •
Side notes 📝- subjects of this study were overweight or obese, were put on a meal plan (micro dense 🥒🥝🍒), and Both high protein groups reported less hunger/ more satiety.
Title: "Increased protein intake and meal frequency reduces abdominal fat during energy balance and energy deficit"

Queridos padres y madres de familia, ustedes ganan, pueden prohibir que sus hijxs vayan a las clases de educación sexual en los colegios, pero no pueden quitarles la información valiosa que se encontrarán en internet. #RevoluciónCibernética
Iniciando mis infografías sexuales para adolescentes que están iniciando su vida sexual. En mi libro de educación sexual se encuentra esta ilustración. .
¿Cómo se pone un condón externo? Que la porno no sea su escuela, que su escuela seamos nosotros #Stephaniechaves #condon #sex #educacionsexual #infosex #ilustration #infograma #infographic #data #sexual #sketch #graphicdesign #cmyk #rgb #colours #dope #amishojosloseducoyo #costarica

Info graphic: Particles of the Standard Model. Tried to give it a used look while keeping it scientifically accurate.
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PowerPoint Infographic Slide concepts for a client in Delaware. —�-
Do you have a need for some to be Custom Infographics, contact us today. We can help you get your project presented clearer with custom tailored graphics. Use the link in our bio.

Have you ever wondered what Mohs surgery is? It's considered the most effective technique for treating BCCs and SCCs, the two most common types of skin cancer. *
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Detail of the #dataviz on the Greatest Switch I created last week. Find the complete project here http://www.studioterp.nl/the-greatest-switch-a-datavisualization-by-studio-terp/ #infographic #graphicdesign #illustrator #vectorart #informationdesign #GraphicGang #graphicdesigndaily @stubru

#tbt to some of our favourite infographics from our back catalogue, 27 issues strong. We're working on some infographic themed gifts for our shop ahead of xmas, keep 'em peeled 👀 #dg27 #slowjournalism #infographic

Detail of the #dataviz on the Greatest Switch I created last week. Find the complete project here: http://www.studioterp.nl/the-greatest-switch-a-datavisualization-by-studio-terp/ #infographic #graphicdesign #illustrator #vectorart #informationdesign #GraphicGang #graphicdesigndaily @stubru

Part of the #dataviz on the Greatest Switch I created last week. Find the complete project here: http://www.studioterp.nl/the-greatest-switch-a-datavisualization-by-studio-terp/ #infographic #graphicdesign #illustrator #vectorart #informationdesign #GraphicGang #graphicdesigndaily @stubru

It’s literally killer. I brushed off its implications on my body for YEARS and when I started working with my coach, I still ignored his advice on managing my stress. But I finally listened about 6 months ago and my life and health have increased exponentially.
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STRESS⁉️ 👉🏻 your sympathetic nervous system is turned ON (this is your fight or flight and should only be turned on when training and/or if a bear is chasing you)
👉🏻your cortisol (stress hormone) is raised 👉🏻your insulin (resistance) increases
👉🏻 fatty acids are mobilized (not utilized, mobilized)
👉🏻your digestion DOWN REGULATES
👉🏻your immune system DOWN REGULATES
Now, this isn’t to say that turning on your SNS is bad, it’s to say it should always be on. You should be PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) dominant. .
So how can you be less stressed if you’re a chronicle stressed person?
⭐️ turn “on” your PNS as much as possible (yoga, quality sleep, medication, walks)
⭐️ personally, lists really help me
⭐️ prioritize stress when it comes up ⭐️ recognize your stressors and work from there
⭐️ manage those stressors to the best of your ability .
If you want to read more about this topic, head to the link in my bio for a full blog on this!
BOOKMARK THIS POST 🔰 as a reminder
Shoutout to @nicktongstrong for always pushing me to ACTUALLY do this, and for @allencress_ifbbpro for a great seminar outlining these things.
#infographic #stress

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