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BECAUSE I'M HIS | I can have joy no matter what life looks like.⠀
When I remember Whose I am, I am reminded Who's in control.⠀
When I remember Who's in control, I am reminded that I have no reason to fear.⠀
When I remember that I have no reason to fear, I am reminded that I have joy.⠀

Abounding, unshakeable, otherworldly joy 🙌⠀

Sisters, we can be free from anything that even attempts to steal our joy because our joy cannot be moved. Our joy — deeper than anything — is rooted outside of this world and in a Savior Who is has already won. ⠀
✨We have joy because Jesus defeated death.⠀
✨We have joy because we are no longer slaves to sin or fear.⠀
✨We have joy because Jesus said, "It is finished," and rose again three days later.⠀
✨We have joy because even the grave couldn't contain God's great love for us.⠀
✨We have joy because nothing in this world — NOTHING — can separate us from the immovable love of Christ.⠀

Joy is something we step into, zip up and put on because Jesus laid it out for us.⠀
It's an exercise of great gratitude, applied on the tiniest of scales. Over and over again.⠀

It's one of those temporary tattoos that we have to be careful not to let rub off when life gets a little abrasive.⠀

Joy is a ruling we make. In our own hearts and in our own minds. It's a declaration to the world that we are unswervingly and immovably held secure in the hands of our Father despite the unpleasant and uncomfortable shifting around us.⠀
It's an affirmation of divine sustenance.⠀

Joy is not happiness. Because when happiness flees, joy doesn't have to tag along with it. Joy can thrive and multiply in turmoil and distress.⠀

It's the presence of peace amidst the less than pleasant moments we are promised on this side of eternity.⠀
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. | Romans 15:13

desk inspiration thanks to @1440multiversity 💕☀️

Bedrooms are often the first thing people mention when discussing their home goals 🛏🛏🛏 Depending on how many you need will determine a lot of your options. Whether its use is as a bedroom, an office, or storage - in a city like Chicago - any additional space is regarded as a win 🙌🏼 What would you use an additional bedroom for?

Happy #theologythursdays📖, gals! We are in a series on HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE. Click here to refresh your memory ➡️ #theologythursdaysletsstudy. .
🌼Let’s recap! You’ve looked into the background of a book of the Bible, you’ve sought God’s wisdom in prayer, you’ve repetitively read the book & your reading time has lead you to ask good questions. You’ve checked cross references & have kept the major themes of Scripture at the forefront of your mind. .
🌼Thanks to repetitive reading, you are probably quite familiar with the text. This is a great time to go section by section & attempt to paraphrase &/or summarize portions of Scripture. Paraphrasing is rewording the text, putting a portion of Scripture into your own words. ‍‍‍Similarly, summarizing is breaking down the text & writing out the main points of each portion in your own words. Whether summarizing or paraphrasing, keep in mind that the goal of Bible study is to uncover the author's intended meaning. 🌼Exercise caution when using these methods so as not to pour your own meaning into the text, but rather to extract the true meaning. 🌼Summarizing & paraphrasing are both powerful ways of pressing yourself to grow in your understanding. These disciplines also help to make sure you are understanding scripture within its proper context. .
🌼Helpful Tip: Adding other Bible translations will be helpful now. You can read each portion of Scripture in one or two additional translations. This will provide greater depth of meaning & perhaps aid you in putting the text into your own words. I recommend using the following translations: ESV, NASB, NKJV
🌼At this point, it will also be good to go back to the questions you’ve been asking & write out any answers that have become clear through your repetitive reading, checking cross references, & paraphrasing/summarizing. 🌼A word of caution: Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that every question MUST be answered. Some questions will remain unanswered because answers simply are not given, either in the book or all of Scripture. We run the risk of abusing the text when we try to force an answer that really isn’t there.

Do you know your God given purpose? You have one and it is vital to the Kingdom of God. You were made uniquely by the Heavenly Father. He made you to be you. Your enemy whispers lies of comparison when it comes to worth, value, and beauty and he will make you feel inadequate and just awful. Words of encouragement to better your self that come from your Heavenly Father will be spoken into your spirit with Love. #discernthedifference
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Anyone else excited for the warmer weather? 🙋‍♀️ I can’t wait to go on adventures with Cayson around NYC! Until then, I’ve been wearing Cayson in my @mywildbird sling around my apartment. I love keeping him close while still being hands free. ⭐️ What are some of your favorite baby companies?!

Palm Sunday: the final Sunday of Lent, the beginning of Holy Week and the commemoration of the triumphant arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, days before he was crucified.⠀

“A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road. The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted,⠀
“Hosanna to the Son of David!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?” The crowds answered, “This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee.” - Matthew 21:8-11⠀

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Don't compromise your worth or time to someone who isn't intentionally pursuing you with genuine motives. Men know what they want and they go after it. 💯❤ confusion is of the enemy, clarity is from God #realtalk #relationship

Thursday vibes 💕

Waiting for Spring to officially arrive. I need sunshine now! Tap if you agree!

In the meantime I have to put in order my never ending to-do list and think of new and effective beauty routines because my hair and skin do not react well to the constant weather changes.

P.S. Did you read my latest post? The one about how to find the perfect shade of red for your complexion? Of not head to my blog www.stayfabulous.me now!

Това време ме побърква. От три дни съм неадекватна и вече нямам търпение да идва пролетта. Имам нужда от слънце и чист въздух (доколкото може да е чист въздухът в София).

Докато чакам това да се случи се опитвам да вкарам в някакъв ред безумния си списък със задачи и да си измисля нова козметичен режим, тъй като и кожата и косата ми не реагират добре на непрестанната смяна на времето. В тази връзка бързам да споделя, че преди около месец Clinique ми изпратиха новият им Moisture surge с подобрена формула. Ползвам го от близо седмица и вече виждам подобрение в състоянието на кожата си - не ми опъва, не се лющи толкова силно и като цяло е по-добре хидратирана. Ако не сте го тествали отскочете до някой от магазините на бранда и помолете за тестер, за да се убедите сами в качествата му.

P.S. Така и така сме на бюти тематика - прочетохте ли последния ми пост, който е посветен на червеното червило? В него споделям мпите малки тайни и ценни трикове, които ще ви помпгнат да намерите перфектното червено червило! 💋

...because there's no worthy promise that isn't prepared through a process. there's no promise that doesn't have you standing right in a messy middle. and it's true indeed that there's no God-promise that is not preceded by a battle. all kinds of battle against doubt and fear because it's a promise that is you-impossible but only God-possible. but we overcome - because we hold our ground and let the process do its refining work to make us braver, to give us grace to move out of God's way and have us seeing the marvelous will of our God be beautifully done in and through us.🍃

Il nostro destino viene formato dai nostri pensieri e dalle nostre azioni. Non possiamo cambiare il vento ma possiamo orientare le vele.💋

It takes practice and commitment to listen to Jesus; to really hear his voice. We have to be in his word and in tune with him in prayer. Praying to him before and while you are reading your bible is a great place to start asking him to speak to you. Write down what you hear. Make sure it aligns with the rest of scripture. God stills speaks to his people. We just have to recognize his voice. More about listening to Jesus on the blog: {RefocusedBibleStudy.com}

It's important to step away from your computer screen & move your body! It helps not only look after yourself physically but is good for the mind & inspiration. Do you workout?⠀


📷 @linnajacobsson

✨The most attractive quality a person can have is to love Jesus. Makeup washes off and looks fade, but a heart for God echoes into eternity ♥️
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What a difference changing my habits and beliefs has made!! 😮💓 It's not just the difference in the way I look, it's the difference in how I feel! I have so much energy now!! I rarely get sick and I'm living life to the fullest!! On the right is me now that I have changed my outlook on life and my mindset.
Now I; 🤗😁❤️
- Eat nourishing foods that nurture my health and I love my body
- I focus daily on feeding my mind positively
- I focus on my daily goals and rituals
- I am responsible for everything which happens to me
- I make myself number one
- Am my own best friend

On the left is me when I had poor mindset. Back then I; 😢
- Drank like fish
- Partied hard
- suffered from panic attacks and anxiety
- I ate proceed food and loads of sugar
- I drank loads of black coffee
- I had low self-esteem and no confidence in myself
- I was lost and no clarity
- I was broke even though I was making money
- I hated living my life every day.

I had little to no energy and I would struggle to get through each day, I got sick all the time and I hated my life!! I started with a vision of who I wanted to be then started taking actions towards that vision. I focused on mastering one goal at a time over a longer period of time and I have been able to sustain the changes by changing my mindset.💡🤔 The best thing about this is I now have unshakable confidence, clarity and the self belief that I can have anything I want. I never settle for anything. I have attracted my ideal partner. I now look at myself in the mirror and love what I see unlike before where I loathed everything about me.
Never again!
That's right no more anxiety, no more panic attacks, no more self loathing and only unshakable confidence. I made long-term sustainable changes in my life!!😁 If you want to have more confidence, a love you love, an extraordinary relationship, a life with success and heart centred love 🔒. Then PM me for chat. ☄️⚡❤️ 👉 If you are ready to commit to making sustainable changes for the long term then book in for a Discovery Call with me using the booking link.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Maria xo

#women #transformation #empowerment

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Storms make a lot of noise and can cause a lot of damage if we are not protected. They can brew for a long time, giving warning or come suddenly. They can last for an unexpected length of time or pass us in an instant. Isn't it the same with the storms of our own lives?

What makes all the difference is the voice we choose to listen to in the storm. In any storm you will hear the voice of panic or the voice that seeks to rescue.
Make sure the only voice you listen to is the voice of truth and peace. For whatever you listen to, will shape you.
There is always hope and a way out of the waves which seek to overwhelm us in life. There is always help at hand in the form of truth and endless love. The only thing He requires and desires of us: to reach out to Him, recognise He is our shelter & hiding place, and remind yourself that He is greater than ANY storm that is roaring around you!

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