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Booty workout so hard. I always get amazed by what you can accomplish at home with minimal equipment. No weights today. Just 2 resistance bands and my booty is burning. 🔥 🍑 With busy work days, being efficient is important to me. I get up, eat, workout for an hour, eat again and get ready for work. I have taken out my drive time, getting to class early for a good spot, getting dressed for winter weather, fighting the snow and THEN getting ready for work. I have made my day more efficient by probably 40 minutes. For me, time is crucial so I’m always looking to see where I can cut out inefficiency in my day. So yeah, a resistance band workout for a lifted, toned booty by summer, I’m all for it. Summer lake life will be here before I know it!
#justdoit✔ #beefficient

I’ll start sharing more about the infj personality type ✨ #infj #infjpersonality #infjpersonalitytype #mbti #musliminfj #personality

Almost done with my 3rd book of 2018. Be passionate about everything you do and good things will come. #mondaymotivator #doctorsorders

Day 1 is in the books! Only 79 more days to go. But we aren’t going to worry about that. We are gonna focus on the now. The present. One move at a time. It was a challenging workout, but that’s what we should all be looking forward to. Not an easy workout where we can do all the moves without a sweat or without feeling challenged. Where is the fun in that? No results come of that. Well, our group is under way today with some excited challengers. If you missed out on touching base with me for this round we can get you started for a different start date with a new group. Regardless, I hope you put in the work today and don’t undo your hard work with food temptations. Don’t give up!

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