Trying to capture the brightness of the Harvest Moon this morning at 5am & 5:08 - it’s chilly out there - 1 degree C 😳💫🌕✨
This is the 2nd morning in a row that I’ve had a black cat cross my path on my early morning walk - todays was 3 legged 🤗 I saw a handsome fox too 🤗💫💖✨
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As Summer slowly changes into Autumn I am slowly finding myself again. The energy of Summer is an explosion of life, an exciting time to find new adventures and live life out loud. I feel the biggest joy when it arrives and the biggest joy when it leaves. Autumn encourages me to slow down and look inwards. To create peace around me and enjoy the comforts of home.
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I have worked with several clients who are unhappy about the fact that they are still single. Usually this is because they have had their heart broken previously and are struggling to open themselves up to the possibility of loving again (maybe I’ll write a blog post soon about exactly why this is a more common problem for introverts than extroverts!). But of course, there is also usually an element of struggling to know how (and where!) to meet people when we tend as introverts to have quieter, less sociable lives.

And actually, I’ve been in this position too! I’m happily married these days, but before I met the woman who is now my wife I was actually single for nearly eight years.

So, if you are an introvert who is looking to start dating again – then this is your chance to go from Netflix & chill (with a pizza) to Netflix & chill (with a loving partner AND a pizza). I am currently making available a £125 five-session bespoke coaching package. But I should also say that this will be the last opportunity for you to work with me before I go on maternity leave at Christmas. So if you’re even thinking about the possibility of working with me then I would encourage you to get in touch – because you won’t get another chance for nearly a year!

Send me an email to start a conversation about working together or book a free call using the link in my bio.

And maybe you’re thinking ‘I’m sure I don’t need coaching to make these changes in my life, I can stick this out and it will all come together eventually.’ And to that, I would like to say ‘and how’s that working out for you so far?’ If you’re honestly making lots of progress towards your goals on your own, then maybe you’re right. But my observation is that sometimes it’s very difficult for us to see the ways that we are holding ourselves back, and unless we have the outside perspective that something like coaching can provide it can be easy to get stuck. If things aren’t working out as you planned then £125 is not a lot of money in comparison to the transformation that could be possible in your life over the next few months.

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