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This man right here is my Dad.💗He is the reason my life is what it is instead of what it could have been. He met my mom when she was pregnant with me and lucky for me....he stuck around.😘She had very little support and was left to be a single mom. When my biological father didn’t want me - my Daddy did. He was at the hospital when I was born, cut my umbilical chord, gave me his last name, and then gave me away at my wedding. I am who I am because of adoption. My family is everything to me. I was never treated differently by my cousins, grandparents, aunts or uncles. I was loved. My sisters have never called me their half sister - but always their sister. Adoption is not just an option for me - it’s a priority. I would not be where I am today without the family that I gained through adoption. I would love to explore adoption when we are ready. For now - it’s something that we are praying about. The Lord will tell us what He needs from us. We will accept His plan for us whether it’s now or later. If there is a sweet child with Down Syndrome that needs a home - I want that child! I want to love that little angel. I want my brother in law to have a niece or nephew that is just like him - special. I want to have a home full of diversity and love. I want my children to know that it doesn’t matter if they are biological, the same color, or Celestial - they will be our children and we will love them unconditionally. I would love to hear your stories on adopting!!!! You can email me or comment below! I might ask questions so I can be prepared for when we are ready.❤️

Did I shit my embryo out?

The toddlers were here 😅👧🏻👦🏼❤️ Today as I looked at the mess spread across our house, I was reminded of the days I wondered if this sweet, chaotic, beautiful & messy reality I’m living would never be mine. I know there are many of you out there who are waiting & wondering the same thing. Friend, I hope this post will be a simple reminder & encouragement to you today that your current reality doesn’t define your future reality. I am believing with you for doors to be opened, mountains moved & miracles to unfold. Keep dreaming, trying, seeking & hoping ❤️ I’m believing that you will one day too be looking at the beautiful mess around you & thanking God for moving in His time to bring beauty from ashes 🙌

I’m gonna keep it real with you: today is one of those days I just didn’t want to get out of bed. My heart is feeling extremely heavy and I’ve been walking around one moment away from tears. Some of it is PMS, but some of it is just a pile of super-complicated emotions I’m feeling after losing Grace. My husband and I just had a conversation about how I’m not ready to be pregnant yet but every month that I’m not stings. It’s a not-so-gentle reminder that I’m not pregnant anymore. And as Grace’s due date approaches (we’re just a couple weeks away), I can’t help but feel anxiety. Every nearly full-term pregnant woman I see, I wonder about her due date and how it compares to mine— or what mine was. In many ways my life has gotten back to “normal” or at least a new normal, but it’s days like this that just shake me to my core. 💔 The reason I’m sharing this today is because I know that there are many of you out there that battle these same emotions, and I want you to know that you are not alone. October is miscarriage and pregnancy loss awareness month, and I think it’s important that we talk about our losses - on good days and on the bad ones. No woman should have to go through this alone. If you ever want to talk, please know that I am here for you. Send me a DM or email at lauren@bylaurenm.com ANYTIME.

This week's Warrior of the Week is Logan and Andrew.

Here's their story:
"I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2005, before I'd even graduated from high school. I was told back then that it might be difficult for me to conceive due to scarring. My husband and I got married in 2010, and I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2012, after having tried for over a year to conceive naturally. After several unsuccessful rounds of Clomid, and multiple unsuccessful IUIs, we prayerfully began the IVF process in July 2013. It was tremendously difficult on every level, and I ended up becoming severely hyper-stimulated before our egg retrieval. Though we were able to proceed with the retrieval, we had to cancel our embryo transfer, freeze our embryos, and revisit the transfer after my body had time to recover. It was only about a six week delay, but felt like an eternity! Finally on October 4, 2013, we had our frozen embryo transfer. On October 14 we got our BFP, and our amazing daughter was born on Fathers Day in 2014.
That was not the end of our fertility treatment story though, because we still had two frozen embryos remaining. We transferred those embryos on August 10, 2015. Though blood work did confirm pregnancy, my hcG levels dropped as I miscarried early. In my heart, I knew the 'trying to conceive' chapter of our story was over. I was so grateful for the daughter God had given us, and did not want to waste moments with her wishing for more children.
BUT, I serve a God of surprises! On October 2, 2015, I took a home pregnancy test on a whim (I'd been having pretty regular periods for the first time IN MY LIFE, but was about a week late.) I got the shock of my life when that test was positive!
And now we have TWO daughters. Two miracles who remind us daily of the grace of our Lord Jesus. The physical, emotional, mental, and financial pain of infertility all pale in comparison to the joy we are experiencing now. The tear-filled nights, the awful progesterone injections, the invasive ultrasounds, they have all begun to fade into memory. And the loneliness, the waiting, the crying, the hoping, the praying.... all worth it. Our journey broke us in so many ways, but it grew

It’s totally normal to want to get back to this as soon as possible!
I went from being in the best shape of my life, with abs and an ass I could be seriously proud of to being pregnant! I worked my butt off, put in serious time in the gym and then once I got to my dream body, I found out it was going to go through some serious changes.
To be 150% honest with you, I gained exactly 30 pounds this pregnancy. Goodbye abs, hello big tummy and cellulite.
But as much as I want to get back to this ASAP! Believe me I totally do. I’m allowing myself some grace in this process. I mean literally our bodies have to rearrange our organs to have a baby, we need time just to get shit in the right place again. Not to mention if you went through major surgery like a c section as I did.
Grace, patience and some serious self love is what I’m practicing in these next few months. There is no “bounce back” plan right now as much as there is a take care of myself plan happening.
And you know what, I’ll get back here. I know it’ll just take time and I know exactly how to do it the healthy way, with proper supplements, the right nutrition and the right exercise! I got this!
So as of now, I’ll just admire how great my ass used to be and focus truly on balance and getting back to loving myself and appreciating the amazing miracle my body gave me, my beautiful baby girl! ✨

Any other new moms struggle with wanting to get back in shape right away?
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I'm the big 3-2 today 😃🎂🎉🎈 I want to share the celebration with you guys and offer a special IG exclusive - 20% off ALL orders, including new designs, now until Sunday ❤ Woohoo! Use code: CELEBRATION20


Mmm. Blackberries, Greek yogurt and a Tbs of oats. Gotta get back on track! No more excuses about hormones, etc. Eating clean is important in this journey.
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Head on over to my blog and check out my most recent post! Today I talked about some fertility friendly foods and links to sites with more info! Next up, is how to incorporate these foods into delicious, healthy, Fertility loving recipes :):)
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Did you guys know that Harry’s dog cousin is famous? Even though they are #adopted from different blood they still share the same enthusiasm for #couchsitting. Swipe to see THE famous @brimthemastiff Share a photo of your #furbaby in the comments!

Our bodies run on a variety of rhythms, including a 24-hour circadian rhythm and a seasonal rhythm.
Women’s bodies also have a monthly cycle that governs female fertility.
New studies suggest that these cycles may be more intertwined than doctors previously believed, with melatonin acting as the link that ties them together. http://bit.ly/2ycgj6y (link in bio)

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Hi there 👋🏼 I’ve had a little break from everything. I think I was finding everything a little overwhelming, I had a lot going on personally and at work and I needed a break from everything!
A fair amount has changed but I won’t bore you all with it straight away 😂
Hope you’re all ok, I’ve missed this lovely community 💜💜
#pcos #pcossupport #pcosawareness #polycysticovariansyndrome #polycysticovaries #pcoscommunity #infertilitysupport #infertilitysucks #1in4

This is my son. We waited 2.5 very long years for him. I didn't seek out treatment because I didn't think anything was wrong.
I had no idea that a lot of different things I encountered through my life were huge warning signs of PCOS. Even doctors didn't prompt me to get tests done except just prescribed birth control pills!
This is part of the reason I have started this journey. I don't want women to be afraid to dig deeper. I didn't because I was young and had no idea what I was facing.

👋🏻 Bye bye polyps!
Yesterday my amazing OB/GYN confirmed the polyps with the hysteroscope, then removed them by sharp curettage. Ouch!
Best of all no change to our IVF schedule! Onward we go!
#hysteroscopy #polypectomy #uterinepolyp #ttccommunity #tryingtoconceive #invitro #IVF #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilitysupport

Happy Diwali everyone! Diwali is the Festival of Lights celebrates the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. For me, Diwali is all about family. It’s my nephews first Diwali and though he has no clue, lol, I hope he hears all the laughter and feels all the love that our family has to offer him 💛 #endometriosis #ttccommunity #infertilitysupport #infertilitycommunity #ivfjourney #diwali2017

Did I shit my embryo out?

I love this woman more and more. Thank you for removing the Hollywood blinders on a subject that is all too familiar to more women than we know. And it isn't just a problem for women past 35! It affects women as early as their 20's. Unfortunately, gynecologists don't educate women like they should on learning about their "ovarian reserve". We are not just bodies that pass thru your clinic doors for our regular well women exams! We are amazing creatures that bring life into this world NEVER to be taken for granted. Next step in this coalition would be for MEN to come forward in their infertility issues. Because it isn't just a woman's problem. It takes 2!! Thank you Gabrielle!! #gabrielleunion #infertilitysupport #infertilityjourney #infertilityawareness

The universe loves clarity! ✨

When you get focused on what you truly want for yourself and your future and you take ACTION to propel yourself in that direction, the universe takes notice.
It’s as if it says, okay so now this chick is serious let’s do this!
Stepping away from my coaching career with my previous company was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I had no clue if it was going to work out, or I would fall flat on my face.
But the universe has shown me in just two days how much it has my back.
Not only have I made more money in the last two days than I did on some of my biggest weeks with my previous company, but I’m attracting clients that are so incredibly ready to work with me and find real balance in their lives. I’m booking serious clients for my 6 week hormone health program, helping people see the magic of therapeutic ketones and just booked a speaking engagement to help recovering addicts find balance and health in their lives through nutrition!
Life is so incredibly good!
And what’s amazing to me, is I’m not missing a moment with my baby girl while I do all of it!
Thanking God in this moment for all the signs he sent me to take this leap of faith. 🙏

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No lo dejes para después!. Reserva tu cita médica. Preserva tu #fertilidad congelamiento de óvulos. Tel. 998 884 53 05 #cancerdemama #ivf #pregnancyphoto #infertilitysupport

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