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This week is #loveaudio week 🙌
I found recording my book very emotional. I feel really lucky to have been able to say the words out loud to you, like two friends having a heart to heart. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved recording it 💗
@juddymcfly recorded his chapter too which I'm looking forward to listening to!
The audio version of my book is available to pre order and the link is in my bio 👆

Who needs this?!

Family is important to me and my mission as a Doctor is to help you achieve your miracle baby and nothing more is important to me #family #familylove #infertilitysupport #infertilityawareness #infertilitycommunity #doctorbondisstrong #doctorbond #infertilityaffectslife #ilovebabies #rockyroad

I have a new post on the blog about our anatomy scan and these little cuties!!! {Link in Profile} #journeytobabybrown #babybrowntwins #babybrownmiracles #ivfsuccess #ivfsisters #infertilitysuccess #infertility #infertilitysupport #ivftwins #twinboys #twins

Dear Estrogen...you suck! I'm on 2 pills, 2 times a day. Seriously, I've had more side effects while on estradiol than I did during my 2 weeks of stims injections. It's not been fun and I've def not been fun to be around. Sorry Mase! 🙈But, we are so close and it will all be worth it. I'm heading to AZ on Fri for my (hopefully) last appt before transfer! Eeeek! Praying all looks good on Friday!❤️ #journeytobabyua

Wedding Wednesday! Love this goofy shot of our first dance :) ♥️♥️♥️ I love seeing all the love!!!!

Our RETRIEVE & BELIEVE set 😍 Available now 👉 link in bio

It's national infertility awareness week! Did you know that 1 in 8 couples suffer from infertility? That means that someone you know is going through this ridiculously difficult journey.
Our journey started in October 2015 when we had our first miscarriage (6 weeks along). After that it was a series of medication before finding out we were pregnant again in May 2016. On family vacation in June 2016, I woke up with stabbing pain in my stomach. We went to the ER and found out I was miscarrying again (7 weeks along). We were then referred to a specialist. We had lots of testing done but everything came back normal. The doctor said we were going to "throw some darts at the dartboard and hope one sticks." So we tried our first IUI in September 2016, even though I had a large cyst on my ovary. The IUI was not successful and my cyst grew to golfball size. We paused for October in hopes that my cyst wouldn't burst. Miraculously before our second IUI the cyst had gone away completely. We found out on November 21, 2016 that we were pregnant again! I was put on progesterone in hopes that we didn't lose this baby. That baby is our sweet Lainey and she was so worth the wait 💕 Our journey prepared us to handle the stress of a preemie and, though I often wish it looked different, I'm thankful for everything we've been through.
I share all of this just in case you or someone you know can relate to any part of our story. Everyone's infertility journey looks different, but we all share the same mission - healthy babies! The biggest thing I learned (and am still learning) is that you have no idea what someone is going through. Be kind to those around you.


What do you need to remind yourself about? I love leaving little notes around my home to keep me focused on what is important. It could be something as simple as 'breathe' or 'miracles happen'. Having small reminders all around keeps you focusing on what you want to bring to you. Start this today. ❤️#ttc #ttcsupport #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilitysupport #infertilityjourney #ivf #ivfsucks #ivfjourney #ivfsupport #miscarriage #adoption #1in4 ##1in8 #bfn #2ww #fertility #fertilityyoga #fertilitycoach #fertilityjourney #yogaforfertility #melindarushe

Reading the chapter on weeping in #timkeller Walking with God through Pain & Suffering
Psalm 88 gives us 'the freedom to weep and cry out, "Where are you Lord? Why are you not helping me?"' Tim Keller counsels us to read and pray this and the other 'lamentation Psalms' back to God.

He also talks about how believers can stay in the darkness a long time - 'it is possible to pray and pray and endure and things not really get any better....That is the very realistic, tough message at the centre of the Psalm. Things don't have to quickly work themselves out, nor does it always become clear why this or that happened'. Keller says the very fact that this angry, hurting Psalm is there in the Bible is an encouragement for us to be honest about our pain.

I had a fluid ultrasound today. I've never had one. They found a polyp. So, I need to make an appointment with my gyno and have it removed. This is going to delay IVF. (My insurance doesn't cover IVF) I need to do everything I can have healthy babies. When I had my iuis in the past there weren't any polyps. This could of develop from all the hormones I was taking and my primary amenorrhea. I wanted to have this completed before the start of the new school year. If that is not possible hopefully during winter break. #positivethoughts #positivevibes #ttcjourney #ivf #1in8 #ttcsisters #infertility #dontgiveup #ttc #infertilitysucks #gethealthy #getfit #ivfdiary #infertilitysupport #infertilitysucks #infertilitysisters #infertilitywarrior #ivfsisters #primaryamenorrhea #bepositive #infertilityhurts #infertilityawareness #ivfjourney #getfitttc #getfit #bepositive #behealthy #gethealthy #itwillhappen #ivfcommunity #strength #perserverance #hope

I have to brag on this man for a minute. Over a year trying for baby number 3. Lots of ups and downs, tests, shots, pills, and a surgery. He hasn't left my side or even questioned a moment. Family is everything and I am so thankful for a man who is loving and caring. And most of all patient (lets be honest hormone pills and months of negatives things can get grumpy at times). Life's a journey and I'm glad I'm doing it with you. #infertilitysupport #husbandandwifeduo Good things take time to grow. @palmer0525

If you didn't catch my IG stories, I ran out of Proactive and they pulled the booth from the mall. Soooo now I'm stumped. What do you do? What do you use? I need a change, I got some nice suggestions but I want to hear more -- and... GO!

Gluten free and Dairy Diet for PCOS/Endometriosis or unexplained infertility! Sometimes it can be overwhelming to find good recipes when you are not used to your new fertility diet which is dairy & gluten free. Small Tip; most of the times with Asian Food you are pretty safe! These delicious rice rolls are made by me in just 20 min and are the best! Recipe you can find in my free 4 week fertility mind&body health plan! #ttcwithpcos #pcos #pcosdiet #pcosfood #pcossupport #pcosweightlossmotivation #pcosweightloss #endometriose #endometriosis #endometriosissucks #fertility #fertilitytips #fertilitydiet #fertilityfood #fertilityjourney #fertilitycoach #infertilitycommunity #infertilitysucks #infertilitysupport #ivfdiet #ivfprep #ivf #ivfjourney #surrogacy

To build good egg quality you need 3 months! Start a good fertility diet,yoga, acupressure and Mindfulness 3 months before starting to conceive naturally or with IUI/ICSI or IVF! It takes hard work and devotion but oh boy, does it help! Check out my free fertility mind&body health plan or others 3 months before you start and get the best egg and sperm quality! PM me for the free fertility health plan! #ttcwithpcos ttcwithpcos #ttcsupport #endometriosis #endometriose #ivf #ivfdiet #ivfprep #ivficsi #ivfover40 #iui #ivfwarriors #ivfsisters #ivfsupport #ivfjourney #fertility #fertilityfood #fertilitydiet #fertilitytips #fertilityjourney #fertilitycoach #infertilitycoach #infertilitysucks #infertilitysupport #infertilitysisters #infertilityjourney #infertilitycommunity

Keep positive. ... eat clean....support each other.....get all those good nutrients and vitamins!! I think I may start quacking soon with all the eggs I consume!! Yet to try acupuncture!! I'm ready to start down regulating 5th July. After all these years .... finally make a start!!! Sending love and luck to all you ladies. #ttc#ttccomunity#ivf#mfi#infertilitywarrior#infertilitysupport#ibirminghamwomenshospital#icsi#nhs#infertilitynutrition#pineapple#eggs#thereisalwayshope

10 years ago, I had no idea what 34 would look like, probably because I was more focused on what I was doing that weekend, what I would wear, & how much fun it was going to be! I can tell you that had you told me I'd spend 4 years of my life in a depression & hating myself, & that these feelings would be related to infertility, I probably would have told you to "Fuck Off". In my depression, I used to think of my younger self & wish to be her, longing for days of fun & ignorant bliss. These days, I look back on that girl fondly but I don't miss her anymore - maybe her skin - but I no longer wish to undo all that I've learned. I don't rejoice in our struggle, AT ALL, but I also don't wish to replace our experience with something else. It grew us, strengthened us, & taught us that while life can harden you, it doesn't have to break you, & wishing it away or that you could change it isn't wrong, but it doesn't grow you. At 24, I looked at life like it was mine for the taking. At 30, I looked at it as if something was being taken from me. At 34, I have learned that both sentiments are equally true. Life is yours to take but at any time, it can be taken from you. The sooner we stop wishing away our pain or experience, & trust that we are strong enough to face it, might be the exact moment we step into who we are meant to become. Whatever your struggle - You Can Handle It - step into who you are now & quite possibly discover who you are meant to be.✌🏼💜😊 Photo cred: @thewilltaylor

#fertilityfriendfriday is a super simple way to connect with ladies in this community. My best advice if you want to get a better sense is to search the hashtag. It's along the same lines as #followfriday or #momcrushmonday. Interested?! This is all it entails... 🌿Message me that you're interested in participating
🌿I will send you the picture to post, with the names of the other ladies partaking
🌿Tomorrow post the pic I've sent to you, use #fertilityfriendfriday, & tag the other participants
🌿They in turn will do the same on their page

I've made so many amazing friendships and connections through this & can't wait to share you with them!

New blog post is up! It is all about our two week wait and where we are now in our IVF journey!! Please if you feel led to support us financially during this journey click the link below to help us raise money for our IVF funds. IVF is a very expensive process.  Any and all help is much appreciated! We love you all, and are so thankful for your prayers and support!


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In the first session, it is so important that we discuss expectations, as working with me wont guarantee a pregnancy at the end of it.
I believe my ultimate goals whenever I work with ANY of my clients is to;
Rekindle the relationship the client has with herself and those around her.
Rebuild inner confidence and self esteem
Support her to lift the fog caused by struggles to conceive, whilst sharing tools and techniques to maintain that state of mind for life.
Here is a testimonial I received from a recent client I worked with. It was wonderful working with this amazing lady and watching her transform bit by bit each time I saw her <3
#fertility #fertilityjourney #support #understanding #lifechanging #trust #empowered #ivf #infertilitysupport #thenestingplace #theoldcoalyard #Chelmsford #essex

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