After being out of our house for a week our floors are done! And that, my friends, is something to dance about! #happyfeet #tinycalvinnoah #teenyeverlygrace #teenyandtiny

These two years of wait have been so hard. It is the most painful and isolating thing I’ve ever been through. Yet I am thankful, not thankful for the journey but thankful in the journey. It has grown me, taught me, and brought me to where I am. Which today is one day closer to being a “mom”. .
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Advice is needed from those who have low amh. I have had a low reserve because of my #primaryamenorrhea. It is even lower now. Results are on the next slide. It's 0.52. I'm turning 39 next month. Should I pursue #IVF? What did you do to have a successful IVF with low AMH? I spoke to my RE they highly recommend #PGS since egg viability drops a lot at my age. So much to decide. My DH is willing to continue. I'm emotionally and physically drained This week has been filled with tears. Six years on this journey. I'm trying to remain positive but I don't have much time or any at this point. #ttcjourney #ivf #1in8 #ttcsisters #infertility #dontgiveup #ttc #infertilitysucks #ivfdiary #infertilitysupport #infertilitysisters #infertilitywarrior #ivfsisters #primaryamenorrhea #bepositive #infertilityhurts #infertilityawareness #ivfjourney #getfitttc #ivfwarriors #itwillhappen #ivfcommunity #strength #perserverance #hope #ttctribe #ttcsupport

Low sperm count – what is it?
Low sperm count means that the number of sperm in a man’s semen is below the threshold of what is considered normal. Sperm motility (their ability to move) and sperm morphology (their form or shape) may also be affected.

Low sperm count under a microscopeSperm count is determined through a test called a semen analysis. It is usually the first test your doctor will request (after taking your clinical history and possibly carrying out a physical exam). Semen refers to the fluid that is released from the penis when a man ejaculates. It is made up of fluids from several glands (mainly the prostate and seminal vesicles) and sperm. Surprisingly, sperm make up only 5% of the total semen volume!

A semen analysis evaluates the quality and quantity of both the sperm and the semen. A basic semen analysis can be ordered by your family doctor and this is usually carried out through your local pathology laboratory. If further investigation is required, a more in depth analysis can be carried out at a fertility clinic.

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You are 100% in this, spending all of you to GET THROUGH THIS in whatever part of the journey you currently face or are recovering from. Remind yourself OFTEN of the hard work you are doing. Though others may not see this marathon from the outside, you know all of what’s required from the inside. #trustyourself #loveonyou #begoodtoyou #infertility #1in8 #infertilitysucks #ttc #ttccommunity #ptsd #cptsd #complextrauma #complexptsd #trauma #lifeafterloss #grief #complicatedgrief #ttcafterloss #infertilityhurts

Always dreamed of babies, never dreamed of reading this book. This book is super helpful. There is SO much mixed information about nutrition during twin pregnancies. All I know, is the bigger the babies, the less time in the NICU (if at all🤞🏻). These moments feel incredibly sweet after praying for so long for babes. Can’t wait to hold them. So grateful to God who lead us to our ICSI procedure, every step of the way. #ivftwins #unexplainedinfertility #ivf #ttcnumber1 #iui #icsi #infertility #infertilitysucks #findinfertilitybenefits #infertilityjourney #infertilitysupport #infertilityhurts #ttccommunity #ttc #ttcsisters #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcjouney #ttcsuccess #fertilityproblems #pcossucks #polycysticovariansyndrome #infertilityhumor #infertilityawareness #saythefword #youarenotalone

I bet you've filled out dozens of informed consent forms over the years, but do you know all the ins and outs of what 'informed consent' really means? Have you ever had to take action on your rights as a patient? Share your story! Then listen to this episode: beatinfertility.co/bonus164⠀

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Extra baby dust for all of you who are #babydancing today! I’m praying for you, thinking about you, and hoping for all the best for you 🍍+✨

This is the second longest cycle I have had so far. Knowing what I knew earlier this cycle, is that I ovulated late, and my usual BFN signs. (O on CD16 and I am now 18dpo). Wtf! This is our unmedicated cycle after clomid, because that didn’t work and we took a break. I TRIED to relax and NOT get hopeful again. And now AF is still late. I’m pissed of because this is going to end in another day of tragedy and crying because I let myself get hopeful. This was supposed to be an easy month 🤦‍♀️ I left all pregnancy tests in Italy, and I am not willing to buy more for the sake of saving money. I hate that I even think about testing because I know better and I’m NOT pregnant 😭😭😭 #infertilitysucks #infertilityhurts #infertilityjourney

Started my Saturday with breakfast with some gals from Church. I haven't seen them since we got news of our pregnancy. They were so happy for our answered prayer and in His perfect timing. These women have prayed for us for almost a year and I truly believe in the power of prayer. I was given this cute lady bug and flowers from the hostess as a celebratory gift.😍

During the last few days spent in Greece I looked up at the stars so many times. Maybe it's just my imagination but I have the feeling that you are somewhere in the universe. I don't know where you are, I don't know how to reach you. But I believe from the bottom of my heart the your presence is real. I am sure you are the brightest star in the sky tonight. ~

In questi giorni passati in Grecia mi sono soffermata tante volte a guardare il cielo. Scuro, sereno e limpido. Da qui riesco a vedere tante stelle, tutte quelle che lassu in Scozia non riesco mai a vedere per via delle nubi perenni. Ho sempre amato le sere d'estate proprio per questo. Perdere lo sguardo tra le stelle quasi a voler cercare qualcosa perso nell'universo. Mi piace pensare che una di queste stelle sia tu. Mi piace pensarti libero nell'universo, parte dell'infinito. Un luminoso puntino pieno di vita che al cielo è troppo caro per poterlo mandare sulla terra. Forse lavoro troppo di immaginazione o forse sono un po folle ma mentre il vento mi sfiora i capelli lo sento, tu ci sei.
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Don't feel pressured to pursue any fertility treatment that makes you uncomfortable. It's your right as a patient to speak up says infertility survivor and attorney Catherine Tucker. Have you ever had a conversation like this? Share your story! Then listen to this episode: beatinfertility.co/bonus164

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I’m officially on the hunt for #pineapples and thought I’d share my finds with you 🍍✨I bought these from @hobbylobby this week, and not only were they on sale (80% off!), but they’re a practical combo for us. I’m planning to use the notes to write down appointment details so we can keep everything in one place. The placecard holder is going to house our next appointment info! .
Where are your favorite places to shop for pineapple goodies? 🍍✨ comment below so we can all spend more money together 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

#fertilitetsbehandling 💉
Jeg gik igennem mange faser, brød en masse grænser, lærte nyt hver dag, både i mit forhold med @andersmilvertz men også i forhold til mig selv, for at få dig, min skat. Jeg blev stærkere som person, selvom det til tider føltes modsat.
Da du kom til verden, blev mit største ønske her i livet ikke blot opfyldt, men jeg blev også et helt menneske. Ja, det lyder måske skørt, men jeg følte mig tom og ulykkelig mange gange under behandlingen, kunne tit slet ikke overskue at stå op eller være til, udover det følte jeg mig ubrugelig fordi jeg ikke kunne blive gravid, som andre på normalvis. Jeg var ræd for ikke at få mit eget barn i kød og blod - men hele vejen igennem fra start til slut sørgede min mand for at jeg ikke gav op. Han var min klippe, når jeg var helt til rotterne. Jeg husker tydeligt når jeg bare kastede mig i hans favn og græd når alting så håbløst ud. Sammen klarede vi det. I medgang og modgang. Når jeg tænker tilbage på den tid, bliver jeg altid helt overvældet af følelser. Jeg har fået den største gave i livet og jeg er taknemlig hver eneste dag, for at vi fik muligheden for at få dig, trods en helvedes masse modstand og nu gør vi det sgu igen om lidt, dog håber vi på lidt med medgang ❤️

I’m a planner, a major planner. When we first started ttc I knew exactly the day, and month I wanted to have a baby. Little did I know the adventure we were beginning. This last cycle was literally the worst of my life, I had to laugh when the nurse called me and said she was sorry I was having such a terrible month. It started with hope for our first IUI cycle, around day 10 I knew something was up. I was in a lot of pain but waited until my mid cycle ultrasound. I had twelve follicles so the cycle was cancelled. Then I started having other terrible symptoms, shortness of breath, leg cramping, dizziness everything. I was then diagnosed with anemia but kept experiencing problems. My blood tests indicated a blood clot. At this point I told my husband I was done with fertility treatments, I was tired of what it did to my body, one month in. Then CD 3 came and I had a change of heart. I think finally my hormones were balancing out and I decided to give it another try. This time taking everything one day at a time. I conquered my first fear hurdle. Today was my baseline ultrasound and I’m so thankful that we only heard good news from it. Now we move on with IUI (try) 2. 🤞🏽🙏🏼🍍

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