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Not our brightest smiles but we are blessed to celebrate 3 years of marriage today and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone besides this man right here! He’s been my rock throughout this whole process, is the most amazing provider for our family, and an awesome Daddy too. We can’t wait for brighter days and pray year 4 is a lot less bumpy than year 3. We’ve made it through the toughest year out of our life Babe, I love you! 😘

Every time me and Aayan go cemetery he usually either sits in pushchair or only few times I ever took him out to show him Aaryan's place. But today while siting in pushchair he kept leaning out and complaining because he wanted to go by Aaryan's place and he didn't want me to hold him, he kept asking me to put him down so I had to put him on the rain cover. He kept playing with few things there, talking non stop and smiling. When we had to go, few times I tried putting him inside the pushchair but he just kept crying and pointing at his brother's place, no matter what I tried giving him biscuits, crisps, my phone, keys etc he just wanted to go back there so we had to stay for longer. I don't know if he knows or not what's going on but I always believe that twin have a special bond that stays there forever. This time last year they were together, sleeping next to each other, cuddling etc and it's so heartbreaking how now Aayan doesn't have his twin brother by his side. We miss you so much everyday our little angel, it never gets easier but we have to slowly learn to live without you in our arms👶🏼👼🏼💙❤️ #twinlesstwin #identicaltwins #identicaltwinboys #angeltwin #infantlossawarenessmonth

What an honor it was for me to emcee the @foreverfootprints 13th Annual #ocWalkToRemember in honor of all our angel babies. 👼👼💙💙.
#infantlossawarenessmonth .

We had another generous donation made by @chronically.grateful from her daughter Sydney’s 3rd birthday. Thank you and I’m so happy our paths crossed 🙌🏻✨👼🏻#itsinyoutogive #infantlossawarenessmonth #beadonor #charity #chd

Mommy & my innocent angel baby Princeton. My mom has been so amazing and I just want to acknowledge her. She spent the most time with those boys. She was so strong and dressed them and cradled them and was so strong for the entire family in the hospital. She's gone to the mortuary to finish some requests for me and has visited with them. I tell her it's okay; that's just their shell. She doesn't care she wanted to check on them. She has been so cautious around me and strong, holding back tears and her frustrations out of my sanity. She feeds us, runs all our errands, cleans my house, gives me fresh linens daily and makes my bed, brings me little gifts - from a custom journal to pumpkins. Shane and I have zero obligations right now and that's all because of our parents. I didn't even have to worry about mortuary because my dad and her have just handled it. This is a true example to me about being a parent. It never ends. She has proven that and I don't know if I could be as strong as her to hold back my grief seeing my child suffering and loosing my grandbabies. I love you mom and I want everyone to know how amazing you have been to Shane and I. Take a day off today ❤️ @bonniebons6 #infantloss #infantlossawareness #infantlosssupport #infantlossawarenessmonth

Was this really a year ago? Your feet were so little and so sweet. We were lucky enough to be able to keep this part of you with us always. Something to remind us how real each moment was. I want to take a moment to thank each person who gave us a shoulder to cry on and who took the time to think about Amelia and how special she was to us. So much has happened in this past year. We have grown so much as a couple and as individual people. #october27th #infantlossawarenessmonth #lossat16weeks #trisomy18

My precious Angel, not a day goes by that I don't think about you or look at your pictures! Mommy and Daddy loves you! 👼🏽 #infantlossawarenessmonth 💙

Lighting a candle for our baby Jack and all the other precious babies who left too soon. #infantlossawarenessmonth #waveoflight


Not our brightest smiles but we are blessed to celebrate 3 years of marriage today and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone besides this man right here! He’s been my rock throughout this whole process, is the most amazing provider for our family, and an awesome Daddy too. We can’t wait for brighter days and pray year 4 is a lot less bumpy than year 3. We’ve made it through the toughest year out of our life Babe, I love you! 😘

These were our last moments with our baby boy. I still can’t quite believe this is real.... I have moments where I sit and think “but he was JUST here” and yet we spent yesterday morning in a funeral home instead of cradling him in our arms... Little things that go wrong right now feel huge

And as my milk comes in with no little mouth to feed I’m reminded that my body doesn’t know what I’ve lost...it doesn’t know to “turn off” mom mode...it hasn’t recognized the death of my baby boy.
In some ways I’m thankful to know my body works... We conceived

I carried a baby to {mostly} term

I delivered a child without complications or medications so I know I’m capable of far beyond what I ever thought possible
I’m healing well

And I’m able to produce milk and feed a child naturally
One day, these will all sustain a life I get to raise as my own. But little Matthew I had to give back to Jesus and as the reality of that sets in, I’m finding everything feels “big” right now.... Like stupid little things that don’t even matter will go wrong and a string of 4-letter words comes out of my mouth bc it’s like can’t.just.one.thing.go.right?! Or getting up and being functional feels exhausting
And doing anything beyond what is absolutely mandatory feels like WORK!
But the days continue to come and there does continue to be bright spots and good things that happen. And we are blessed!
Brett and I laid in bed the other night and he told me to look around...he goes, “all of this is from Matthew” and he was right! Without his little life growing inside of me we would have never ended up in this town, in this house, at this time.
Don’t get me wrong, the purpose for this life is FAR GREATER than that but having something so huge to acknowledge as an outcome of this journey is pretty breathtaking. And I know the deeper purpose will only be revealed in time as I walk through the doors this journey has opened.

So Matthew, I hope to make you proud as i work my way through learning how to be your mom without you in my arms. And I’ll continue to look for your little signs that things will be ok as you walk with Jesus and discover the joys of heaven! I miss you 😘

We sent our sweet boy, Matthew Morrow, to be with Jesus around 6 o’clock this evening. After a whirlwind of a wait he came rushing into this world within hours of them breaking my water....didn’t even leave me time for an epidural.

He was born without hands or feet. His little eyelids and ears never made it either. And his nose and chin will forever be unique to him. But boy did he have a strong heart, thick thighs (got those from his momma) and dark hair, lots of it! He was with us for about two hours before he was called home and we held him every minute of his life....and then some!

Matthew, you’ve rocked our worlds. I carried you as long as I could and you will remain in our hearts forever! You’ve changed our lives, the scope of our family, our marriage, and every moment from here on out. Your story will be shared far and wide, I promise you that!

You were simply not made for this world but thank you for sharing it with us for a little bit! I’m rejoicing today, little one, bc I know your running around heaven, healthy and WHOLE, not a single imperfection on your body! I sent Roxie up there for you a few months back bc a boy needs his dog! She loves tennis balls and fetch and hates when people sneak up on her so always let her see you coming! She will give you endless kisses but will refuse to snuggle! Our grandparents are there for you too, I know you’ve already met! Give them a big hug from us!

So save us a spot baby boy and we’ll see you when it’s our time too! Until then, we love you and you’ll never be forgotten, Mom & Dad 💕

Well...we’re still here.... For anyone thinking this is the longest labor EVER...I’m not in active labor but I’ve been in the beginning stages for several days, here’s the scoop... I shared with you a while ago that my amniotic fluid levels were extremely high and they continue to rise. The 👶🏼 isn’t able to swallow so rather than processing fluids, they accumulate in me.

I’m dilated to 4 and having contractions but not in a typical labor pattern so there’s not been much activity on that front.

Yesterday we met with a team to develop a plan and get our wishes down on paper. It was a very emotional day...hence the lack of updates.... Something I was never prepared for...we found out we have to arrange for the body to be transferred to a funeral home 😭...I just assumed they would study it at the hospital and it would be more of a “donation to science” thing...so that was a whole new level of emotions.
Then we had to answer a bunch of questions about the birthing process and what we wanted and didn’t want in terms of life saving measures...anyway, it wiped me out.

Last night the doctor explained that the concern with sending me home even though there’s not much activity.... With the more than doubled levels of amniotic fluid, should my water break it could cause my uterus to contract rapidly enough that it could pull the placenta off the uterine wall and rupture which would be a danger to me.
So while I’m not loving being in this hospital room it made a lot more sense why I need to stay until delivery.

The goal today is to be more active and try to get things moving along naturally and may need to talk induction if things continue to take their sweet time.

It’s such a double edged sword, part of me is SO ready to be through this phase of our journey and part of me knows the pain waiting on the other side of this and it’s hard to “force” labor when you know that piece.
Either way I’m thankful for this physician team and the amazing nurses as well as the group helping us plan for the birth and post birth arrangements.

So anyway, things aren’t happening fast but we’re getting there and doesn’t look like I’m going home until after we deliver.

For those of you that have followed our pregnancy 🤰🏽 journey, the moment I’ve been dreading since we got the horrible prognosis back in July has arrived.

We are still a long ways out from delivery but they are having me stay until we do.
I’m struggling with what’s coming but have also come to accept this as our story and I’m ready to be out of pain and into the healing phase of this journey.
Keep us in your prayers over the next couple days and as always thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown ever since we got word!

Oh heyyyyyy 👋🏻 December!!! Ok how do you countdown to Christmas 🎄???? Advent calendars? Chalkboards? Little gifts? Paper chain?

First Christmas 🎄 goin down in Casa de Morrow! How early do you decorate for Christmas?!?

I haven’t shared a transformation story with you in a while bc well, obvs I’m just getting bigger but this popped up on my FB memories today and oh man! I miss this body! .
If I can be honest with you, one of the toughest things about this pregnancy 🤰🏽 is losing my body knowing I don’t get the joy of taking my baby home at the end of this.
But here’s what I AM thankful for...
I used the SAME system that got me these results to gain a healthy & safe amount of weight for pregnancy
I can use the SAME system to bounce back after pregnancy .
I’m not stuck eating a ton of packaged and processed foods that are 😝. Just simple nutrition, short and effective workouts, and a daily shake that takes care of all my vitamin needs and keeps my insides clean. .
It’s the simplest, most sustainable plan I’ve ever used and I can’t wait to feel like myself again!
So that’s what I’m going to do...work my tail off so my body will be ready to carry a healthy 👶🏼 when the time comes and I’m so glad I don’t have to go searching around for a solution bc I’ve already got one!
2 out of the 3 spots in my BTHB group are taken but I’ve got ☝🏼 left and it’s got your name on it! Comment or 📲 me to claim it if you’re looking for a simple, effective plan too!

Craving chocolate 🍫? 🍨 ?
Decided to turn my superfoods into a smoothie bowl today!
Vegan chocolate base
1/2 banana
All natural 🥜 butter
Chia seeds
Dried Cranberries
Totally hit the spot!

If you follow my story you know I start my day with a journaling practice. It’s usually one of my favorite parts of the day but yesterday I just couldn’t...
I wasn’t feeling very grateful.
I was pretty depressed in all honesty.
I didn’t want to read my bible or pray even, I just felt worn out from this journey.
I know that’s when I need to dig into the word most but yesterday I just felt paralyzed by what we’re facing.
I did finally pull myself together, got in a modified workout and did some work, and had a great call to end my evening that reminded me of how blessed I am to get to do this job during this time in my life.
I went to 🛏 determined to have a better day today so I’m back at it.
People have asked what I 📓 so here goes...
1. 3 things I’m grateful for
2. Prayers (whatever is on my heart that day)
3. 7 Daily affirmations to empower my success .
Then I read my bible and journal a little bit of that...in a separate journal though.... #notebookseverywhere .
These are powerful habits that when you study the most successful people almost all will share Morning routines that create a winning mindset!
What’s your morning look like?

Today is dedicated to preparing content for my BTHB group and I could use your input....👇🏼 🎄What are your biggest struggles during the holiday season when it comes to taking care of your body and health? 🎁What would you want/need to learn more about to make it easier? 🥧What holiday recipes could you use a cleaned-up version of? 🙇🏽‍♀️What things are you telling yourself about your ability to actually BE healthy during the holidays? Have you already given up??? 🍾Any other tips or things you’d like to know more about???? I want to make this SUPER helpful, SIMPLE, and encouraging for my fit fam so getting your insights helps so much!!! AND if you could use a plan for yourself, I’ve got 3 spots open for enrollment this month! ONLY 3 and it’s first come first serve! Inquire below/send me a message 📲 so I can get to know more about you!

Who’s feelin like they could use a “bounce back”’plan?! I’m definitely feeling off my routine after our move, settling in, getting set up with our doctors here, and then...Thanksgiving 🏡 📦 🤰🏽👩🏽‍⚕️🦃🤪 Time to get back to some daily consistency and the habits that have built my success both personally and physically! 💪🏼 And it’s perfect timing bc there is exactly 4 weeks until Christmas 🎄 which gives me time to complete a whole program and dial in my nutrition so I can BTHB!...modified of course bc bottom line is there is just not much exercise happening for this girl right now, but I CAN do some things and I CAN modify the rest so that’s what I plan to do... The average person gains 7-10 pounds during the holiday season and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be average! So I’m doin the work to stay healthy, not only during the holidays but in the final stage of this 🤰🏽 Things are getting tough and the emotions 😭 are high as we get ready for what’s coming our way at the end of this, but taking care of my body and empowering other women to have a plan to do it no matter their circumstances too is something that lifts my spirit and leaves me feeling confident even though there are so many things I doubt these day.
Could you use a simple plan to get you through this busy/emotional season too⁉️ I’m taking 3️⃣🆕 women on this journey with me! But only 3 bc I pour into the women I work with and I want to be able to give my all to them and right now, that’s all I’ve got!

Drop me some love 💕 below and I’ll reach out to find out what you’re looking for!

Challenged my fit fam to this today and thought it might help you bounce back from the holiday too!
As we head into the weekend, I want to encourage you to do a pantry purge... Or maybe I should say fridge... Either way, having tempting leftovers laying around (especially the sweet stuff) is going to make it harder to get back on track. The best thing you can do for yourself is reset and clear out all the food that is not serving you in reaching your goals.
Jump right back into the habits that will drive your success!

Comment below with what you decided to ditch!

Art is an interesting thing. It can evoke feelings, cause intrigue, and it can invite conversation.
I want Autumn to feel that she is our family and to know that we think of her often.
Art has given us a way to represent her even though she is no longer with us.
I made this piece after we collected leaves on a family walk a few years ago. It’s simple, yet means the world to us to see it every day.
What do you hang on your wall to remember someone you love?

That was insane!
Totally Drenched!
45 min plus the warm up
In the last 20 minutes in I wanted to stop. I was tired, drained, thought I had nothing left.
The trainer said the guy doing the workout with her, the guy who has great tone, sculpted arms, looks like he’s been an athlete all his life...
He used to weight 100lbs more 😳
💥 mind blown
So if he can do it, I can too!
I pushed through, went into child’s pose when I needed to and finished.
I needed that boost.
They say that comparison is the thief of joy...
In this case I’d say inspiration is the motivator of joy.
What has inspired you recently?

Do you ever like something but you would like it so much more if you could alter it?

I love this shirt. I earned it for being among the first to complete a really fun program.
But... It was a fairly restrictive t-shirt, too hot to workout in.
Then... I saw one of my friends cut hers into a tank. So I thought why not?
Thanks Lorrianne Lynn Pearce for the awesome idea! Now I love it! AND it was perfect for my workout this morning!

Such a fun time with my little man!
Have you been out skating yet?

Thank you all for the love and support yesterday! The market was great and I met a bunch of really nice ladies i'm so excited to welcome into my community. Plus I saw a bunch of friends which is always wonderful! The biggest hit was my gluten free brownies!

Next for me is putting the finishing touches on my next FREE 5 day challenge in the Best Life Club - that's my free community.
The ladies have spoken and asked for easy, healthy dinner recipes that you can prep ahead and/or let cook all day.
Changing my life was about fitness, nutrition, and support. I tried many times and failed but once I bought into three pillars, everything changed. So next week we begin with the hardest: nutrition.
Click the link in my bio to join the Best Life Club. This challenge begins on Monday. PLUS if you join before 10:00 am MST I will send you my coveted gluten free brownie recipe.

Snacks snacks: So far Apple Pie is the top choice!

I am feeling a little nervous... I have a table at a market today. I’ve done so many events in my event planning career but being the vendor is a first for me... So I did what I needed most this morning: meditated, read some personal development, and had an amazing workout.
I’m still feeling some butterflies but I’m so much calmer, collected, and ready now.
Here’s to stepping way outside comfort zones!

We all have a story, and mine begins and ends holding our first child when she came into this world way too early at 23 weeks, and died a few short minutes later. It’s not the image you picture when you are young and dreaming about having a family one day. Leaving a hospital room empty handed was not the journey we thought we would be on when we got pregnant for the first time. The fact is is that it happened, and it was awful. I had only at that time heard of one other acquaintance at the time go through something similar. I remember thinking to myself, that’s got to be the worst thing a person could go thru, and then it happened to me. Almost 10 years later I have had countless friends share in this club of child loss. It was unbearable to watch friends go thru what we did. I think the stigma is different these days. Parents are more apt to speak openly about their babies gone too soon. We like people to know they were just as important. Some people may not know I actually have 3 kids instead of 2. My kids know about Cora Rae and ask to see her pictures from time to time. (Yes we have photographs of her) 💖 December 5th is our daughters birthday and day she died. Every year that day goes by and it’s always like clockwork my stomach lurches. I remember her kicks like it was yesterday. If you have a friend that has experienced this type of loss, chances are they want to talk about it sometimes. Reach out 💖 They existed. .
#momhub #worldprematurityday #gonetoosoon #pretermlabor #childloss #childlossawareness #prematurebaby #babylossawareness #babyloss #babylosssupport #infantloss #infantlossawareness #michellecorinnephotography #infantlossawarenessmonth

Sometimes I just don’t feel like working out.
What keeps me going is an amazing group of women I connect with online. They are my fit family. Thanks for always being there ladies ❤️ I’m getting ready for my next free challenge - all about recipes.
Comment “hook me up” to be added to my free community and participate.

Good workout this morning! Amazing work on our legs, core, arms...well full body... in 25 min. Can’t beat that!

Today’s workout was aptly names sweat. And sweat we did!
Oh yeah and it was only 35 min.

I like alternative to wheat and flour noodles. Can you guess what these ones are made from?

Colton and Emily had the best time today! We watched Cousin Kim teaching horses to jump the the kids each got to ride one!!
Colton even walked her out to the ring!! #horserides

Tomorrow is an exciting day! Not only are we closing on and moving into our house 🏡 but my fit fam and I️ are kicking off our Fit Feasting group too!

Bc the way we see it, there is just NO REASON to let he biggest feast of the year get in the way of what we want to personally accomplish in this season!

We'll be working on:
- a plan to tackle and ENJOY Thanksgiving 🦃 without derailing our goals
- implementing a daily fitness plan that does not take a ton of time
- a simple and effective meal plan to take all the guess work out of eating clean
- getting in our daily superfoods to keep our insides running clean...if you know what I️ mean 🙃

This used to be the time of year I’d get off track and just accept the couple extra pounds I’d pack on, resolving to get back on track in the new year...just like every.body.else. 🤷🏽‍♀️ BUT not since I’ve had this plan and system in place....and who wants to be like every.body.else anyway?! 🦄 I️ want to feel proud of myself when it comes time to kick off the new year! 🍾🎉And this group allows me to do just that!
Anyway....if this is a tough time of year for you too and a having a plan and method for tackling the holidays 🦃🎄🥂would help, I'd love for you to be a part of what we're doing!

It's an awesome group of ladies and we're kicking butt together! Drop your favorite holiday emoji below and I'll reach out to learn more about what you'd like to accomplish and you can see if this could be right for you too!

#feelingbendy today.
Who else enjoys the pigeon pose?

3+ hours of packing and a 7 hour drive later we are officially in #jacksonvillefl . Not moving in till Monday and actually thankful for that bc my body couldn’t hang with another day like yesterday! So strange leaving our apartment for the last time but ready to start this next chapter!

Going out tonight!
I can’t believe I have gone this long without needing to book my own Uber. #greatfriendsgoodtimes
Question: can I book it in advance or do I order it when ready to go?

This custom rustic display went out yesterday to a lovely woman who lost her step son. We had a very healthy conversation as mothers who have lost our boys. One of the most important things that has come from making these displays has been the connections I have made with grieving parents and children. Even brief talks among strangers can help in times of need. And lets face it, if you're grieving you're always in need of compassion and empathy and most importantly, solidarity. Gosh, it means so much to hear "I know exactly what you mean" when you tell someone how you're feeling or reacting to a situation. I never thought in a million years that I could do something that was so meaningful to so many families. Last Christmas season I sold 650 of these display. So many of those customers had personal conversations with me. That makes them worth their weight in gold.
If you would like me to make a special Christmas memorial for your loved one you can follow the link in my bio to my etsy shop.

Work so hard the dead of winter feels like summer.
Pretty excited to wear this new skirt today, and it’s freezing outside so I needed to dig deep to stay warm.
Worked like a charm.
What new item of clothing are you excited about?
#summerskirts #keepmovingfoward

What nice thing have you done today?


Last ✌🏼 nights with these beautiful sunsets!

Oh heyyyyy 👋🏻 #shorthair...I️ finally took the plunge bc it was my last chance to see @nataliaearle before our move and she’s the only one I️ trust to make BIG changes to my hair. Love 💗 the fresh new style and hopefully I’ll be a lot more apt to ACTUALLY do my hair! Sometimes you just need to freshen things up. I️ imagine I’ll grow it long again but for now loving a little change!

When we lost our daughter Autumn five years ago I was heartbroken. The thought of doing anything was painful.
I had a little man who needed me.
So I got out of bed every day and kept going. Slowly I came back. Forever changed.
I didn’t know at the time that it was what I needed then.
Now I get out of bed every day with purpose and determination.
If you are someone who has lost someone you love, no loss is too young, old, or small.
Be kind to yourself and keep putting one foot in front of the other and take the time you need.

What move/pose/posture do you struggle with?

For both of us today it was the side plank (added in lifting hips up and down and twist). Holding still is fine but with the lift we’re seeing that we don’t have enough weight distribution in your feet - it’s in our shoulders.
With timer will improve because we will continue to practice.

I had the honor to help bring a mommas design to life as she tries to find healing through her grief. I can’t even imagine! I’m grateful that I had the privilege to work with her to make something beautiful for her to reflect on! .
#infantloss #infantlossawareness #infantlossawarenessmonth #grief #memorial #memorials #alwaysremember #neverforget #neverforgotten #heal #healing #restored #restore #momlife #allentx #planotx #mckinneytx #dallastx #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsyfinds #etsysellersofinstagram

I’ve been debating getting one of these for a while now. I am in awe of how good the water tastes!
Have you tried mineralized alkaline water?

#mineralized #h2yo

Been packing ALLLLLLLL day, but had to stop and take in this gorgeous #sunset ....only 5 more nights with this View. One of this things I’ll miss for sure! #movingweek #nofilter #byemiami

Sometimes I just don feel like cooking... My boys are out, my girl wanted pasta, and I couldn’t decide... So I had apple pie.
Yep, you heard me... I had some frozen applesauce my baby food mold. Perfect with my vanilla shake that feeds me even better than a ridiculously healthy salad.
Sweet tooth check!
Hunger satisfied!
Didn’t have to cook, triple check!
What’s your go to don’t wanna cook dinner?

#dontwanttocook #homeadebabyfood

Now this kid can sell!
We just spent a few hours with his hockey team selling raffle tickets for a fundraiser.
He was brave, polite, and had a blast doing it!
He taught me a thing or two today!

What have your kids taught you?

#hockeymomlife #fundraisingisfun #hockeykid

Sometimes life gives you lemons...
My hubby’s knees are bad right now.

So we started a Pilates and Yoga program which both of us thought wouldn’t be all that great.

But... We knew it was the best thing for his knees.
So here’s the lemonade:

We really like it! - it’s challenging
- were sweating
- were getting stronger
- were becoming more flexible

And the best part?

His knees don’t hurt, they are benefitting 😁

I’m still basking in the glow of this amazing cast! My goal was to bring awareness to pregnancy and child loss in dramatic form using real life stories. This production exceeded my expectations! These actors were so good that one of our guests from Sunday thought that they were telling their own stories. It was an honor working with such a fine group of professionals with equally beautiful spirits. The way this gift got stirred up in me... I can’t believe this happened! Excited to see what’s next 😜
You rock @valencyathevisionary! 📸 credit: @jerrellwins
#swipe #sipswithsunae #atlactors #actors #acting #goodstuff #monologue #producer #playwriting #playwriter #atlevents #forcharity #charity #storytelling #infantlossawarenessmonth #pregnancyinfantlossawarenessmonth #griefsupport #miscarriage #stillbirth #infantloss #childloss #infantlossadvocate #shewrites #healingfootprints

Dude! Moving is expensive! 💸

This guy and I are down to our last week in Miami and everyday we’re realizing how much 💰 is going into this... The thing is we’re moving into a home double the size of our condo and while we don’t need to furnish the whole house right away there’s A LOT of extra space that eventually needs to get filled and we DO need a washer/dryer ASAP (that’s a must!)...and that’s in addition to just the overall cost of actually BUYING the 🏡 and moving our stuff up there. 📦
Thankfully all of our financial needs are met but it made pay day in my biz even that much sweeter today...💃🏽 You know just to know there’s some extra coming in for all these EXTRA expenses that we really didn’t know were coming...like we hadn’t planned to move before the end of the year and certainly hadn’t planned on buying a home this quickly!

But God is good! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 He’s providing for all of our needs and I’m constantly awe of how he’s using this little business of mine to give me a way to leave an impact and also bring in a little extra income!
I don’t know if there are any EXTRA needs in your life BUT if you have - a heart ❤️ for people
- a passion for living your best life 🙋🏽
- a desire to bring in an extra source of income 💵
- a love of health & fitness... I want you to know YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

We’re kicking off our Cash for Christmas 🎄 New Coach Crash Course Monday and there’s a couple spots left for my business mentorship program!
Drop your favorite holiday emoji below and I’ll reach out to get to know more about you!
💕 Jen

If there was ever a double I was interested in doing.... it’s this one!

Started a program with Colton today, designed to do with a partner. Emily loved when we’d pass the ball so she had a ball too.
Game On!
What are you doing to keep your kids active this winter?

Holy moly that was a Core workout!
Our shoulders were really feeling it today which means our cores need to pick up the slack!
How is your day going everyone?

Sunset over Georgia October 31st last day of the 31 acts of kindness infant loss awareness month ... Nian Antonio Torres There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. There’s millions things I could say, but nothing can ever describe how it really feels. All I can say is that “you are my sweetest downfall” #captureyourgrief #infantlossawarenessmonth #sunsetblessings🌄

I'm closing out #sidsawareness month with a list of some of our favorite products for safe sleeping environments up on the blog. Which is your favorite one for your own baby?

This month was #infantlossawarenessmonth and I hate that there’s such a thing in this world. I thought about a post all month, then chickened out on Oct 15. I hate that this reminds me that I lost my babies and I hate that one in 4 pregnant woman go through this painful loss. My world was ripped to pieces. I wanted to take my own life. It made me a monster and the memory of this era and holding my lifeless babies will forever hunt me. If there’s a hell on earth it sure is with a mother’s grief for her kids. I’m glad October is over. My heart is with my friends and my family that have gone through this. Image by @thejoyfulmorning

As October comes to a close, we wanted to remember those who have mourned, are mourning and may mourn the loss of an infant or pregnancy. We offer Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Groups throughout the year when requested and we are always here to support you. #infantlossawareness #infantlossawarenessmonth #infantlosssupport #infantlossjourney #oklahomacity

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