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I'm having a harder time than last year participating in these things. But of course I do it to honor her. We miss you so much and not a minute goes by where I'm not thinking about you and what could have been. This month has been filled with tears as the holidays approach. Starting with Jason's birthday on Monday, she should be here with us to celebrate. We should be picking out her Halloween costume. But I am so grateful for the 2 weeks we had with you baby girl. ##infantlossawarenessmonth #daisystrong

"there is no grief like the grief that does not speak." - henry wordsworth || today is brimming with emotions on infant loss, miscarriage and still birth, two of which have profoundly and personally affected me. after experiencing two heartbreaking miscarriages, one after ella and another after liv, my perspective on loss changed forever. the grief that haunted me even into the births of my rainbow babies will never be forgotten. i live for the day i get to hold them in heaven. and then this past january, my sister @kristenandco lost her identical twin baby girls around 21 weeks, my grief reached levels i didn't even know existed. not a day goes by that my thoughts aren't on those beautiful girls and my sister...my hands are shaking so badly and the tears are streaming so hard that i can barely type this. witnessing her strength amongst such sadness has been incredibly inspiring. today i celebrate the sweet angels that we won't know earthside but guard over us with their peaceful light ✨ #infantlossawarenessmonth

We had 5 months and 8 days to raise the most perfect little boy a mommy could ever ask for! I still can't believe I've made it over a year and a half without you. It's true that time does heal, but at the same time every passing day just means I've had to live without you that much longer. I often wonder what life would be like if you were still here. You're 2nd birthday is right around the corner and I just know you and your older brothers would be best friends! I love how much they still talk about you, and how they never forget to include you in their prayers. You will always be such a big and important part of our lives and you will always be my little boy! 💙💚 #InfantLossAwarenessMonth #GoPinkAndBlue

Even though this month has been hard I am super blessed to have these two wonderful children! Also blessed to have such an amazing family and friends!!! #grangeranne #deakindavis #tooblessedtobestressed #infantlossawarenessmonth

I think this is the point my cheeks started hurting. God was pumping through my veins today. My next down day I am going to just stare at this picture and remember how much love was there and how bad my cheeks hurt from smiling and staring at the sky. I can't say I actually know the last time I have smiled like this even in the last couple of years. Guess that's what you call a proud mother. @katiemaddoxphotography #infantlossawareness #infantlosssupport #infantlossawarenessmonth #identicaltwins #campcosta

Thinking of all the angel babies and there family's today for #infantlossawareness I've had such a stressful week😳 but count my blessings for our little girl everyday ❤️ #infantlossawarenessmonth #waveoflight

In memory of our little angel Audrey a balloon release and candle lighting with those we love the most 💗#infantlossawareness #infantlossawarenessmonth

you made me so complete, so happy. you were all i needed. #mommyofanangel #infantlossawarenessmonth #sevenmonthspregnant


Baby Girl or boy Infant Loss Awareness collection. Wear your Baby's love for everyone to see, wrapped around your wrist for infinity. #infantloss #infantlossawarenessmonth #infantlosssupport #baby #babyloss #myson #mydaughter #mybaby #pain #stillborn #stillbirth #miscarriage www.heavensbookangels.com

Sometimes when they're thinking of their brother, he sends them a little sign to say "I'm always here"

My boy and his mate being part of sands infant loss awareness week #sands #infantloss #infantlossawarenessmonth #angelbaby 💙💙

Join us today on the #NewbornPromisePodcast with our guest, author and blogger Rebecca Mutz.
In Part One of this two-part series, she shares incredibly encouraging and practical advice for both those grieving and those supporting loved ones who have lost a child. You can listen online at www.GrahamBlanchard.com or download our free app for direct access to the podcast: appsto.re/us/7azcjb.i {Link in Profile}.

#NewbornPromisePodcast #NewbornPromiseProject #InfantLoss #Grief #ChildLoss #infantlosssupport #infantlossawarenessmonth #infantlossawarness #infantlossjourney #infantlosssurvivor #infantlossandmiscarragesupport

Cheers to mamas of one baby or of ten, single mamas and those with a partner, mamas with fur babies, or babies who have been lost too soon. Cheers to new mamas or those whose babies now have babies. Happy Mother's Day!

Thinking of this gorgeous, strong baby boy, Nehemia Michael today. He is so loved and I am sending Nehemia and all of his friends and loved ones lots of love. Thinking of his mama and family today. 💙

Got this done in memory of my bestfriend Megan who passed 3.30.16 and my daughter who we named Megan after her. 7.21.16 Both too precious for this world. Together in heaven. Til we meet again. Thank you @useyourname333 I love it. And I love you too <3 #friendship #bestfriend #daughter #miscarriage #infantlossawarenessmonth #meganelizabethbressi #myheart #mygirls #toopreciousforthisworld

Thinking of this perfect beautiful baby, Hunter LaRay. He loves the outdoors... Forever loved and forever his mama's little Buck and daddy's manman. Sending Hunter and his loving parents so much love tonight. It's an honor to be able to make these sweet little angels a little something. 💚

Thinking of these beautiful twins today, Mcaiden and Hayleigh Lundgard. They are so so loved by their family. Feeling honored to be able to create something magical for Mcaiden and Hayleigh. Sending our angels lots of love tonight and thinking and praying for all families who are going through tough times, especially grief.

Thinking of this beautiful, precious little one Bailey. You are so loved. Sending the entire grieving community lots of comfort and sending our angels lots of love on this pretty day.

Thinking of this beautiful baby girl, Alexandra Grace today flying amongst all the butterflies. She is so loved by her family. Sending heaven lots of love today. Thinking of her family... sending love and comfort.

Thinking of this beautiful baby boy Shaunie Jr. He twinkles amongst the brightest stars. He is so loved by all of his family members. Sending SJ and his mama so much love tonight.

Out and about with the husband today. But wherever we go, our babies are with us. Made these for them today and thinking of all babies gone too soon. Whenever I get a request for a card, it reminds me that there are other parents going through all the waves of grieving a child. There's no pain like it. Every family that goes through this needs to be acknowledged. I would say we deserve a trophy... but that's silly. We deserve to have our babies in our arms just like everyone else. But for some reason, we have to wait longer. Until that day comes, we fight this battle of living life everyday for them. Otherwise, what else do we live for?

For my sweet little Poppyseed. Until the day that I finally get to meet you, I will continue to wonder what you might be like... are you anything like your big brother or are you completely different. Either way, I miss you and I will always love you. I wish I could have carried you longer. I tried my best little one. Thinking of you and your big brother every second of every day.

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