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A little glimpse at our weaning table in our infant classroom! This infant was enjoying drinking water from a small stainless steel cup. We believe that with patience and presence infants can drink from open cups and without the hindrance of sippy cups or straws. We welcome spills (cleaning up is a whole learning experience in itself!) and offer our guidance when needed. Using sign language, the infant can sign “more” or “all done”. Typically, we begin with a shot glass as it’s heavy and easier for an infant to control and hold. Once they’ve mastered the shot glass we move to a slightly larger but lighter stainless steel cup. When you prepare the environment and trust the child, beautiful things unfold! #montessori #montessoribaby #montessoriinfant #infancy #followthechild #montessorimom #montessoriathome #montessoridirumah #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriactivities

This is real life. Life with an 8 month old. Nap time snuggles are coming and going. I don’t want to lose these moments. They get big so fast 😭

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🅐🅝🅓 🅡🅔🅟🅔🅐🅣 • Happy Fri-YAY, sisters. #NIAW is next week! 🙌🏼🌿 I am apart of two different collaborations for NIAW, which I am totally excited about! I also feel this calling deep down in my soul to do something else as well...My mission is to connect with as many women, men, & couples that are going through this heartbreaking rollercoaster of #infertility. I just want everyone to know they aren’t alone & I am going through it right there with y’all. ✨ I hate that there is such a hush-hush about infertility. I hate that so many people that aren’t going through it have absolutely NO knowledge about the toll it takes on our minds, bodies, & SOULS. I want people to realize how much WE are miracles to be here on this planet… Guess what? Having a baby is a FREAKING MIRACLE. Seriously! So many people who have fallen pregnant ON “accident”, or even trying for a short time and get pregnant easily don’t even realize the timing for everything had to be PERFECT. That baby has a purpose. WE have a purpose. I want people to know that if they know of someone going through infertility, that they SHOULDN’T say “Just Relax”. 😐 I want to spread awareness and break the silence. There is NOTHING wrong with us. 😘 Hugs, sisters. 🙏🏼 Praying for all of us.

my mom made me a photo album of me a few xmases ago, most of it full of ugly puberty pics that will never see the light of day lol. This is page 1, me as newborn. She said my birth was the most painful and complicated out of my siblings. Hopefully my labor and delivery in a few months will be smooth. #mother #mom #babypics #familyphotos #infancy #the80s #bald #vintage #preggers

Hello hello!


Si necesitas ayuda con tus peques 👶 y sus eventos y para que los hagas inolvidables en @pacos_parrots_cocktail y @juanchonostop te echamos una mano 🤚 😉👌🏽👏🏽🍍🍉🍎👶🏽👶🏻🤴🏼👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧👨‍👦👨‍👧‍👧. #niños #bebes #pequeñosmomentos #momentosinolvidables #amordemadre #madrina #padrino #bautizos #cuidarse #pequeña #pequiñitos #neno #nenos #ropa #ropabebe #infantil #happybirthday #infancy #postres #party #sandia #frutaverano #vegan #fruta #frutas #dulce #agua #comunion #comuniones2018

Hehehe bersyukur diberi rezeki seindah ini ❤️
Anak yg ganteng, pinter, inshaAllah jadi anak yg sholeh, berbakti pada orangtua dan jadi Hafiz Al-Quran
Amin Ya Allah 🙏

Bersyukur juga bisa Full Time dirumah ngurus anak, lihat perkembangan anak setiap harinya, setiap jam menit detiknyaaa ❤️
Melihat perkembangan anak sesuai usia dia, sekarang Naren udah bisa miring, tengkurep (tapi belum bisa balik sendiri, masih teriak-teriak minta tolong😂😂) udah ngoceh rame bangeeeeet saingan sama burung tetangga depan hahaha, udah bisa di wawancara jg (ini Naren yg sok tahu aja jawabannya😂😂) udah bisa marahin ayah buna nya kalau dia di cuekin karena kita main hapeeee xixixixi ❤️❤️
Sehat terus ya Anakku, Si N ❤️❤️
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🅽🅰🆃🆄🆁🅾🅿🅰🆃🅷🅸🅲 🅳🅾🅲🆃🅾🆁 • I did it! I FINALLY DID IT! 💁🏼‍♀️ I’ve been bugging y’all about this forever now… I finally got the courage and I took the step forward that I’ve been talking about (honestly for a couple of years now…) & I made an appointment with a local naturopathic doctor. 🌿 She has RAVING reviews. I just feel like… especially in the last four months or so, I kept seeing things about a naturopathic medicine. Then, I accidently came upon this podcast today that was about how naturopathic medicine works with fertility, autoimmune diseases, and so much more. I immediately was like “Ok, here is another sign that I need to make an appointment.” So, I got on Google and found a local Dr. that is on my way home from work who has incredible 5 star reviews and has been around for quite some time. And guess what? She can get me in on MONDAY! 🙌🏼 I am nervous and excited. I am ready to get SO many things in my body under control. Most of you don’t know this but I suffer from really bad psoriasis. It is probably my biggest insecurity 😓. It’s a larger insecurity than infertility, isn’t that crazy?! Infertility is a HUGE insecurity, but you can’t visually see it. I hate looking into the mirrors at my skin sometimes. It’s sad. I am hoping that this Dr. will be able to go over my Psoriasis, Hypothyroidism, and most importantly… getting my body to regulate with cycles again so I will feel more confident going into this next IUI. I have this gut feeling like God is telling me to get to my healthiest state I can before moving forward. I keep having dreams about it, I keep seeing signs everywhere. So you know what, that is JUST what I am going to do. 💪🏼 staying optimistic and taking this next month and a half to focus on the steps to HEAL ME! ✨ Anyone have any advice for my first appointment? What I should ask... Etc? 😘 HUGS SISTERS! Happy Friday-Eve 🍍

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