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Loveliest petite French buckle ring in gold, platinum and diamonds. The band is engraved to look like a little leather band. Pls dm for price and details. #inezstodel

Big chunky jade: An Art Deco pendant of carved jade with a platinum, gold and diamond bale. The jade has a carved bird in the middle on both sides. There are flowers and leaves in the pretty design. These jade plaque used to be part of Chinese costumes from the 18th or 19th century Around the turn of the century it was common to process these jade pieces to precious jewels. There are tiny mine cut diamonds set in the bale and natural pearls to embellish the platinum chain, Dutch, circa 1920.

dimensions jade: 3.5 x 4.0 cm.
length chain: 55cm #inezstodel

A Victorian whimsical demi suite consisting of a pair of earrings and a brooch of coral gold and diamond butterflies, in original case. #inezstodel 🐜🐞🐝🦄✨

A pair of earrings with huge oval cabochon garnets with favetted sided set in silver originating from a Georgian necklace with 18 carat gold hooks. Weight: 8.31 grams. Dimensions: 3 x 1.2 cm. #inezstodel 💶 450,-

Here is the romantic bow and tassel necklace and two details that show the flower garland with beautiful grey foiled (or set on coal) rose cut diamonds interspersed with natural pearls with very pretty luster, The gold back is engraved with flowers aswell, Dutch, 1850. #inezstodel

Beautiful large mother of pearl and bouton pearl pendent. Circa 1920. #inezstodel

A platinum and yellow gold Art deco brooch set with 4 old cut diamonds and small rose cut diamonds in squares around them intertwined with a calibré ruby circle, circa 1920.
Weight: 6.7 gram
Diameter 2.7 cm. #inezstodel

Two Art Deco platinum rings each set with an over 3 carats of old cut diamond (3.07 J vs2 and 3.25 K vvs) #inezstodel

An 18-carat gold bird set with cabochon-cut turquoises and brilliant-cut diamonds (app. 2 carats) set in platinum; the eye and feathers are set with oval- and baguette cut-sapphires (app. 2 carats). The bird is perched on a tiny branch with a trapeze-cut diamond, signed and numbered: Cartier, Paris, 012386, circa 1950-1960. weight: 19 grams, dimensions: 4.8 x 5.3 cm #inezstodel


An 18 carat gold, platinum and diamond Art Deco cluster ring set with a great cushion cut diamond (app. 1.25 carat, H-I, vs) with 10 old cut diamonds around it with a gold sculpted setting and shank, master mark: Henri Lesieur (1908-1978, 133 rue du temple, Paris), circa 1930.
weight: 7.11 gram
ringsize: 17 mm. 6 3/4 US.

In the 1920s Lesieur recreated the cross of the bridge of Estaing in France as a gold pendant. This cross became a big success. #inezstodel #lesieur #henrilesieur #croixdestaing #diamondclusterring #frenchring #photobeforecleaningapologies #artdecoring

A sweet bracelet with agate and vintage 14 carat gold beads that have a little flower decorations, 1950s, Dutch. 💶 100,- #inezstodel

A vintage David Webb 18 carat gold and ruby vintage seahorse brooch, signed: Webb.
weight: 22.15 grams dimensions: 5.5 x 2.9 cm. 💶 4.800,- #inezstodel #davidwebb #webb #seahorse #seahorsebrooch #perfectfathersdaypresent #seahorsesarethebestdads

A 17th century ring, just! A gold fede ring with two hands holding a ribbon or a Lemniscaat (symbol for eternity or eternal love) with marks for: Amsterdam, 1698 and Hendrik Soorbeek (1669-1728). weight: 2.57 gram
ring size: 16.75 mm. 6 1/4 US. #inezstodel #17thcenturyring #federing #lemniscaatring #amsterdam #Amsterdamring #HendrikSoorbeek #earlyring 💶 1.600,-

'Screw U' but in a good way ... like with this 9 carat gold 1976 English charm. Weight including chain: 5.53 grams. Dimensions: 4 x 0.9 cm. #inezstodel 💶 550,- for chain and charm #screwyou #screwu #screwucharm #foryourex #foryourexwhenyouarestillhavingsex #sexmetjeex

An Art Deco 14 carat warm yellow gold bracelet with reactangular flat woven links featuring three rectangular elements each with a white enamel border and an old cut diamond (app. 0.35 carat in total), circa 1920.

weight: 20.52
dimensions: 18.7 x 0.6 cm. 💶 1.500,- #inezstodel

A gorgeous pair of tortoise earrings with double hoops with gold and silver floral piqué decorations and 18 carat gold hooks, 19th century, England. #inezstodel #pique #piqueearrings #antiqueearrings

A vintage 14 carat gold gypsy ring with an oval sapphire (app. 0.5 carats) with two brilliant cut diamonds on the side (app 0.5 carats in total), master mark: ED, Germany.
weight: 7.78 grams
ring size: 18.5 mm. 8 1/2 US
💶 750,- #inezstodel

A pair of gold and silver earrings each with 3 cushion cut diamonds (app. 1.5 carat) and round cut natural sapphires (app. 0.8 carat). Weight: 4.1 grams. Dimensions: 2.7 x 0.6 cm. 💶 2.000,- #inezstodel

A happy little At Deco white gold ring set with a brilliant cut pink tourmaline (app. 3.5 carats) flanked by small onyx panels, circa 1920. Weight: 3.35 grams. Ring size: 16.35 mm. 5 3/4 US. 💶 800,- #inezstodel

A pair of earrings with huge oval cabochon garnets with favetted sided set in silver originating from a Georgian necklace with 18 carat gold hooks. Weight: 8.31 grams. Dimensions: 3 x 1.2 cm. #inezstodel 💶 450,-

A coral double cameo pendant of Athena and on the reverse a vase with roses and a guirlande in Louis XVI style, 19th century. #inezstodel #goddessathena

A pair of grand 18 carat gold circle earrings with a hand chased foliage decoration inside a drop with stars of rose cut diamonds set in silver and pearls and similar tops, France, Savoy, 19th century.
weight: 12 grams
dimensions: 4.5 cm. #inezstodel

All your questions are answered with this diamond and onyx platinum ring, but in case you're wondering, it is Art Deco from the United Kingdom from the 1920s, master mark, weight: 2.76 grams, size 16.75 mm #inezstodel #artdeco #artdecoring #platinumring #questionmark #questionmarkring #whymsical #whymsicalring

A Victorian monkey stickpin carved from a matrix opal with a gold collar. Weight: 4.71 grams dimensions: 17 x 11 mm. Length: 8.3 cm. #inezstodel #monkeystickpin #monkey #carvedopal #monkeybussines. #jennifericantfindyourigaccountanymore

An Art Deco teal guilloche enamel silver gilt box with a black and red flower decor by David Andersen, Norway. #inezstodel

A crisp Victorian 15 carat gold pearl and diamond star pendant on a pearl and gold chain, England, circa 1880. #inezstodel

From @inezstodel_jewelry 👁

A diamond and tourmaline brooch by Pierre Sterlé, 1950s, France
Tag #thejewellerydiary
#pierresterle #inezstodel #jewellery #jewelry #brooch #tourmaline #gold #lovegold #diamond #diamonds #sterle #jewelsofinstagram #jewelrygram #jewellerygram

A pair of great French 18 carat gold bow and fringe earrings. Pls dm for details and price! #inezstodel 🎀 #frenchearrings #antiqueesrrings #bowandfringe #bowearrings #fringeearrings 👌

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