10 years ago, 4 years ago, even 6 months ago I would never have imagined that today i would be a single mum of two AND happy. .
Happiness is so easily stereotyped. Career. Money. House. Marriage. Kids. And All by the age of 30. But happiness is not what you have but how you feel. At 30 I am only now just going for my dreams to create a life for myself that I love. At 30 I work in a job that pays my bills. The government helps me out financially instead of the father of my children. At 30 I have a house but I’m renting. At 30 I am married on paper but separated and divorce is next. At 30 I have two beautiful kids that I am a mother and a father to. In societal standards I am doing everything wrong. .
But for me and for myself, standing on my own, I am doing everything right. This is my story. My path. My timeline. And it’s perfect. I know longer look at another’s life and in turn judge my own because it looks different. Follow your journey with no expiration dates. Let’s make this promise today to “embrace where we are in our lives no matter what age we are”. No matter what society thinks our lives should look like. Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself and create your own destiny. And don’t for a second doubt your journey 💫✨⚡️

#ineverexpire my good friend @thedivinedivah always inspiring other woman and now with @vanityfair creating a positive movement. Keep on being an inspiration to us all 👏

Break societal norms #INeverExpire

Today I realized that complaining is a sign of an ungrateful heart. Enjoy each moment because it is truly a gift that not everyone receives. 😎 #friyay #cliffandb #ineverexpire

when I was going through casting for the #INeverExpire campaign with @skii and @vanityfair, I was asked a series of questions. ‘What is your advice to all women on how to live life on their own terms’? heres my answer to all of you wonderful women 💗

also, I shot this with messy bedhead and a face full of breakouts on a Saturday morning. #realnotretouched

Here's a little taste of the #INeverExpire campaign with @vanityfair and @skii

Change of plans means I won’t be trading in the training for the test (#raceday)this weekend @preclassic. Still Looking forward to cheering on @bowermantc, and all of the incredible athletes that will be in Eugene. Tune in!
🚨 Reminder 🚨
You have to have the urgency that it will all come together tomorrow, matched with the patience that it will take a lifetime. Success has no deadline.
📷: @davidbracetty

It’s only normal to compare yourself to your friends and those around you, but I’ve learned you really can’t get consumed with age-related pressure. Rather it’s a feeling, and you’ll know when you feel ready for those next chapters of your life. When I think about my single girlfriends who are still searching for their partners, or my sister who will be getting married at 31 and is worried about her biological clock but also not wanting to jump into having babies quite yet… the only advice I have to give them is that timing doesn’t always happen perfectly. Things don’t go according to your “plan” and to try not to compare your story to anyone else’s, but instead to live life on your own terms and take joy in walking your own path. #ineverexpire #ChangeDestiny #skiipartner

Follow your journey with no expiration dates. #INeverExpire

You may have seen my YouTube video or blog post a few weeks ago talking about @skii ’s #INeverExpire campaign. I got so many comments, dms and texts from you guys that made me realize I’m not the only one feeling this age-related pressure! I also found out through Buzzfeed that 66% of women feel social media creates artificial timelines, so you're not alone! If you missed it, the link to my blog post is in my bio – give it a read and comment below if you’ve ever felt the pressure to achieve certain things by a certain age. #ChangeDestiny #SKIIpartner

There's still a lot of societal pressure that comes with achieving certain things by a certain time... and especially that magical 3-0 number that as women makes us feel like we have an expiration date. That we should have checked off certain boxes by now. So happy to be a part of a larger global conversation in partnership with skin care brand, @SKii, who is inspiring and opening up a dialog around the age-related pressures women face every day through their #INeverExpire campaign. Jump over to CITNB to read more of my thoughts on this, on marriage by a certain age, babies, career... would love to hear if you feel these pressures too? #ChangeDestiny #skiipartner

#Repost @girlboss
Our founder and CEO @sophiaamoruso sat down with luxury skin care brand @skii as part of their #INeverExpire campaign, to discuss society’s artificial timelines for women and how she lives life on her own terms. From life after Nasty Gal and divorce, Sophia is now sharing how she writes her own story. Link in bio to read more. #ChangeDestiny #skiipartner

“Don’t worry, it’ll be you one day.” Just one of the many times someone has assured me that some day it will be my turn to walk down the aisle. The marriage, baby pressure is real you guys, especially after 30. Because remember, the clock is ticking 🙄 My happiness is not defined by meeting an age-related timeline dictated by societal expectations. Today on the blog I’m talking about what @skii’s #INeverExpire campaign means to me, and sharing their powerful film about age pressure. #changedestiny #skiipartner

Have you ever tried a skin regime? Each item in our skincare range is tasked with a job - the day creme defends, the night creme soothes and repairs while the masque rejuvenates. #beeyuskincare #chemicalfreeskincare #newzealand

As a career woman in my mid 30s, ESPECIALLY in the entertainment world, I think a lot about the desire or need to create the traditional nuclear family. It is an emotional struggle that has been new and confusing for me, particularly weighing as so many say that time is running out. Women! Liberate yourselves from society’s timelines! So proud of my girl @thedivinedivah (a fellow musician friend of mine) speaking to @vanityfair on behalf of all women like us! 💕 #INeverExpire #VanityFair #FemaleMusicians #CareerWoman ❤️ #WomenWhoRock ✨ https://video.vanityfair.com/watch/women-age-related-pressure

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