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You know we try to bring you the dopest new artist and this guy is one of the dopest rappers and producers we know go listen to An if you Canada round 4/19 celebrate 4/20 w/ @sokrispycris @sokrispycris @sokrispycris #roundonesmoke #how2cureaheadache


One of our founders, @bwp_flashington14 birthday is today! Wishing him a blessed birthday and many more!! #turnup #welit🔥 #ineedthc @ineedthc

#throwback Because I'm outta weed & looking at pictures of it is the next best thing , right ? #ineedTHC #304dopesquad #staymedicated #marijuana #pictureperfect #someonebringmesmoke #THC #weedporn #iminneedofweed #FUCKKKKKK


That strawberry cheesecake 🙌🏿😋🥊Looking forward to this... got all the white chocolate flavs you guys been making them look good. shtout : @punchedibles_us

You know we love good music here @how2cureaheadache An this is definitely one of our fav artist. Hosted by @djlazyk. Responsible for French & maxb @murdahbaby 🔛Sushi and Kush ✌🏿.

4:20pm Grape Ape

4:20pm platinum


POP UP. @ DA POP UP @jimmysodope & @knewera4ever tom. Night.

4:20 pm Rip Chinx never met you brozay but real niggas let me know bout you. Ch

4:20pm "Monday's are cool it's just your job that sucks." -filz


We love good music here @how2cureaheadache even though we out here on the east coast we still get exclusive from the west. @murdahbaby @topshelffg_ #fg #how2cureaheadache #roundonesmoke #freethewave #obeypropaganda #listentothis

Shoutout @710kingpen

Yo in order of deliciousness; 😋shoutout new flavors 🙌🏿.Smore's milk chocolate.Caramell milk chocolate. Cookies and cream. Tangerine .Milk chocolate. Shoutout @punchedibles_us

4:20pm last of the blue cookies

Yo this 🍪&🍶.😋 shoutout @punchedibles_us 💥🥊.

4:20pm bro I don't even know the name. Smells like some shit I had. I was gonna put it in the Picture tree over there but fuck it looks good right here.

4:20pm some variety of cookie.

4:20 pm Bubba. (No filter)

4:20pm Bubba Kush. It's raining.

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