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I just want to thank this girl for just being amazing. You came and cleaned the house so I could focus on Caleb after getting home from the hospital. You have called or msged most days to see how we are going and you have made the effort of coming over to spend the day with us whether we stay and watch movies all day or you convince me to go out. Thank you for being such a good bestie, cousin, 2nd cousin and Aunty. Your support has been greatly needed and appreciated. And I just love the bond forming between yourself and Caleb 😍💙 Thank you 😚 @mogogogle

#bestie #cousins #love #appreciationpost #thankyou #ineedatan

Pool day in Phuket #phuket #filtyfourty #ineedatan

When you suck something the only way to get better at it is to do it. #decf #crossfit #running #assultfitness #assultrunner #ineedatan #runningmakesmelookfat #gottalosethegut

It finally SNOWED! Before Charlie & Livy went down for their mid-morning nap, I promised them they would wake up to snow and we would go outside and play. When they got up, they ran to the window and stared outside in awe as giant snowflakes fell from the sky ❄️. I started to explain how snow is created, and after about 8 seconds of blank I-don’t-care stares, we bundled them up in the snow gear dad bought yesterday (minus gloves, which we make-shifted with socks and ziplock bags), and went outside. They had a blast and screamed consistently for about 10 minutes (the good kind of screaming). .
All of the schools in the area are closed again tomorrow, so here’s to day 6 of inside recess 🤪🙇🏼‍♀️

It never ceases to amaze me what our bodies are capable of doing! When I got pregnant almost 6 years ago with my first baby - I was so excited to deliver my sweet little baby girl all naturally! And then around 36 weeks she was discovered breech and I began to run low on fluid and well little miss had to come! C-section is was... I am not going to lie - I was devastated! I tried everything to get that girl to turn around... So first c-section later I learned that it didn’t really matter ... she was here and healthy. Round 2 tried to Vbac and no such luck! (Big headed babes) and well the third they didn’t even let me! I say all this to say - I had no idea what would happen to my body after gaining and loosing 40 plus each time and then throw in some c-sections... what I learned was this... at home workouts, staying hydrated, super foods and tribe to back you... anything is possible! I look forward to beach days, bikini shopping and asking my kids if they want to get back in when they see my scar! Life has change up’s and learning to roll with the punches and find the joy -- takes heart and practice but it will work out!! Don’t let anything stop you from taking back your body after babies! I have tools and I can help!! (Pregnant with first, one year ago, today!) #transformationtuesday

Happy Birthday to my favorite beautiful little sister! I’m so lucky to call you my sissy. Thank you for always making me feel like home even when I’m 2,500 miles away! We are so proud of you Agent! 😘💜🍾🥂🎊👑 🎂 👯‍♀️ .
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6 months progress💪🏻 #ineedatan

Real eyes recognize real lies👁 #weathergotme🤢#iHateit🌬🌬 #moodyAF #ineedatan

Just something to post 😌 #badlightening #naturalface #ineedatan 😂

Me and 300 other people decided to hit the hot springs this weekend 🏔💦 #bandwagon #ineedatan #andthesun

Trilogy vibes • Spackle and paint for dayz 🛠🔩⚙️✨

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prepping the greige for yvr 🖤.
#grey #beige #neutralsforever #ineedatan

I want to marry Snapchat because it never fails to make me feel pretty. 😂

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You GUYS!!! I could NOT be MORE excited to be able to announce that I am GOING to RUN a second 80 Day Obsession group!! So this program that I just started that might already be changing my life --- YES that one! Starting next week - another group!! (Too many gals are ready to go!) .
Some of the highlights - 80 Days of DIFFERENT workouts! The workouts are fast and efficient! The meal plan will change your life! The community is fierce and fun! Best shape of your life before Spring Break!! .
MAYBE you feel like you missed out on the group that just kicked off --- you didn’t!!! Maybe you are already over your resolutions (that plan ain’t doing it for you!) This will!!! I am SOOOO pumped!! Plus for every person who joins in there is a free gift eligible to you!!! .
Let’s do hard things together and change our lives!!
Comment below or message me directly!!

Tightening things up over here and LOVE these from ETSY! I had been making my own which took a lot of time!! Love that you can add things that your babes need to work on!!! Cheers to a little more order 😊 LOL!

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