When your client wants to shoot in the forest but you live by the beach... you do your research and find a freakin forest! Who would have thought this existed in Charleston?!

Sometimes I find writing the caption for Instagram is harder than finding the photo. I mean, can’t all the pretty wedding decor just be speechless?

#tbt to Kaitlyn and Chad's engagement session from 2015. I love that golden sunlight coming in through the kitchen window!

Take me on a date with you for your engagement session so I can take cute photos like this one of Cameron and Joe. 🍻

Amy & Charlie heading back to the reception.

“I tell everyone, I smile just because, I’ve got a city love”

I normally photograph all my sessions in the evening around sunset, but schedule-wise it could only work for Shama to propose and for us to do these photos in the morning. I am actually so glad it worked out this way because I feel like the sun rising for a proposal/engagement session was so much more fitting. The light in the morning is different; it has this hopeful, happy quality about it that makes me excited about the day to come, or in this case a beautiful marriage to come.

Love first. Big beautiful bouquets second. photo credit: @mtalty

There are many reasons why this picture is important to me. It's an engagement photo with my husband, it showcases the way he proposed, there is a family photo from a several day sailing trip and there are the 4 art prints that my Aunt Marilyn made. Today is Aunt Marilyn's birthday and one I celebrate every May 15th since she has passed. She was especially important to me so here, in my office with my now husband, hang the 4 art prints, made of string, from her 7th grade science project. They are one of my most prized possession and memory of her. It's a double bonus because my grandfather Herbert Dusel hand framed all of them.

Dreams do come true! How magical is this balloon install from @partywiththepinkelephant and florals by @oldforestfarm?? I just want to go back to 5.12.18.

Yay! It’s almost the weekend and the schedule is packed with all the fun things! ❤️

I cannot wait to keep showing off the photos from last weekend’s wedding. The weather, venue, bride and groom were just perfect. Photo Credit: @zacheraphoto

I. Love. String lights

speechless. photo credit: @zacheraphoto

Just because this day was perfect, and this moment so full of smiles! @lilly lane florist

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Come see me and other great vendors at the @mustardseedgardens open house from 5-9 pm! There will be giveaways, food and drink! photo credit: @kevinandtoniprice

Today marks my second year in business and boy has it been a rollercoaster. If you ever told me I would own my own small business I would have thought you were crazy! Well here I am, two years in and learning everyday. Every year is just going to get better, I know it! CHEERS

THIS. A woman surrounded by other supporting women, lifting her up and celebrating her, helping her prepare for such a significant day. She has bragged about all of your achievements, held you high when you felt your worst, encouraged you to breathe when you thought you could no longer, and laughed throughout the night when you both had to get up early for work the next day. And now, it’s her turn. Your job as a bridesmaid or maid of honor is more than simply wearing the dress and throwing a bachelorette party. You are her emotional rock, the one who thinks to grab a sewing kit in case her dress rips. The one who offers to help with invitations or packing for the honeymoon. Or maybe it’s just being there to answer her late night text when the stress starts to build, validating her emotions. Women lifting each other up. As it should be. .
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