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⠀⠀⠀ ⠀I've recently found out that I'm in love with fall because of its inspirational desperation: no kidding, feels like home to me.
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Wanted to do something different, so made this door handle. One of those renders that you think looks like shit until all of a sudden it doesn't 😂 If you have any requests on what i should draw next, let me know 👇

➿The design community here on IG has given me so much help, support, and encouragement. This is my way of trying to give back, I’m gonna do my best to put out a few of these each month. I hope they’ll be helpful!
I’ve never made a tutorial before so please let me know if you have specific topics you want me to cover orany feedback so I can make he future tutorials better! ➿
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Steve and I are well on our way with the first farmhouse table build, and I'm having a blast working with him on this project, definitely benefiting lots from his careful and skillful instruction. Keep an eye on my stories the next couple days, we are working on a bit of a deadline 😬😁💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻There will be a far more extensive video on my Anne of All Trades YouTube channel when the project is wrapped, so subscribe now! Semi-related, there's still a couple spaces in the Hybrid Woodworking Farmhouse Table class at Pratt. Sign up at pratt.org!

Nossa cozinha pub🍴


Progress shots ✏️ 📐 🖥

Because when you make a Trundle Bed, you have to animate it - right??? 😎 #classicdesignla #customfurniture #custombed

Making the first cut on a new project that's completely different from what I've been doing.

What is the one thing that you can learn today? Sketching? Programming? CAD? No matter what it is, start today - practice and you will soon see the results. Ask yourself what you can achieve in a year from now, in a month, in a week or today. Last but not least- have fun! ✌️

E o living do apartamento M&A está todo finalizado e aguardando a chegada do novo mobiliário. Não está um espetáculo de lindo!
Clean, prático, funcional e ao mesmo tempo sofisticado. Nossos clientes merecem sempre o melhor do que podemos lhes proporcionar, desde os acabamentos, as últimas tendências e materiais de qualidade. Nós adoramos o que fazemos!

Arraste a imagem e descubra mais deste projeto que já é sucesso!



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