A space to create! We knew when designing Bells Creek Business Park we were creating a space for the modern day business. It is exciting to see this project coming together! Located on the #SunshineCoast, #Queensland. Follow the link in our bio for more information on all of our projects!
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Dve krásne vily v Trnave a za nimi štvrť panelákov. Vedeli ste, že patrili cukrovaru? Od roku 1921 v nich bývali administratívni pracovníci. Cez Hospodársku ulicu viedla železničná trať pre vlečku cukrovaru. Tá sa už nezachovala, ale vily sú dodnes využívané.

Grafiku víl cukrovaru pre nás vytvorila Barbora Demovičová. Tie farby sú neuveriteľné! Risomat ich vytlačil naozaj nádherne, s jemnými odlišnosťami pri každom kuse. 👉 Všetky nové grafiky prinesieme túto sobotu 20. októbra na Trnavský rínek. Budeme tam od 09:00, tak sa zastavte čo najskôr, aby ste svoje obľúbené motívy stihli do vypredania. Rezervácie bohužiaľ nemôžeme robiť. Náš zisk z predaja odložíme pre pamiatky.

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#TNGShowroom - Featured today on @yellowtrace is our new #tonguengroove Flagship Showroom located in Waterloo, Sydney, designed by @tobiaspartners. 'The interior space highlights the versatility of oak and marks the beginning of endless design possibilities for architects, designers and consumers.' Freado oak timber panels float down from the ceiling of the showroom which cleverly interplay with the LED strip lighting to create a stunning visual effect.

Head to #Yellowtrace to read the full feature!

Photographed by @smartanson. 📷

Celebrating 10 years of #TNG. 🏆

#мистецтводовколанас #artaroundus 🏭Директор заводу навіть не підозрює, як потужно просуває сучасне мистецтво #installationart в маси! Але якщо вам цього мало на сьогодні 🙂, то о 17.00 відкриття виставки 🎨 О. Петрової у Нац. музеї Шептицького, а о 17.00 в #уку - 📸 К. Вайгля, ну і о 19.00 - прем'єра в #львівськаопера 🎉 одноактних балетів І. Стравінського 🎭...і ще багато цікавого 😊
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Guinness brewery (2/6)
The day’s motto : MASH & BOIL
This former fermenting house was designed by A.H. Hignett and Sir William Arrol for the Guinness Brewery. It is one of the first examples of multiple-storey steel frame buildings in Ireland and the west elevation brickwork is believed to be an early example of cladding. Its decorative brick and granite detailing provide articulation and decoration to a standard that is not usually seen in industrial buildings. It retains its early form and exuberant character. It has an imposing presence on the surrounding urban landscape acting as a landmark for the largest city centre industrial site. The Guinness Brewery was founded in 1759, by Arthur Guinness. It first developed on the south side of Saint James's Gate and later expanded on all sides. Robinson Keefe & Devane (architects) and Ove Arup (engineers) designed the building's conversion to a visitor's centre and rooftop extension of c.1998. Now referred to as a storehouse, it was originally a fermenting house, where wort (the liquor from brewing the malt) was fermented for several days with brewer's yeast to turn sugar into alcohol.

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I saw these reddish-orange smokestacks today and they reminded me of the beautifully iconic album art of Pink Floyd's "Animals"; Sooo I had to pull over and take a picture. 😁📸 I just love those cool little unexpected moments in life.

Surprise industrial history at the Meiji Mura Museum: one of the best “machines in a machine shed” style exhibit I’ve ever seen. The display is housed in the Shimbashi Factory of the Japan National Railway, an 1872 iron building used to repair locomotives that were part of Japan’s first railway. At this point in Japan’s history, iron and steel production were still limited, and all of the mass-produced iron fittings for the building were imported from England. Inside the building, machines are grouped into thematic areas, including energy production, printing, and textile manufacture. The impressive horizontal spans of this building are ideal for showing how industrial architecture and machines had a symbiotic relationship—the wide open, flexible spaces of machine sheds like this one enabled ever-expanding assembly lines of increasingly complex processes. Additionally, this display featured new signage with bright, legible infographics and numerous sound installations and 3D animations (not to mention ample English!). Other visitors were also connecting with the very tactile feeling of the display—a group of students marveled at the knobby skeins of unprocessed cotton, and I had to jostle with another woman my age to get some artsy photographs of the industrial spinning machines. Also strange and fun to see some of the companies I encountered in my dissertation on rural electrification all the way in Japan. #sahbrooks #industrialheritage #industrialarchitecture #publichistory #museummeijimura #nagoya #japan

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