Morning sun catching the plant gang 🌤 my shelf is looking awfully empty at the moment and with changing the rooms, the plants that are too big to go on the shelf have to sit far away from the others otherwise there’s no room! I graduated the day before yesterday and two of my close friends came to lunch beforehand and got me plant related grad-pressies which was so so nice! Now I have another pot to fill with a new plant 😌😉 #anyexcuse

I rescued this little guy from the #clearance rack at #lowes. Cut off the majority of the dead stuff, gave it a good water, and now it's green and has new growth!

В нашей мастерской теперь есть фикус и драцена с лампасами. Надеемся, мы будем расти вместе с нашими растениями!

#man_made_kgd #houseplant #indoorplant #комнатныерастения

I just couldn’t wait until Monstera Monday!! Thank you @thehouseplantguy for sharing this picture of your beautiful Monstera! 🌿💚 xo#plantlovercommunity (📸 by @thehouseplantguy) #monstera #beautifulleaves #plantlove

Delairea odorata. this plant use to be classified as a senecio. Now it is in a group all on it's own. Also know as German ivy. Instock now.

. 💗🌵.. نبته طبيعيه داخليه 🌱🌸 | #حديقة_مريم 👩🏻‍🌾🌷
صبارة جميلة 💕
السعر: ٦٥ ريال 💸
تشمل الصباره وأصيص كونكريت..
بالإضافة إلى كرت إهداء 💌 .
#حديقة_مريم 👩🏻‍🌾🌸

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