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Witnessed a great class of Tatsujin MMA taught by coach @haghiasofia, who is one of the first Tatsujin MMA Trainers at @celebrityfitnessindonesia.

Good job coach. Keep it up!


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Feeling very blessed as I look at these pics and write this post. Taylor(my youngest) started jiu jitsu a couple of months ago. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch her grow as her confidence builds, respect increases, and she actual learns very valuable life skills. If you have thought about getting your kids into martial arts. Do it. And I recommend jiu jitsu, especially for girls. Thank you professor Dinillo. We are so thankful to have you as her coach. You do absolutely amazing work with the kids. Friends please check out @indiovillefort and @templemartialartsclub for more info. Thank you to @behrdan for the pics. #indomma #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #martialarts #kidsbjj

One Pride - Untuk Indonesia
Tonight, 22.00 - 24.00 @tvOne

#onepride #mma #indomma #tvOne

@celebrityfitnessindonesia has 53 new Tatsujin MMA Personal Trainers!
Do you want to get fit? Learn how to defend yourself? Or does your self confidence need a boost? Tatsujin MMA is the best work out for you!

Tatsujin MMA, a System of Balance..

Season 1 complete
Thanks for everyone contribution, dedication & hardwork
#onepridefinal #onepride #mma #indomma #oneprideimma


The Legend @RealRoyce will be giving a seminar at the Grand Opening of @tatsujinMMAindonesia! .
Spread the word!

Special Ramadan schedule at TATSUJIN MMA. .
See you soon CHAMP! .
#becomeyourownchampion #indomma #tatsujinmma #tatsujintothetop #HitToGetFit #Tatsufit #TatsuExtreem

Come visit our cool gym at the South Quarter Dome in Jakarta Selatan.
Enjoy the early bird benefits and sign up now!

Just joking around after training at @tatsujinMMAindonesia. .
We work out hard but always finish the training with a smile!
#tatsujin #tatsujinmma #tatsuinfamily #friends #smile #indomma

Register at earlybird.tatsujinmma.com and secure you Early Bird discount!
Do your friends a favor and share this message with them too! 😃

Come and train at TATSUJIN MMA!
Thanks for the article @tabloid_bola 🙏🏼

A big part of Martial Arts is Strength & Conditioning Training. At Tatsujin MMA you can train it all!

Do you want to secure your TATSUJIN SAMURAI MEMBERSHIP before the official opening?
Get you early bird BENEFITS now at South Quarter Dome.
Pre-register from Monday 22nd of May until 27th of May, South Quarter Dome Jakarta and get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT together with an awesome TATSUJIN-GIFT! *.
More info please contact info@tatsujinmma.com.
*Please note: there is a limited amount of early bird’s memberships available during the pre-registration sale, first-come, first-served!

Next week we will slowly start training at @tatsujinmmaindonesia.. I can't wait!

Sick KO kick at @oneprideimma!!

Meet Indonesian Jazz Singer @MissAmeliaOng! She trains at @tatsujinMMAindonesia to be healthy and feel positive! "Saya awalnya berlatih MMA karena fit, tetapi ternyata dampaknya sangat baik. Saya rasa lebih bugar dan hal itu memangaruhi karier saya" tutur Amelia.

Come and join her!

More info: www.tatsujinmma.com / info@tatsujinmma.com.

It is almost time!

Secure your membership at www.tatsujinmma.com!

@CelebrityFitnessIndonesia Trainer @haghiasofia posing in front of the new Tatsujin banner at CF Teraskota BSD!
Go Train, Go Tatsujin!

#tatsujinmma #tatsujintothetop #celebrityfitness #everydayigetbetter #indonesianmma #indomma #mmaworkout

Construction of Tatsujin MMA Indonesia has finally started! Pre sale will start next week!
Be the first one to sign up at the first Tatsujin MMA gym in Indonesia!
The premium facility at South Quarter will only offer quality programming taught by the best international and local trainers. Join the training and get in shape, learn how to defend yourself and give your self confidence a boost!
For more info go to www.tatsujindojoindonesia.com

See you there!


Music by @linguaofficial :-)

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