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I hope we get a scene like this in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!!!
#jurassicworld #jurassicworldfallenkingdom #dinosaur #jurassicworld2 #jwfk #indominusrex #hybrid #indominus

#obviously with the crew.... #indominus

Momentos antes de um assassinato. 😈

Via goo.gl/dLKPT5
#indominus #indominusrex #jurassicworld #jw

😂😂 es lo que provoca! Taguea a a ese compañero/coach #indominus #fun #funnymemes

I think just maybe someone is a little hungry... 🦎#geckosofinstagram #indominus #getonit @kaminokid

Si fallas vuelve a intentarlo. Be #indominus #trainforglory #crossfitccs

Sígueme en mi otra cuenta para ver todo lo relacionado a Crossfit! 💪🏼 RepostBy @guayo_cf: "A veces es difícil repetir un peso que se ha fallado sobre todo si es tu PR o un peso más elevado, pero si se tiene la confianza y la firmeza de que se puede las cosas se dan...
Ayer fue uno de esos días, luego de intentar 225 fui de una por 245 y lo fallé, pero luego de ver el video y detectar un par de fallas, se hicieron los ajustes y este fue el resultado! 🙌🏼
No todos los días se hace PR pero contento de poder lograr este 245; con buena técnica, mejorando la velocidad debajo de la barra y sobre todo el control del Core (abdomen y espalda)...
Seguimos adelante, buscando cada día mejorar un poco más!
#indominus #nuevaplataforma
#oly #wheightlifting" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)


I hope we get a scene like this in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!!!
#jurassicworld #jurassicworldfallenkingdom #dinosaur #jurassicworld2 #jwfk #indominusrex #hybrid #indominus



Salazar looked into the eyes of the beast which was still staring at him before it raised it’s head.. Slowly shaking it before it stood on two legs for a moment while looking down at Salazar.
He knew.. That this might be the end of him.. Running away would not help because the ”animal” would run after him. The Indominus Rex slowly placed it’s front leg down on the groun while lowering it’s head to Salazar’s level before slowly opening it’s jaws, showing it’s weird shaped and sharp teet. ”Those are gonna hurt if it would bite...” Salazar says before starting to back away from the Indominus.. Suddenly the ground started shaking once again causing Salazar to stop and look at the forest as the Tyrant lizard king (Tyrannosaurus Rex) ran through the forest towards the Indominus causing it to turn around just before the T.Rex took a really big bite on it’s neck throwing Indominus down with just one swipe of it’s head.. The power of the jaws of the T.Rex... Damn.. it would break every bone in one bite.. Salazar decided to get up as fast as possible before one of those creatures would accidently step on him.. While Salazar was trying to move out of the way as the animals were getting closer and closer to him.. The Indominus was forcing the king to back away with it’s long three clawed arms. The Rex was stepping away as the Indominus was throwing some bad shots with it’s claws on to the Rexy’s sides causing it to roar in pain as the claws sliced through the flesh of the T.Rex.. Salazar looked up at the T.Rex.. Knowing that it had appeared just in time before he would have gotten eaten by the other ”animal” causing Salazar to take out his sword and slowly walk behind the fighting beasts.. He looked at the bigger ”animal” before slicing the flesh of it’s leg with his sword. The Indominus let out a roar before stepping backwards almost crushin Salazar but he had dodged that. ”Come on.. You can do this.. I distracted it...” Salazar says slowly while looking at the Rex which took a couple of running steps before colliding it’s body against the Indominus causing it to fall down and roar

"This project gave me the opportunity to be a part of the design team that developed the Indominus Rex for Jurassic World. I worked along with ILM, Scott Patton, and Ian Joyner with a focus on the design and sculpt of the head. Longer spines protruding from the back of the neck were added when the head was merged with the approved body. The final model was then used for VFX. A 3D printed version of the head was painted with the approved final paint scheme for use as a lighting reference." - Kourt Coats (Digital Designer for Jurassic World) Courtesy of @legacyeffects #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #jurassicpark4
#irex #Indominus #indominusrex #ilm #industriallightandmagic #VFX #legacyvfx

Dinossauro Fantoche Kit Com 3 Original Dtc - R$ 65 Reais
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