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The Feel Good Summit is about fostering social connections and creating support systems that allow for both vulnerability and accountability. We celebrate bio-individuality and recognize that when we focus on figuring out how to feel good, we start to create the right conditions for our body and soul to thrive.⠀
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And then up jumped spring...

I believe this is the thing of a fast life - them precious memories being so loose. New images ever so easy suppress the older ones. Stories we tell later tend to be distorted. We paint it all some colour, being sure it is the just the right shade. Most likely it’s not.
That is exactly what happened to me with this piece of art. I don’t remember the facts about the artist. I know he is Korean thus implying that artist is male. I think he is in his fifties now. Perhaps I am wrong. I believe though that I read about this piece and that it is supposed to represent the individua completely blended into society. Or again, this is solely my interpretation of it. It could also represent the concept that no matter how individual we are, we are part of something bigger and still all the same… Not really sure. What is certain is that it is a relief map of Korean peninsula, composed of thousands of little people figures. It looks very impressive. There are children, elder ones, having different stands, expressing different emotions. It does not lack a detail. Just the opposite, there are so many of them.
I feel so bad that I did not take a photo of a card by the display to have all the data. Now I could have searched for it and find out (remember) what it was truly about. I could have researched the artist himself. This way I am pretty much stuck with my playful memory.
I searched online for the exhibitions held in Leeum at that time- no mention of this work. I formulated couple of phrases describing it and tried google search- no results. I uploaded the images through image search to find visually similar ones- I got photos of cakes and cookies, crumbles, dirt, minerals, gravel and rocks- but still no trace of those bronze little guys stuck together.
It seems that for now, y’all are also stuck with my playful memory. Nevertheless this artwork is amazing! #southkorea #art #leeum #seoul #museum #bronze #people #figures #map #relief #amazing #individuality #belonging #assymilation #travel #details #emotions #salvagingmemories


The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Cambell
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Licorice allsorts 🍬sweet treats for your feet @bamboozld_socks #womens #licoriceallsorts #bamboo #sockstyle #sweet #feet 🍭

Yes! Magic 💟

Holi 7. That's it from the Holi festival of colours for today. I'll be adding a few more tomorrow. Full set will eventually be up on my facebook page: olliemphoto

Holi 6

Holi 5

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