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So how did I get this Southern #Georgia shot from the car without a reflection? Stick your phone against the window and snap away. It works best with a case. Just be certain to wipe off any marks when you're done.

Normally I don't post people shots nor do I post butt shots but this photo I took a week ago is just too cute to not share. I love getting shots of people just being people and acting natural when I'm not taking a portrait shot. The subject of this parting butt shot is my soon to be one-year-old niece, my brother's daughter. I took this one at my sister's house during my other niece's birthday party. And that brings me to a quick tip here and how I got this perspective. When shooting little kids and babies don't be afraid to get down to their level. Kneel or lay on the floor while they play and just keep shooting once you have things in focus. Yes you'll end up dumping a lot of shots but you'll end up with some very cute results in the end. And one of them just might end up a Christmas card if it's of a relative or good friend's child.

Practical Photography has some great tips in the recent issue for photographing flowers. I tried a few things on the #rose bush in my front yard this afternoon. Sometimes I forget that you don't have to photograph a flower looking straight down on it. Get low and bring the flower to eye level even if it means laying in the grass with a bean bag to get a shot of a flower growing in your backyard garden.

The most inexpensive part of photography is the film/memory card. Fill it with several photos of the same subject. You might only have two or three decent photos in the end and throw out the rest but it's better than just one photo you're not happy with. That my fellow IGers is the best photographic advice I've received and the advice that helped open my eyes to the true joys of photography during a class offered by Disney with a four grand camera kit we got to play with. That's why these #trees are making a return appearance today. I wanted to play with the native camera shots I took on top of the contest because something looked a little better upon a second glance. So don't be afraid to fill your cards and format out a lot of rejects.

A canopy of #trees offer shade and relief from the heat and sun to those who walk beneath.

Every camera needs a lens and if you've decided on a D SLR you'll be purchasing an interchangeable lens. Most entry level SLRs come packaged in a starter kit with a 18-55mm lens like the one on the left. It's good for portraits and close ups on a special setting of the camera. If you have more specific needs then a specialized lens is for you. If you take a lot of landscapes or tall buildings you might benefit from a wide angle lens. My number one go to for my nature work and close ups from a distance is my 75-300mm lens on the left. A good zoom can be a great first addition to your bag for tighter landscapes and catching subjects without disturbing them. Having the right lens made for your camera can make a big difference in your shots.

The heart of any #camera bag the camera body. Tips on the camera body below.

Tools of the trade starting with the camera body. #Canon Rebel XTi. 18-55mm Canon kit lens. 75-300mm Canon zoom lens (no image stabilization). Quantray 2x teleconverter. Canon Speedlite fill flash. I should have a lens hood as well. Close ups of each piece to follow along with some basic tips for newer photographers building their camera gear.

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