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comment the last song you listened to and add "in my pants" 👖💫((I know this is an old but still kinda funny one))

what are you thankful for? 🍑

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happy thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 — “1. Friends will leave, Friends you’ve had for years will become strangers, and people that you met in your english class first semester will become your best friends. Time means nothing, and friendships end for all kinds of reasons but one of the biggest reason that you will find for losing friends is that you simply outgrow each other. sometimes people don’t fit in the same ways they used to and thats okay, sometimes you walk the same path to only end up on completely different ends.
2. Just because people do good things does not mean they are good people and just because people do bad things does not mean they are bad people. Don’t judge people based on good or bad deeds, people can be all kinds of surprising and first impressions are almost always wrong.
3. You will miss that boy all the damn time, even when you get over it, there will be days your just looking out the window and the color of the sky will remind you of the time you were laughing in his car singing along to old r&b songs. Its okay to miss him, its okay to be sad about it. Just don’t let it consume you and don’t ever ever ever tell him that you miss him.
4. If they don’t make plans with you, they do not want to hang out with you. People are never always busy. We make time for the things that we want.
5. Stop making excuses for him, stop making excuses for her, stop making excuses for everyone that does you wrong. Their actions do not deserve to be justified. If he is not here for you its because he doesn’t want to be. If an apology is lame, don’t accept it, and don’t make up one in your head. If she lies to you, cut her off. Stop making excuses for people, if someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them.
6. People are not all bad. when you get out of the mentality that “people suck”, you will start experiencing life. Talk to people, and don’t close yourself off to the world because one person broke your heart. There are so many kind people out there, put yourself out there and stop hating everything and everyone. People can be amazing if you believe they can be.

comment “men” letter by letter!

also, feeling blessed when you’re wearing a shirt with the perfect™ kind of material to clean them lmfao

6 Years (2015)
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hey everyone happy thanksgiving! 💫 tag someone special 💞



All eyes on you 😽

< Poet ✒ >

Hii people! How are you?

Are you ready to wait till midnight for "I Know You"...? 🙄 NOPE OK I'LL LISTEN TO IT TOMORROW MORNING 😂

Awwww I can't wait (as usual, when it's going to be published a new Bastille's song 🙄) Have a good "morning noon day or night" 🎀 ~ @bastilledan @williamfarquarson @woodybangsthedrums @kjesimmons #bastille #bastilledan #dansmith #willfarquarson #kylesimmons #chriswood #music #band #alternative #rock #wildworld #badblood #virginrecords #2017 #indierock #alternativerock #indie ~


I was walking down Rose St in Glasgow earlier today. .
#etsy #etsystore #balconyart #glasgow #rosest #indie #fineartphotographer #photo

mbok tenan kangen lagu iki. 😢

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know - Blood, Sweat, & Tears
#Gie #Cover #ILoveYouMoreThanYoullEverKnow #BloodSweatAndTears #Blues #Song #Music #Terrace #Cafe #Band #Indie #Jogja #Indonesia #Stage #Perform

happy thanksgiving; thankful for my friends, family, and my blondie.

El Sábado a partir de las 23:00 nos vemos en #BeUniq (Elche) 🙋‍♂️🌴🎉
#Party #Saturday #Night #Noviembre #Elche #Elx #Music #MusicLovers #80s #90s #Indie #Pop #Rock #BritPop #NewWave #Dijing #SmileDj


Can someone explain to me what thanksgiving is?

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