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morrendo de calor porém feliz e emocionada turistando pelo Rio ❤️

what color are your eyes? (credit tagged)

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maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but i know he still thinks about you.
he’s driving down the road and he sees the exact spot where you wrecked his car. he thinks about the way you had tears in your eyes and couldn’t stop saying you were sorry.
he’s going through his closet and sees the shirt you got him for his birthday. he thinks about the way you were biting your lip as he opened it, just hoping he’d love it.
he’s walking down the grocery store aisle and sees your mom. she smiles at him, and she looks so much like you. he wonders how you and your family have been. he hasn’t heard from you in so long.
he’s looking for his old notebook and stumbles across the scrapbook you gave him. he could never bring himself to throwing it away. he can’t help but opening it, and his heart beats a little faster as he turns the pages.
he’s on your road for the first time in months, and looking at your driveway is almost painful. all he can see is you running out of your front door, smiling from the east to the west, jumping into his arms.
so maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but i promise he still thinks about you. you were kind, you were caring, and you were brave in the way you loved him.
that is a love he will never forget.
— it still matters even if it wasn’t meant to last forever.
(source: un-predictible)


Indie band van de dag: @thisisbungalow
De eerste bevestiging voor de volgende Indie in Town IV is BUNGALOW, een electronic/pop duo. Geïnspireerd door underground electronische muziek en ‘90s en '00s pop smelten ze deze twee samen tot aanstekelijke maar edgy songs in hun studio in Amsterdam. Live wordt het duo aangevuld door gitarist en drummer en staat BUNGALOW als een energieke band op het podium! Kom 13 april kijken in @sugarfactorynl. #indie #indiepop #indieband #indielove #indieradio #indieartist #pop #electro #electronic #electronicmusic #newmusic #colors #colorful #music #newmusicvideo #newmusic2017 #style #hipster #underground

Love my seestrasss! Happy birthday, @jessicatcouture

La darkness. Después de ser chica Blondie, dejé de venir aquí hace exactamente un año y sigue siendo igual de rancia que siempre 😂pero debo decir que amé la fiesta de anoche #party #light #dark #dance #drink #crazy #happy #darkness #vampire #under #indie

I actually like him so much and I know if he feels the same he really could be my first love and if he doesn't I'd still want him to be happy with someone else but I can't get him off my mind and every single bit of me wants to talk to him and hang out with him and just be with him all the time and it all sounds so dumb but I'm completely crazy for him sure he's got his flaws and I can take notice of that but I can see past them and we just work but imagine the story, we started as best friends and turned into lovers, it would all be too perfect like it came out of a movie and I sound so stupid for being so crazy over him jeez I've tried to get over it and I just can't and it feels so good but hurts so bad

Bright lights | photo by @jvstvs.apparat #ghettysburg