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comment "hurts" letter by letter! - @ripfairy - “You get over him like this:
at first, you don’t. his name is a note you can’t
eventually your body gets bored 
of making tears over the same person 
who broke you. 
your body says “listen up 
it was a long time ago” and for a second 
you feel whole but
you catch sight of him in a starbucks and your heart drops 
and your hands shake and you want to throw up and
you can’t explain to your friends why this messed you up
because you’ve already talked their ears off so you go home
and have a good old-fashioned sob.
somewhere in that night or the next one or two weeks
down the road
the things that came to the surface start getting old and
you start turning over your relationship in your palms 
until you discover the ugly things you’ve been hiding 
from yourself.
and you think 
maybe it’s wasn’t always heaven maybe
it was hell
and you write about him or cry about him or 
get him out of yourself however you can, you
scrape yourself clean until there’s nothing left
and rebuild from the ground up and 
some wicked part of you still wants to talk to him
just to say “look, i’m new now,
i’m different,”
but you don’t because you’ve straightened out
the voices in your head
and you write about him and make a stupid poetry blog about
red blood and black ink and you make playlists of songs
you found way after him and you
make yourself okay again eventually because
the truth is, you were whole before you found him 
you have just forgotten how to be who you are
without him - don’t worry, my love 
all it takes is a little soul-searching 
before you rediscover
you are 
better off without him.”
— For my friend who asked me to write about getting over a lover. /// r.i.d (via inkskinned.tumblr.com)

aw cute

QUESTION: what are ur plans for the summer? //“Have you ever met someone who you can’t get tired of seeing everyday?” she asked. “Someone who makes your heart smile and puts a sweet shiver to your spine. Someone who can sit with you all day even if you talk about nonsense things. Have you ever known someone who never asked for you to change yourself? Someone who accepts you just the way you are. Someone who never wants you to lose yourself just by loving them. Someone who treats you in the best possible way without expecting too much from you.” she paused and thought of that someone she’s been talking about. It all comes to her mind. The way he genuinely smiles as if there are millions of fireflies that suddenly showed up at the night sky. The way he looks at her as if she is the most stunning person in the universe. Her heart seems to love everything she feels. And for that, she is grateful to know a person like him. She smiled and continued, “Haven’t you met someone you thought—will never exists in this world? Someone you thought you will never meet. Because I have met someone who I thought will only appear in my dreams.”
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sneak peek at future posts for my main ;) also I kinda feel like making this account private and blocking (most) of the people I know irl idrk if I should tho

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The face of being defeated in four moves

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