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💄They always assume that all girls that wear makeup ugly without it 🙄💅🏽🤔😂🤗 {I use this #bentoniteclay - #indianhealingclay - #aztecmask twice a week ☺️🌥in the morning or before bed🛌💤}❌DO NOT FALL ASLEEP IN THIS❗️❌ This Aztec Clay Mask costs only $9.00 on Amazon, it's the only thing I've ever tried that has actually cleared my skin and dark spots (other than #blacksoap 😫😍❤️) It squeezes your face SUPER tight leaving your face firm like a facelift and the cleanest it's ever been. (🗣personally I wouldn't recommend wearing this longer than 10 minutes once a week if you have sensitive skin and I'm no dermatologist so use at your own risk✍🏽) The only ingredient in the product is calcium bentonite clay, which you mix with either water or apple-cider vinegar to make a paste. Bentonite clay is highly absorbent and helps remove excess oil from the skin and Apple-cider vinegar has antimicrobial properties that help by killing excess propionibacterium acne bacteria on the skin.

한번쓰면..분명 계속쓰게될거야 #indianhealingclay
모공청소하는 마스크팩 물보다는 식초에 더잘녹고
효과가좋다고합니다.😬 클레이팩을 사용할때는
너무건조시키지않는게 좋으니 10분정도만!

After a night of performing and wearing a full face of makeup and glitter, I like to detoxify my pores in a natural way. Using half Aztec clay powder & half apple cider vinegar, mix in a NON METAL bowl with NON metal utensil ( I like to use wood) until smooth. A little goes a long way, so apply a small amount over entire face. After a few minutes, you will feel your pores tighten and face will become stiff. I have sensitive skin, so I only leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. Wash off with warm water and then if possible, lean your face over steam from warm water.
A little redness is normal, from washing off the stiff clay, but do a spot test if you have very sensitive skin.

If you have remaining clay mixture that you didn't use on your face, DO NOT wash down sink as it will cause your sink to clog. Throw excess clay in trash and then wash bowl in sink. 👌
#aztecclaymask #indianhealingclay #indianhealingclaymask #detoxifyingmask

My skin loves this mask mixture ❤️🙌🏽 super affordable! Does wonders clears breakouts fast... smells disgusting though😷 lol #AztecSecret #indianhealingclay #youshouldtry

Y aquí los productos que utilice para el #washday de hoy:
1) una mascarilla de barro. No tengo la medida exacta porque en realidad eso depende de el largo del cabello etc. pero use La #indianhealingclay mask con un poco de #avc, agua, unas 10 gotas de aceite esencial de lavanda y aceite de coco.
Humedecí un poco el pelo (sucio) dividido en 4 partes y y aplique la mascarilla. La deje actuar por 15 mins y procedí a lavarme como de costumbre.
Shampoo: @sheamoisture honey and manukka
Conditioner: @aussiehair #aussiemoistconditioner y luego el #aussie3minutemiracle mask por unos 5 mins.
Para darle forma me gusta usar el método L. O. C para mantener el cabello hidratado. 😉✨ Leave in: @sheamoisture #jbcoleaveinconditioner
Oil: grape seeds oil
Cream: @camillerosenaturals style setter 😘😘😘

✨WONDER OF THE WEEK✨ Aztec Secret -Indian Healing Clay. Definitely the best I've used in terms of clearing pores and feeling extra tight! I love channeling my inner Earth Goddess and this really helps lolol - This gigantic tub was only $10 from Amazon! #aztecsecret #indianhealingclay #facial #beautytips #superfunthingtodoonsundays

Ok so who has tried the #aztecsecret #indianhealingclay ! Omg it's AMAZING. MAKE sure to mix it with apple cider vinegar for best results this stuff is seriously amazing I had some really bad blackheads on my nose and after using the Aztec secret Indian healing clay I had completely no blackheads on my nose I purchased this off eBay and I purchase the apple cider vinegar from my local supermarket DM me for eBay link details #mynewfavouritemusthave


Today two of the things I'm thankful for are Apple Cider vinegar and Indian healing clay! Not only is ACV awesome to ingest its good for your skin! IHC is 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. It acts like a magnet and pulls metals and toxins out of your skin.
This mask is the only face mask I've ever fell in love with! 💘☺️

Today's morning routine before make up 👌🏼 • • • -African Black soap with Shea Butter -Indian Healing Clay -Simple micellar water -Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel 🖤💋

Everyone should have this in their cupboards or under the sink. It detoxifies the skin, amongst many other things it can be used for. I am not sponsored by this by any means, but if you take a bath in it, you will sleep like you are on a cloud! It kills the itch of bugs bites! And many more things it can do! #ancientclay #indianhealingclay @indian_healing_clay @indian_healing_clay

Let me know your thoughts on this product! 💜 #indianhealingclay

When PMS makes my skin go crazy and break out I turn to my trusty Indian Healing Mask mixed with Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Snapchat bunnies ears adds a little cute factor 😉
#facemask #snapchat #snapchatfilter #indianhealingclay #skincare #pms #adultacne #womanproblems #beauty #applecidervinegar #amiprettyyet

Day 44 & 45: Grateful that I haven't ever reeeeeally given up on handstands in my heart, though my head has sworn them off a thousand times. And, this clay does wild things to my face. #100gratefuldays #aztecsecret #indianhealingclay #clayface #bentoniteclay #feelthepulse #handstands #practicemakesprogress #goodthings #notayogi #warmup #upsidedown #fibrofighter #littlethings

#deeppore cleansing #indianhealingclay #aztec SAR 50 only Whatsapp 0565311122


Nak tahu rahsianya? Mesti lah dengan Honeybee products. Seminggu sekali, Aztec Indian Healing Clay. Nak keluar rumah tanpa calit make up. No problem! Yakin jee. Haa gitteww😘😘 Adaa lagi rahsiaa gaiss. Nampak tak tudung ai terbentuk elok. Hikss, nak tahu jugak? Nanntiii. Ai reveal on the next post. Stay tuned yaa

Berminat. Ws ai 011-28293605


RM 70 ( Excluding Postage)
Heals acne and acne scarring overtime. Absorbs negatively charged toxins since the mask is positively charged. Deep cleansing.
How to use
Recommended once a week
Mix with raw Apple cider vinegar (braggs ACV)
Water would do
As for how long you leave it on your face - really depends ( 15 mins - 45 mins) .
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Aztec Indian healing clay Mask
- for all types of skin. And gives you best result. Natural way for your dry and oily face.
Follow these step on how to use it.
1. Wash your face.
2. Apply Indian healing clay mask onto your face.
3. Leave for 15 mins. Max until it's get dry but not more thatn 15 mins.
4. Wash
See best result after applying ORDER NOW!!!
Pre order now @vasiliki_spa call us 056-755-0277

Gettin' on that bentonite bandwagon. 🌚

Aztec Indian Healing Clay
- is one of the most effective natural mask in the country. For all type of skin. #bloggers and #modelinabudhabi they are using this natural mask from india.
Pre order buy now call us at 056-755-0277

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