just finished an elopement, about to deliver a wedding + a sneak peak tonight, which means for the next couple days I can focus on going through the pictures from our recent trip before our next wedding on Sunday!
I'm so excited to relive this adventurous restless week we had. I love being able to sit down, and really focus in on on the photos instead of just editing a few at a coffee shop between stops. there's locations we went to that I haven't even looked at the photos yet! Mystic Springs in Utah comes to mind, such a cool unique place!
so excited to share a new travel blog of Colorado/Utah/Wyoming/Idaho/Nevada next week!! It'll be featuring a lot of familiar faces, and new amazing people we met on the road ❤️ already longing to travel again.

Happy first day of Summer....

My people, my home.

Guaranteed best way to spend a Thursday evening ❤️

Toledo, ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
You’re pretty and I love you.
- Jenna ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
P.S. I have the cutest clients that make you look even prettier 😍

I might be biased, but Indy does summertime like no other ———————————————————————
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I remember as a student on this campus thinking how lucky I was to get to go to school here and how much I was going to miss it when I graduated. I was right about both. #indianauniversity #bloomingtonindiana #btown #jordanriver #engagementphotos #engagement #indianapolisweddingphotographer #nwiweddingplanner #indianaweddingphotographer #southwestmichiganweddingphotographer

Maternity shoots for past couples is so much fun and such a joy for me to be a part of their growing families for all their big life moments! And Amanda and Leslie are coming from Texas so we can get those sweet moments with a growing belly captured! I can’t wait! This will forever be one of my favorite photos from their wedding!

I love happy fathers.

Due to rain, Derek & Katie’s engagement session was cut short. So, we scheduled part two for tonight. But, it’s raining again! 🌧☔️⠀
You know what they say, “Rain at your engagement session means it won’t rain on your wedding day.” That’s a thing, right? If not, it is now!⠀
I can’t wait to get Derek & Katie in front of my camera again! 📷 Double tap to tell the rain to go away! 🌤

Happy 1st Day of Summer.

If you have a tight timeline on your wedding day let’s get creative!!! We can do different shoots before your wedding. For example a bridal shoot. This is a practice run of hair / makeup / dress we can go anywhere at anytime and get some stunning bridal shots!!!!! So fun!!!! #bridalphotoshoot #bride2018 @thealexanderhotel #weddingdress #weddinginspiration2018 #weddinginspirations

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