Hi Lovelies! Wheee💜💜💜 #tbt to this time last year’s juicy joy (pre-dance days, I really can see the difference in my body) when The Charming Lover (awh look at that hot, foxy #bikini babe in the 2nd foto💗😘☺️) and I celebrated one of her dearest friend’s (pictured in the middle) anniversary. He and his hilarious wife celebrated their five year #anniversary and it was a blast coupled with the most luscious #pool I have ever seen, giving the illusion that I was about to fall off the edge while gazing into surrealist, majestic views of the #forest and beach..💗💗💗I’m offline working on these gorgeous potent #books (yes two)with my editor and formatter! Not being on instagram is never a sign that something’s “wrong,” not even for strange creatives, or author-artist hybrids who tend to post often😍☺️🧚🏿‍♀️! Interesting modern culture we live in where we are measured by our lack of or slowed down activity, but I get it, but real work (in all ways) is always done offline, showing up in your life, however that looks for you! When I’m not online, I’m working the #magical and miraculous I promise. Will sit quiet for a week or maybe a few more days 🤓😝. All is wonderful, sunny, and luminous.🌟 Hope you’ve been playing in this luscious New Moon! 🙌🏿💗When the books drop on Amazon in print and kindle formats, I will start following some people back on Instagram! But some of you have coded, cryptic names😆, so it will take some time to figure out who’s who. I love Ibiza, one of my favorite most magical places to orbit and these are a few of my favorite pictures. 💃🏿🧚🏿‍♀️🐝 One Loveliness #love #friends #celebrations #thankful #writersofinstagram #infinitypool #over40 #laughter #goodtimes #Sunshine #magical #miracles #blessings #indiaameye #ibiza #spain

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• • • • • • Sacral Chakra Affirmations
"1. I have a right to #passionate love and wild #ecstasy, to feel tipsy from drunken rapture and overflow in aliveness. 2. I declare my right to feel extraordinary, free, capable,
joyful, majestic, curious, abundant, beautiful, royal, richly refined—just as I am, in every way that I am, in every area of my life. 3. I trust my inner #MotherNature, the Springtime that is happening in
my #womb, and the accompanying #blooming creative action. 4. I pledge my allegiance to
honoring my #emotions—and honoring my ability to feel, be adored, and receive pleasure inside those sacred emotions. 5. My womb is #illuminating, #transformative, and incapable of making mistakes.
Therefore ALL sex, love, and #connection—inside me, through me, around me, ancestral, alien, or
otherwise—has been healing to me, and for my highest good.. 6. My body opens like wild #earth, a #paradise with big ol’ brown legs—streaming magic and majesty and delirious enchantment. 7. I am a transformative #ocean and a mysterious vortex of cosmic construction. 8. My #yoni is bursting into
stars. I am ready to greet The Big Dipper, again. "
#indiaAmeye #woman #sacralchakra #affirmations #knowthighself #selfcare #loveyourself
#youlooklikesomethingblooming 📸:@bennierose
Muse: @danndy_lionn (via #appskottage.com #Grab @AppKottage)

“Your body was not created to be pushed down into struggle or made to just get by. Your body was created to be deeply engorged by opulence and protrude out into the world as heavenly enchantment and watery sensation.” -I.A., Opening Prose for Sub-chapter on Meditation, The Melody of Love 🧚🏿‍♀️
When we realize that we all helped create these systems we live under, then we can use our divine energy to recreate new systems where more people are naturally being served more joy, wellbeing, and strength. These cold, lifeless, emotionless, aggressive systems and physiologies we clock into are draining the immune system of the earth and these bodies we live inside of. Learn more about your deeper instinctive physiology. The body has so much to access and give. Meditation portals us to our potential faster because it basically strengthens our mental health— which is a big deal in modern society full of cortisol, anxiety, and other grave neurological/chemical imbalances. Transcendental Meditation has been my #drink, #cigarette, and #drug of choice. When I’m fucking over it😩😂🤸🏿‍♀️, it serves me well because I just go and do another meditation 🧘‍♀️ , nourishing my organs and heightening my intuition (feminine instinct) and mental clarity (intellect/masculine sensations), training my mind to not always mingle into what doesn’t serve. I have been actively practicing tm for over 3 years—twice a day. Highly recommend , because meditation (most days) gives me more ‘life’, energy, and patience❤️. And on the other days, I give myself full permission to have an impressive “hissy fit.” 👏🏿💃🏿!Snapped this wild pic after meditating —always look a little serious +stoned or seriously stoned afterwards 💃🏿😜. Yes meditation is a brand of flight. No silly filter today other than sunlight; these lines on my lips deserve to be seen and heard from 😘💥🤔😊🌟One loveliness 💜💜💜#writersofinstagram #physiology #themelodyoflove #mindset #cultureoflove #indiaameye #authors #systematic #nature #breathing #tm #nAturalhigh #mentalhealth #transcendentalmeditation #meditation #thepowerofnow

Ahhhh goodness, 🙈🦋What to do when you find out you need to cut/consolidate at least 80 pages to meet a specific price margin when every page petal of your book is vibrant and alive? This post makes me uncomfortable because I was crying, but I’m so here, in this life, in this protruding body, to be uncomfortable and emit high levels of water, tears and all. ☺️Every page is a hitter, like a banging love song (I’m not just saying that, I’m venting, shoot!😝). These revisions take time and loads of spirited energy that leaves me spent. I was looking forward to putting that part behind me, believing I was done. I teared up and went bunnyhopping in my hoola hoop to a favorite song,—- that’s how I move energy and situate myself. 🧚🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🙈🐇🐇🐇! And yes I am also taking my braids down so there, real life stuff😌🧚🏿‍♀️😜🙏🏿🤷🏿‍♀️. What would you do if you had to consolidate 80 pages? Serious question ack! My dream is to be surrounded in a space of wild, open hearted, passionate, healthy, body positive, devoted female writers where we can all support one another and say “all is well” during the gamut of frustrations. The Melody of Love is a loose canon in my life and I’m like “what now, please hold, i think we have a bad connection, I will call you back?” lol 😂 😆L#writersofinstagram #womenwriters ##authorsofinstagram #themelodyoflove #indiaameye #bunny #rabbit #totem #playground #musical #hoolahoop #bunnyhopping

Hi Beauties🧚🏿‍♀️💕”Fairy...tales are real. I don’t mean the silliness they speak of in Disney films where someone rides in on a white horse to save you. I mean, the geometry in ‘if we can see it and dream it then we can ultimately be it.’ In other words we truly create our opulent lives and with that awareness we can heal and transform our watery bodies .” #Heart open, chest upwards towards the #sun for my summer solstice twirl, feeling like love. When I praise the summer solstice, I like to get in there a little early and stay in there a little later because #Gregorian calendar systems are off by +/- three to four days. So I celebrate the solstice for about 10 days straight to sync the juicy harmony 😂 . Yay! (Edited to add: I did not kiss Luna on the lips, hahah, thank you very much. I reached down and hugged her. You guys are silly.😂😆) Me and Luna as the Moon, as the subconscious, as in Harry Potter are being dreamy. Also being #magical, HUGGING and supporting each other😂🙈🐇🦋. Was a little overly cautious not to fall on the floor or Luna and nervous about that😂, must get a gymnast crash mat and move Luna into the other room ASAP so that I can let go my hands in the drops🧚🏿‍♀️😆 🌸🦄🧚🏿‍♀️I love animal energy around me. One Loveliness 🌕🌑💐🌸🌹🍀🐇🕊🧚🏿‍♀️ #themelodyoflove #whatauthorsdo #aerial #aerialists #aerialistsofig #summer #yoga #fitness #health #wellness#turquiosewater #life #love music by #gayatri #rescuedog #aerial#writersofinstagram#authorsofinstagram #indiaAmeye#themelodyoflove #music #adoption #streetdogs

💕😍🌸🌷✨Woohoo Thank you @Bebeautifulla for using an excerpt from my forthcoming book, "The Melody of Love" with this gorgeous foto❤️. Softness actually requires enormous strength. 🌷Woop! Strong enough to be soft is a high harmony charge for these bodies we live inside of. From theory into the sweetest most magical praxis. Boom! 🌼One loveliness #indiaameye #makingmiracleshappen #newbooks #publisher #femininity #ease #meditation #stillness #harmony #organhealth #trauma #surrender #fountainofyouth #vitality #narratives #storytelling #love #writersofinstagram #femininearchetypes #majesty #bodytemple #bliss #manifestation #trust #kamasutra #tantra #numerology #healthyliving #magical #1234

💖🤸🏿‍♀️So thankful to be back in my personal practice in a way that feels authentic, nonresistant, devotional, and celebratory which I believe are supreme keys for making indomitable contact with these bodies we live inside of. Women who are smaller and/or weaker on the top and richly curvier on the bottom in a way that doesn't translate as "I need to lose some booty" with head sunken low but in a way that says "Yasss Forces of Love, thank you for my #abundance, " must learn to delight in the undeniable hard work to #strengthen our upper bodies to soar those heavy legs towards the sky, in partnership with our winged natures all around🦅🕊🦋. We must find #pleasure in unearthing our warrior archetypes, giving ourselves a gentle push, not in a way that negates softness but in a way that brings harmony to our total body and life wellbeing. To not be so instinctively anchored to the ground from our natural bottom heaviness but bravely soar upside down, juicy bums upwards and flapping , thriving in our lighthearted heavenly sensations, making space for ourselves amongst the sky's platinum metaphysics. Unstuck, unlimited, unbound, unbought, and unbossed mmm💃🏿😂. Melodious, bouncing, jiggly, elongated, felt experiences🌬. I found my pleasure palace again and from there I joyously returned to my aerial playpen 🌟🔥. Consider new movement as spirituality where the discovery and exploration of new shapes become so personal, heartfelt, and dynamic to the point of you feeling fierce and unstoppable no matter how small or grandiose the movement. It's the childlike wonder and awe that ignite these bodies every yummy time! Yay! ❤️😌One Loveliness #upperbody #core #athletic #curvydancer #strengthtraining #aerialarts #indiaameye #themelodyoflove #mythicalcreatures #housemusic #authorsofinstagram

"There are many of us who can no longer live as dried up cogs in a crumbling, destructive system that keeps us small, unimaginative, exhausted, and lifeless. Instead we create new systems, new archetypes, new narratives, and new sensations in a culture of love to disintegrate the culture of war we were born into, and naturally receive vital compensation for our efforts by law. We LIVE inspired on the path of creativity and abundance, where simply feeling fruitful produces fruitful trees, where supple minds yield magical, supple bodies... by law. " ❤️💕💓-The Melody of Love, #indiaameye #themelodyoflove #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #love #healing #health #sovereignty #dancer #systems #geometry #backyard #garden #vitality #entrepreneur #fairy #mythicalcreatures #goddess #divine #venus in #taurus #worldnews #archetypes #embodied #photo by the charming lover #enchantingliving #alchemy

Happy June 💖, Beautifuls! I have always loved this month, all the #green prettiness of nature attempting to adore us with fertile loveliness.💃🏿💐🍑

In the "The Melody of Love" I share why and how I started quietly, consciously, and deliberating retrieving my vitality back 5 years ago. So grateful for the seeded imprint (desire) to do so.
“Your #body is an #instrument for loving. Fine-tuning your instrument warms you for the #symphony of harmonies that you play with another. Falling in love becomes a rising in #love, an ever-ascending spiral of that which is sacred. Each moment calls us into an awareness of how well we live the true nature of love…”

When I heard that a friend of friend asked if my #booty was real, I laughed 'real' hard😍. The only things injected in this booty are love, the brave capacity to be effortlessly inspired, and the soft work. In "The Melody of Love" I explain how “the soft work” helps to shapeshift these brilliant most magical bodies we live inside of. For many of us who have been through life's muddy waters, living as intentional sunlight during archaic clouds, we must do the soft work first so that we have the power to do the marvelous and miraculous! We need primer before we can elegantly paint! And no matter your current level of #mobility, you will see improvements based on metaphysics, science, and those luscious laws of the #universe. I provide 3 RAW unfiltered steps to retrieving your vitality back, from theory into the sweetest practice. <3 thank you for hanging tight with me, Beautifuls....these extra tweaks to the book are nothing but pure syrupy goodness. Cute outfit by @bodyflowfashion yay! One loveliness –#IndiaAmeye, #Author, #PoleDancer, #Aerialist, and #Eagle #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #queensugar 🤸🏿‍♀️😍 #fairies with #muscles #geometry #bodybuilding #sundaybumday #flexy #spaceship #spacehips #scifi

“On your wet tongue are the psalms of new love implanted into your cells. You are not the same person as before. Taste the new sounds coming into your new lips. Look at your new hands so lovingly with new eyes. Saunter into your new love stories. Dance harmoniously with the psalms of love in your new organs, new body, and new life.”
~ @india_ameye ( #Healing anew by way of #love by #IndiaAmeye #Author, “ #youlooklikesomethingblooming ” 📸: @ryanmichaelkelly featuring @mahanypery

“My brand of #femininity includes pails of softness but also unearths strength. Not strength that’s measured by the amount of #pain and #trauma endured, but #strength that waters from trying something new, discovering new sensations, and executing new narratives for being in one’s body.”
~ @india_ameye
#IndiaAmeye #TheMelodyofLove 📸: @deanastacia featuring @coura_sasha

Mmmm, Give me #music and #books and #nature and some really good food and lovemaking and some zone out time from the external world 'noise' and I'm in #heaven! To live in an untouched yet preserved apartment filled with #books, albums, #art, instruments, and old film cartridges, #letters written in Catalan, and fotos of a 1950s artist-writer-architect sent my creativity in overdrive. Let me be playful and messy and getting deep dark brown from sun and creativity and I'm naturally downloading from the forces of love! Give me this high level, harmonic charge, and I'm naturally extracting intel from other worlds! ✨
No surprise why music and song selections are deliberately incorporated throughout "The Melody of Love" text for significant reasons shared in the book. Integrating music into "The Melody of Love" felt like a pantheon of additional power added. I tell you that it's so special to be able to thumb through someone's personal collection and get a whiff of their experiences, heart, challenges, triumphs, and legacy...to be introduced to new music and books from someone no longer alive in this consciousness but sooo alive at the same time feels --dearly special, sure to be gentle like feathers with everything I initiate touch with or with everything that calls out to me. These days of sweet quiet, curiosity, natural light, super simplicity, and sunbathing will be unforgettable. Me + Maria Crueza pictured! One Loveliness 💓❤️💕💖#writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #indiaameye #instruments #sound #senses #sensuality

Hi Beauties! A sweet gift from my most amazing Beloved ❤️💖💓--this charming flat for a few days, but it's not just any old charmer.💖I love my whole everything right now in the moment, inhabiting a sacred space of a 1940s famous #Spanish #writer. I literally sat here for a few hours oscillating between reading some James Baldwin potencies, and connecting with the #moon on the first day of my moon cycle. This is one of the best moments of my whole life documented😍. Everything of this writer's original decor as been preserved including old film cartridges, paintbrushes, books, letters, and records; I have never seen anything like this in my life. It feels like I'm in a film and it's so tiny and perfect. 💕
Swollen ankle, this gift received from the universe from dancing, reminded me to reaffirm to my body that it is always safe...safe to move, dance, and soar 💕! I danced with universe tonight on the open balcony with church bells chiming and my feminine arts playlist blasting; it was perfect harmony in that moment for an #writer-#artist hybrid. I will be able to dance in morning because I have zero pain. Elevation + #traumeel #homeopathy have been heavenly. My body knows that it is safe to move in new ways and soar and sometimes they need reminding from us, the hosts. One Loveliness ✨❤️💖#jamesbaldwin #inspired #indiaameye #writersofinstagram #writingtemple #author #themelodyoflove #author #dancerpose

🤸🏿‍♀️ Hi Beauties! I kinda knew I was in trouble in the most delicious way when the first thing my teacher asked at the beginning of class was "how many YEARS have you been pole dancing?" Ha! 😂"Not years, only months," I smiled, then class began on that note. This "beginners" pole dance class started with a workout that had my shirt soaked in algorithms of life force sweat! Im not much of a sweat-er when I exercise/pole, so to say that I was soaked says a lot. I had to put a scarf on my head to catch the 💦 🌊 😂! A fun 90 minutes of class, was dearly friendly and celebratory! I really love the love, the heart energy here is always undeniable. Also mixed genders. We were asked to wear these funny #socks and take a group picture. I always enjoy Pole Dance Factory BCN. My dance partner was 18 years of sci-fi sweetness. ❤️Be back Saturday! I love Barcelona! #strong #soft #poledancer #authoring #friendly #writersofinstagram #inversion #insideleghang #dancer #artist #movement #majesty #spain #lifeforce #workout #geometry #physics #sunshine #ilovebarcelona #indiaameye #poledancefactorybarcelona #flexibility

Hi Beauties🤗❤️, I feel so blessed to be in final productions of "The Melody of Love" and still receive direct feedback transmissions about "You Look Like Something Blooming," my first book. Truth be told, when I released it, I had been camping out in California for over a month, deep in the sensuous intelligence of nature. In other words, my vibration was high wattage! I felt so switched on, fulfilled, radiant, and clear, that I (nor my ego) wasn't concerned about sales. I was deeply cradled in gratitude that I was simply doing something dreamy that I had always wanted to do- author a charming book📚! I knew very few authors or people who had followed through with their authoring desires, so that valuable, pleasurable sensation whirling through my body was enough! Once published, I went back to my free spirited life and weeks later checked my e-mail, and saw that I had a surprisingly large deposit. My book sold a whooping 204 copies in the first month 😊and I couldn't stop screaming with awe and dancing with sunshine and a slackline. The magic didn't stop there. Amazon emailed me about my standing bestseller status and I was over the moon with joy! Women all over the world posted how this book changed their lives and goodness, 4 years later, "You Look Like Something Blooming" continues to sell without any formal marketing and I'm deeply grateful for a childhood dream come true. 💕 thank you for the comment @cal_productions ! 🙏🏿
I will be honest; I can be very self critical in all this genius 😂; I'm very aware of that. With that said, I can still sense how "The Melody of Love" has been crafted and curated to be an undeniable change maker, a high wattage model that will amplify the hearts, lives, narratives, and bodies of readers. This reclamation of the sensuous, feminine, intimate arts by way of the riveting pulse of love: from theory into transformative practice, is revolutionary and liberating. I can NOT wait to release this gift. I am thrilled and proud actually (and that says a lot)💃🏿. Hang tight! Wheee!💕One Loveliness #indiaameye #reading #books #authorsofinstagram #love #livinglife #life #heart #transformation wooohoo 😘

"And all it took for her to manifest her #dreams was the belief that was able to live inside them." -India Ame'ye 💃🏿🦅😘
#writersofinstagram #superhero. The quote above I wrote when I received my first accounting job 😂. Found it in an old journal. I was an accountant for 2 years and very happy with it for about a year. Then I started connecting with nature and it completely shapeshifted me into different person-feeling thing omg . ❤️
I screamed when I saw this playground in the distance😁. It's so liberating to stretch open like an isosceles triangle☺️.
Held some upside down conversations with the universe. A woman stopped me and said "you look like a dancer?!" 🤗" Yes I am, thank you so much...I said to her💃🏿🎉. She was an angel sent from the Universe, because I was considering quitting pole dancing, yes I was😂... that lasted like 5 minutes though ☺️. You don't have to be perfect, or even near perfect , you only need to have the heart to keep sowing and soaring and roaring. If you have a heartfelt desire, a path will show up on hands and feet to serve you🙏🏿. So I reclaimed my heart space for pole dancing. This heart reclamation work can actually support us in every area of life. No matter what. I talk about this more in "The Melody of Love."
Keep flowing and glowing with YOUR narrative as relates to your body and how it moves. Someone's narrative of you is really a narrative of themselves. Don't allow anyone to subtly and not so subtly discourage you. And if it happens, tend to that discomfort and discouragement within asap. If you are feeling the harmony, allow yourself to connect with your vision in nature. And always remember your why!! Why do you do this work?! What does it mean for you? I mean you've gotta know who you are. 😘Wheee! #inversion #play #poledancer #writersofinstagram #poledancersofig #thankful #curvydancer #softandstrong #writer #indiaameye #TheMelodyofLove #cyclist #fairy

"What's important to consider when it comes to #manifesting is that all of us are limitless, resonating with the anxieties and griefs of the world--and all its concurrent ecstasies, #beauty, #creativity, and abundance, whether we are conscious of these ripples or not. In other words, beyond all programmings, conditionings, perceived limitations, and fears, we all have access to the same things. Deep in the essence of our being is...everything. For we are the universe bending reality in the direction of our desires, whatever we perceive is possible and practical... or impossible and impractical. I invite you to feel the gravity of your natural birthright state of abundance please before we begin. " -India Ame'ye .
💝❤️ 🎉
Hi Beauties🐇💃🏿, been offline making creative cuts to what I call my luscious #MagnusOpus of a book, #TheMelodyofLove. Later in the chapter, I delight in sharing my top 3 tips on manifestation that I have incorporated in my own body and accompanying life over the years. And here is my most shared picture, with over 25K shares 🦋❤️and counting, so grateful for this day of fierce #freedom and wildness in 2009. Dare play like children: free, bare, winged. 🙌🏿 #treesister #naturelovers #fears #climbing #nymphs #fairy #trees #indiaameye #writersofinstagram #indiaameye #womenwhorunwiththewolves #magicallife

🐇🐇🐇(Not the clearest videos 🙈😂 but I love them both SOOO much) Happy Easter/Ishtar/Ostara, happy fertility, Beautifuls, the luscious resurrection of the #Christ Consciousness (surely not some faraway idea outside you but the resurrected luminosity within you)😘. It's one thing to simply understand a concept. But it is a luminous journey to deeply embody the concept. For me this looked like twirling the earth's axis in a really lovely pole dance class, engaging slow and deliberate magical movement, not seeking perfect movement nor perfect videos (yes a student actually stood in front of my camera phone 🤳🏿 🤗😂---Neither of us noticed that nor do I care, as I adore capturing life's quirky moments)! Playing with circumferences and other geometrical lines and shapes, the "Melody of Love" flowing throughout my body, I had so much fun💃🏿. When I say "Happy Easter", I'm actually feeling the #fertility of life flowing within me, and not merely saying words. I sense conception and pregnancy taking place. All that's left to do is to give birth.💝
I am celebrating the brave audacity we all have to midwife new narratives that live within us, to shine our lights without apology for being powerful, to be that awe, beauty, wonder, and majesty without shame or explanation. These myths, archetypes, #parables, and legacies such as #Easter live brightly within our #cells. All this accessible power, intel, and life force flowing in our bone marrow, building our blood, renewing our organs, restoring our organisms, are as ancient and potent as the beginning of the #universe should you decide to tune in. ❤️❤️❤️Happy Ishtar! May this new life be a love story for you. One Loveliness #beginnerspole #7thmonthsary #lovestory #themelodyoflove #writersofinstagram #author #indiaameye #quantum #play #dance #geometry #poledance #birds #blood #bone #organhealth #cosmos #fullmoon #ishtargate #stargate #acrobat #circus

Many #women have been tricked out of their softness, inaccurately led to believe that it equates to weakness and docility. But a soft woman doesn’t necessarily mean a fragmented woman. There’s actually great #strength in the irresistible softness of #femininity. While #she knows how to yield and surrender when necessary, a soft woman could be leading a pack of #wolves and not be noticed. Plus she’s got the charm to make others think they are actually leading but gently and most #lovingly, they are indeed being led. #indiaameye #powerful #love

"Women built from music boxes and mathematics carry an undeniable molecular softness that imbues us with supernatural, Jedi powers to smile into our organs as nourishment and celebration. In other words, being #soft will always be a required nutrient, crafted and cultivated from our inner wellspring. .

No longer is strength measured by the amount of pain and trauma you endured, Beauties🦋🦋🦋. Strong enough to be soft is a celebration. Strength in softness is a love song. You have everything it takes to become the strongest version of yourself by way of softness. Unhinge yourself from the hybrid foods. Resolve the limiting blocks that don't allow you to breathe deeply. No effort-ing, no trying, no sinking or receding. Simply being devoted to the softest, most passive sensations in your body sparks the brave magic of softness. Then everything authentically turns on, illuminates, and comes to life---your sovereignty, your vision, your next right action." Excerpt from my forthcoming book, "The Melody of Love" 😘💝🔮🌸.Seasonal fasting is essential...... #love #lovesong #indiaameye #fasting #later-gram #thankful #peaceofmind #juicefast #organhealth #alignment #geometry #shapeshifting #shapes #music #sound #sweetness #softness #themelodyoflove #spring #morningsun #heaven #writersofinstagram #magical #easter #allow #rest #vitality #fertility #ishtar

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