Photo from @thecinnamonhoney! Hi I just wanted to say that all you guys inspire me so much and I am VERY grateful to be connected with all of you beautiful creatives :,)

Photo by @_peterlombardo, reminding me that I’ve had Cut Your Bangs by Girlpool stuck in my head for the past three weeks!! Let’s see if we can make it to a full month!!

Celebrating the Occult Issue ✨ curated by @beatrizmarianophotography with @corinneperryartist as our featured artist!! Flip video and highlights are on our stories now 💛


Lela and Paul Meinhardt's "#Cinderella's #Housework #Dialectics: Housework as the Root of Human #Creation" (#Incunabula Press, 1977); #firstedition, #illustrated by Kirk and Erik Meinhardt

Photo by @quinstagrom who may or may not be featured in our print issue ;) Just wanted to say I’m exploding for the future and genuinely want to be friends with all of you!!! Also comment down below some good titles we should add to our short film corner!

[hi everyone sorry about the unscheduled silence - we’re back now] Our first issue from the second volume, the first with our new design, the first with a guest curator appearance and the first featuring an interview and a featured artist! The Awakening Issue 🌟 full flip video and highlights from this issue are on our stories now!!

Today's feature is by Iñigo Alexander, shot on disposable camera during a trip through Peru two years ago 📷 Roofing. Cusco, Peru. January 2016. By @ialexander10

Hey look a post so early in the morning. Photo by @dillyfoto of @mainlandnyc. We have a ton of pics of them on the site, along with photos + an interview with @themowglis. It went up a few days ago, but here’s a snippet if you happened to miss ;) ... “After a short hiatus, The Mowgli’s have returned, and they are more optimistic than ever. They are currently on a nationwide headlining tour to “get back to the basics” and reconnect with their fans. Katie Earl and Andy Warren took the time to answer a couple questions about their return and how they’re feeling about the future.” Article by @joeyreamsss

YA YA YA YA TICKETS OFFICIALLY GO ON SALE ON TUESDAY, APRIL 24!! Dirty Penni Fest 3 will be a show for the books my friends, a collaboration between @dirtylaundrytv and @penniback at @theechola. LOOK AT THAT LINEUP! AH! Who are you most excited for?? (P.S. you can follow @dirtypennifest for more info leading up to the event ;) )

From Issue 1:
Gabriel Parniak, “So Close to Nothing” installation view at Little Sister Gallery, 2017, In dialogue with Calin Stefan. @sadboycanadiana @ohyeahnoforsure

Sunday inspiration || RG @milk: "Currently into digital artist @teaaalexis and his futuristic renderings of home design."

Photo by @oliviabee. CALLING ALL ADVENTURERS!!! We want YOU to join the Pure Nowhere team. Go out and experience the world, make memories, take advantage of the time we have and live life as if it were a book, a movie, an epic road trip playlist. With this, we hope to inspire more people to unplug and just adventure. Check out our Instagram story for more information, and some ideas for what you could do. We want to hear your stories, and share them with as many people as possible!!! This is how a revolution starts. Tag someone below who you think might be interested! Become a professional adventurer with us ;)

Photo by @ma10ia!! Speaking of which SHE IS TAKING OVER OUR INSTAGRAM STORY AS WE SPEAK!! Follow her along on a photo shoot and see what goes on behind the scenes ;) love this girl and I know you will too

We love this snap of @julietking enjoying her Xeni Zine (and the London sun) ☀️ Thanks for the pic 📷

Photo by @joloswag69. How many more days until summer again? The correct answer is: too many.

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