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Odds are the moon, sun, stars and glittering celestial bodies don't have feelings, but I wonder if maybe they do get lonely sometimes. I think I would, if I was orbiting through the blackness, spinning past faraway stars, in the same path I'd always traveled. If I were the moon, I would gaze longingly upon the earth where I knew that millions of humans were simultaneously dancing and crying and laughing, and I would want to invite them to dance and cry and laugh on my rocky surface. If I were the fiery sun, I'd crave to sit around a campfire even though that flame would be absolutely microbial to my own burning self. Odds are, the sun and moon don't feel celestial emotions and loneliness. But odds are, they probably cried tears of joy as we sat in awe and wonder as the casted shadow made the leaves shimmer and humans shiver.

Am I right? ❤️

Be more than Kind! Don't just be kind to people who give you compliments or praise your work ethics. Initiate kindness! Step outside your circle #polishedandhumble #motivate #incourage #inspire #DTW
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Woohoo!! We love it too! <3 // 'That feeling you get when you're walking through Sam's Club and stumble across a book you're published in! #incourage #cravingconnection #Writinglife' ⠀
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Coffee with this sweet girl yesterday😍 Thanks for the beautiful birthday necklace! I love our "dream sessions". Thanks for always In.Couraging me! #incourage #gratitude #love #friendship

My Name My Heart Has Been Dragged,Talked, Cheated, Lead on I'm Still Living Life Thou 😍.....#wordsmeannothing #actionsmeaneverything So Just Do It .....Says My Mind❤ #womeninpower other Women

Just starting this book study We Saved You a Seat by @lisajobaker from @lifeway. Finding and keeping lasting friendships. There is a teen version my daughter is using as we study together.
Also I personalized my book with FREE wonky alphas from @pitterandglink.
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I am the beloved. Right here I belong.
Double-tap if you claim this too!

When you're in the middle of wrestling through book words and finding them hard to get on paper, Facebook memories reminds you that this message has been on your heart for decades - be faithful with the little things.
It was so fun for me to see this pop up, especially when we had decided on the title-
➡️Just Open the Door: how one invitation can change a generation.
*It's always worth it.💕--- -
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Today you are you
That is truer than true
There is no one alive
Who is youer than you.
- Dr Seuss

Am I right? ❤️

It's so easy to get lost in the shallow end. The place where everyone is looking at what we are wearing and saying and carrying with us.

But in the deep, none of that matters. In the deep end all the material stuff is washed away. We can no longer hide behind it. In the deep end, we are forced to cry out the same words Peter did... "Lord, save me!" ________________________________________________

And He does. Every single time. So, there's no need to waste our lives in the shallows, worried about what we are wearing or what people think of it. We can go deeper. All the while knowing our God will meet us there.

It's not a short term diet, but a long term lifestyle change.

Who is in most need of hearing kind words this week? A family member, workmate, friend, maybe those kind words need to be spoken to yourself? 📷: @incourage .
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Maybe God isn't concerned with your inabilities. Maybe God is not giving thought to your inexperience. Maybe He wants to do something GREATER than you can even see right now. Take the limits off, it's going to be a GREAT week!

I've been thinking a lot of the fragility of life lately, how it seems as if this world is dangling in a balance between joy and dancing and nurtured growth, and darkness and pain and unthinkable grief. The masks we place over our own sadness to make them appear pretty and shiny to those who peer into our lives. I think we're trying to be where our own two feet are because some days even waking up feels impossible, so how can we even begin to shoulder the world? I want my empath's soul to feel, to understand people and to realize that yes, this life is indeed fragile -- just as dried hydrangeas can crumble at the flick of a finger. That's why we've got to be in each other's corners. See. Speak. Shout truths and give humans no other choice but to realize they are oh so important. The fact that you're here is important. Hello dear one. I'm Kate and you are seen, loved, worthy and brave.

Everything you need, is already inside.

Oh, Saturday- how I love you so. Give me all the quiet moments recording my life. All the instant film and quality TV (aka my friends' YouTube channels 😉). All the crumbs all over the coffee table cause heck yes we're eating in here on our comfy couches. Give me all the kid cuddles and cat snuggles and silent moments with books and hearts wide open. Give me flowers and pretty papers and new recipes to try. ❤️ I just want more of this.

This right here- this rest, this space and margin that makes us feel fresh and new- this is what God was thinking when He kindly said (and this is only mildly paraphrased): "... Aaaaaaand now we Netflix and chill." 😉 Typically for me, rest days are better when they're active-rest days. You know, waking up to exercise and still clearing the dirty dishes from the sink so I don't get all jittery and weird about it. But then after I'm showered and feel the calmness I feel in the kitchen when it's a little more tidy, I get to just do the things that make me happy to be alive. 😍 No matter what it looks like individually, the concept is true for all of us- rest days are legit. We need them like we need food. They're biblical and necessary. But they're not just handed to us on a silver platter. We have to take hold of them ourselves. We have to make the conscious choice to set aside our work and toss some stuff to the "it can wait til Monday" pile and just chill. So whether you rest today or tomorrow or on Tuesday, it doesn't matter. Just do something that makes you happy to be alive. Grab hold of the "more of this" moment and breathe it in. Lounge and read a book. Get on the floor and play a new board game with your kids. Record their laughter, record yours. Go on a boat with your girlfriends for an afternoon. Sing karaoke. Dance in your living room. Forget for a day just how hard life is. Just get your rest on and find your happy. Believe me, rest days like I'm having today give me enough fuel to get through the week ahead. 😉 So my question is, what does rest look like to you and are you doing it often? 😘

Don't expect to see a change, if you don't make one.

This is my finished page in the #travelingtograce Traveling Bible hosted by @besavedbygrace. This Bible will be gifted to a child with cancer at MD Anderson hospital in Houston. Join me in praying it makes it to the child who needs the encouragement.
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All problems are illusions of the mind.

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