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APOLOGIA: noun ~ A formal written defence of one's opinions or conduct.
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Instagram's video filters suuuck, but this song doesn't! 👌🏻🔥 #incaseyoudidntknow @brettyoungmusic

@brettyoungmusic so happy to see you are killing the game man!!! #incaseyoudidntknow

One of the hardest things to do is make-up on your own family🙈but @orla_mccarthy93 nailed this one👌What an absolute STUNNER @sharonmcc93 ABSOLUTELY FAB 😍
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Long hair, small waist, & super tanned skin! 😩 Summer 15 was so good to me ☀️
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Pretty much..... #incaseyoudidntknow

InCaseYouDidn'tKnow  The real reason Nicki Minaj and Rihanna fell out
AGAIN part 1. So Since we covered why Nicki and Rihanna fell out the previous 2 times, we will go over what happened to make them fall out again. Now,Nicki Minaj and Rihanna used to be really close( as close as you can
be to Rihanna as an industry friend) .They used to play around ,and call each other "Each other's boo's" and they would say they were married and touch and feel on each other in public especially when Nicki was onfire. Now The known fact is Once Rihanna started seeing Drake on and
off Nicki (who never liked Drake for anything more than a friend)
Loved the attention she got from Drake, but the only person that can
make Drake stop paying attention to anyone(at least back then) is
Rihanna. So even though Drake is not the cause of the fallout, over
the years his relationship with Rih  did play a factor in problems. So
Little signs of shade took place around 2011-2012 and then at the MTV
awards Trishelle Antanella reported that Nicki Minaj told Rihanna to
"sit her ass down" Rihanna did not hear what Nicki said because it was
so loud but she knows Nicki said something.When the story started to get around I was present in
the room ( Nicki still doesn't know that) the
next day with Nicki's Publicist and they told her  what was happening
and told her what she  needed to say. Nicki denied the story and blamed Perez Hilton for spreading lies
when it was Trishelle who tweeted it. " I stick to my story I know what I heard," She said.Nicki never once denied she told Rihanna to sit down she just
said she didn't tell her to " sit Her Ass down"and she refused to answer the question " then what did you say"?A reporter  shouted out"
Ok, Some sugar that probably 95% of you does not know.  Rihanna text
Nicki that night " what was that all about?  Nicki never responded.
During that time the rumor about Jay-z and Rihanna had really started
picking up steam again  and a few industry people say that Nicki would
randomly throw shots at Ri Ri  especially around " young Money
people." People need to leave Married men alone" End Of Part 1

Ginger, Whiskey, Fluffy and Scaredy Cat enjoying the evening sun #kittys#incaseyoudidntknow#summer


In case you didnt know baby I'm crazy bout you and i would be lying if i said that i could live this life without you even though i dont tell you all the time you had my heart a long long time ago. @jphillips1406 #incaseyoudidntknow #selfie #latenight #bored #love #song #lyrics #doubletap

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Only us would dance in the parking deck like nobody else is watching 😋. #incaseyoudidntknow

In case you didn't know. Baby I'm crazy bout' ya. And I would be lying of I said that I could live this life without ya. Even tho. I don't tell you all the time you had my heart a long long time ago. In case you didn't know. #brettyoung #iloveyou #countrymusic #incaseyoudidntknow

Everyone decides what love is for them. Better an occasional banquet with God than 3 meals a day with a stranger. Pick your path… #incaseyoudidntknow 😘#prayonit #doors #lifeisgood #soulfood

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