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Just got home from errands and found a leak at the new place. It is surrounding the issue with the swamp cooler we already submitted a ticket about but a little nervous as it is a long holiday weekend for many around here! We'll see what happens. Dinner is going to be very late, though, as we spent a lot of time dealing with that.... It's okay, though! More time to post pictures. (Also, hubby grabbed tequila so there might be some of that... Safeway has their own that is fairly inexpensive and surprisingly good!) Here's a shot from our quick trip through Lowell earlier today. Had to go get the mail in Old Bisbee but it had been a while since we'd come through here... #TheBazaarTraveler #Lowell #InBisbee #BisbeeAZ

Who needs to comb the high desert when you can vacuum it? πŸ˜‚ I hate that our errands are so short because I so enjoy being out of the house again for a change...! Plus if Truck Finley sells, this may be one of the last times we go out in him... If not the last. πŸ˜₯ We eloped right after we got him and our honeymoon was a 9,998 roadtrip around the USA. Ah well..Back to today's mini adventure. #TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #mountains #highdesert #arizona

The day is winding down in Bisbee and we're all almost done. The shop has a bit left inside but Amber's dad will help with that tomorrow. One final goodbye but a hello to new beginnings. I'm keeping an eye on the munchkin while Ambie and Alan bring the last few things inside to the house on the hill. The sun is creeping closer to its place beyond the mountains and seas. The moon waiting for its full evening reveal. Not quite yet - still a few more hours to go. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? πŸ˜ƒ #TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #art

Trailer is dropped off, new info from and ally at local corporate location helping us out, stuff moved in... All over the place but it means it is 100% official. All our things are in Bisbee and we don't have to go anywhere for a while (except Colorado briefly for our work on Leafleur Magazine and belated birthday celebrations). No place has ever felt so much like home to either of us ever until Bisbee. We have teared up multiple times thinking about how hard we worked and how much we sacrificed to get here... We just love this place and want nothing more than to help it thrive and shine like it is meant to... Not in a way that compromises what makes it Bisbee - that unique spirit is what makes it so amazing to be here (you have to visit to understand). There's a magic here that seems somewhat lost somehow, yet it feels like it is on the cusp of finding its way once more. Glad we found our way here to help it all along. So much love... πŸ’ž
Pictured: Lowell School taken yesterday in Bisbee, AZ #TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #Arizona #Bisbee #noplacelikehome

Feels like spring outside and my medicated cookies are allowing me to venture out a little more today. Not very far - just going to finally work on the outside some more. Some things we hauled out here are staying, but a huge chunk of what we have, old and new, will be sold. We just can't let these financial-stemming-from-health setbacks stop us from fulfilling our goals for The Bazaar Traveler, Leafleur Magazine, inBisbee, and so on. Selling what we can (maybe even Truck Finley...) to pay all the medical and moving bills then push all the rest into growing our projects. We gave up a lot to be here and get access to this treatment, and to be able to have a better chance at life considering all we're dealing with, so we really aren't ready to give up any time soon. No matter how hard I know it all will be.
#TheBazaarTraveler #inbisbee #life #travelingtech

Good morning from windy and chilly Bisbee, Arizona! Getting a blizzard here on the Mexican border but we are just below the altitude that is getting socked with snow. Just over a mile high here, getting freezing rain again that is now turning into some snow on and off. Fun times. Can't wait to see what happens next. :) #TheBazaarTraveler #inbisbee #winterinarizona


Video from yesterday: Was about to run outside to bring in some more things before the storm when I spotted this hummingbird (and some bees) enjoying the new passion fruit blossoms. It even came closer to the door when it inspected my red wooden fish wind chime but didn't have my camera ready at that point! Love how many beautiful birds there are around Bisbee. #TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #BisbeeAZ #hummingbird #bees #passionfruit #flower #blossom #vine #fence #arbor #travelingtech #bisbeelife #forthebirds #birdlady #birdlovers #birdwatcher #video #flutter #BeYourselfInBisbee #DiscoverBisbee #BeBisbee #ArizonaLife

My breakfast yesterday at Mornings CafΓ© in the Warren District of Bisbee, AZ (420 Arizona St., across from the Boys and Girls Club). So delicious. The biscuits were super light, fluffy, and full of flavor. The sausage was just as good if not better than when I had it on my bagel sandwich there last weekend. The home fries were on point as I expected them to be after their hash brown heaven. Yet again told my husband, "This is how it needs to be done, Skillets!" (Referring to our repeated issues with potato dishes over the years after an initial good first experience at a local Skillets in Naples, FL which my parents said was their favorite until they finally listened to us and tried First Watch. 😍) Service was great (this time we sat at the counter) and the coffee was delicious like last time. So glad we have such an awesome place to walk to around here! The old place was equidistant between Bisbee Breakfast Club and Mornings but we only tried BBC in the past. Of course, the first place we were at in Bisbee was super walkable to Ana's Seasonal Kitchen, so... We do miss that very much. πŸ˜‹ (If you're looking for breakfast walkable in Old Bisbee, I'd probably start there. πŸ˜„) #TheBazaarTraveler #Sausage #Cheese #Biscuit #Homefries #Potatoes #Breakfast #MorningsCafΓ© #Bisbee #Food #GoodMorning #Latergram #Yum #recommendations #travel #home #eatlocal #walkable #neighborhood #MyFavoriteThings #Bisbee #Arizona #inbisbee #partakeinstyle #wakeandpartake #wakeandbake #yummy

Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and now Caffeine on this Thursday afternoon in Bisbee. Mail's here and surprise! So fast... Unboxing some Old Bisbee Roasters (we joined their coffee club!) that really perked me up on a hot day still with a broken swamp cooler. Ran out of coffee this AM and hubby insisted I split the last bit with him despite my insistence he finished it all. Now we can have all the coffee! Well, just two lbs... What did we get? Check out the second part of the video to find out (just swipe)! β˜•
Had some crazy aura forming coincidentally (or not) as some storm clouds began to form. Plus, it's that time when the Endo and cysts try to get me again. Would not be able to unpack this coffee let alone the moving boxes if it weren't for this K.I.N.D. live resin, btw. This plus one of Uncle Herb's Health Center pineapple pieces is giving me the energy, strength, and pain management needed to get this all done. The caffeine will help it get done much faster, though. Plus my aura should be helped, too. (Those of you with migraines know what I'm talking about with that...) β˜•
If you'd like to order your own Old Bisbee Roasters, you can use this code to get $5 off your first order of two lbs or more. Use code 31221 at checkout (once per customer only). If you decide to join the club, you can select how often it is delivered by the week and can even order one lb as decaf or espresso or two of both... Just check out OldBisbeeRoasters.Com to find out more and order some for yourself. 😁
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One year ago today. The home pictured (top, with the beautiful art) is actually for sale now and has in-law space below plus a cool spot on top by the rock and a very funky, private, magical yard. Last year, we'd dreamt of it going for sale and being able to buy it if things worked out here down the road. This one was just across and above the house we were living in at the time... 80-something steps up and 100-something down. No wait, I think that is reverse. Bah. Let's pretend it was 90 both ways and call it even. Had to run up and down either way often as long as I was healthy enough to do so without cracking my head open. Car was parked up top but garbage cans we used and stores and mail way on down.. (plus mail also down the street not just the stairs...). Do miss the views on the stairs but parking in front of the house is nice. I have three stairs now. Much better! (At least Boston prepped us for this. Hammond St inside, Fisher Ave outside...) #latergram #oneyearagotoday #memories #forsale #BisbeeAZ #milehigh #highinbisbee #partakeresponsibly #moving #southwestisbest ・・・
Even the homes here are pieces of art. #TheBazaarTraveler #eCaravanCo #inBisbee #adventure #travelingtech #life #goodmorning #houses #art #realestate #bisbee #arizona #cochisecounty #america #artists #architecture #stairs #sun #stars #castlerock

Another photo from yesterday during our touristy stop at the Lavender Pit. Considering how small this place makes you feel, I can only begin to imagine what it will feel like once we finally make it to the Grand Canyon. Weird that driving by this on a regular basis is part of our everyday lives now but I'm sure kids who grew up here might thing it was weird living around that much water, bridges, flat land, and swampland (and alligators) back in Florida. I know people from Florida used to think our tales of growing up in New England or traveling through the Appalachians in winter were insane as they'd often never seen more than a few flurries of snow on super rare occasions... If at all.
#TheBazaarTraveler #inbisbee #lavenderpit #miningtown #milehigh #mulemountains #mountaintown #bisbee #arizona #lowell #landscapephotography #latergram #LowellFellInThePit #ItFellInThePit #IFellInthePit #WeAllFellInThePit #ArizonaLife #Travel #Explore #CochiseCounty #Manmade #PhelpsDodge #FreeportMcMoRan

Seen on our walk home earlier today. πŸžπŸŒ„ The beautiful blue skies turned to crazy clouds with the threat of 1" hail and 60 mph wind gusts. Only ended up with sprinkles and a lot of wind (plus lightning and thunder in the distance) but there's more to come according to some of the reports. 🌩🌧🌩 I actually wanted to be a meteorologist when I was little and had a chance to take special classes at a local University between my 5th and 6th grade years (actually in either that or forensics... so torn!). That was right when my health really shit the bed so there went that - I was way too scared to try those courses after missing around a month of time by the end of my fifth grade year. Weather past and present (and future) is still a side passion, for sure. (Well, both that and forensics. Both also super handy for being a writer... which I also wanted to be since I could hold a pen/pencil/crayon - given my dad being a jack of all trades I wasn't about to limit my future options. πŸ˜„ Just the whole model and basketball player parts didn't work out when I stopped growing at 4'11".) #TheBazaarTraveler #Trailer #inBisbee #MuleMountains #MileHigh #BisbeeAZ #MountainTown #Bisbee #Arizona #BeBisbee #Warren #MountainGirl #AdventureGirl #RV #Camper #Improvise #Upcycle #HomeSweetHome #CochiseCounty #BisbeeLife #LifeOnTheBorder #PartakeInAdventure #Summertime #monsoonseason #travelingtech #womeninsteam #weather #adventure #america

Finally waking and partaking in Mornings CafΓ©! 😊 πŸŒ„ β˜• Alan was about to start breakfast burritos but started to talk about Screaming Banshee's brunch again then suddenly we were on a walk here. Much nicer to walk anyway. 😊 #TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #WakeAndPartake #GoodMorning #Yum

The fact that the bathroom door is open with the toilet staring right at you from behind the "No Restrooms Available" sign, basically taunting you... πŸ˜‚ #OhBisbee #TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #BeBisbee #DiscoverBisbee #OhShit #LifeOrSomeShitLikeIt #BeYourselfInBisbee #ToiletHumor #LavenderPit #Bisbee #Arizona #Lowell #LowellFellInThePit #ItFellInThePit #WeAllFellInThePit #MiningTown #MileHigh #PottyTime #BisbeeAZ #CochiseCounty #TravelingTech

Time for the birthday adventure to truly begin! πŸ˜šπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday @thelifeofalan πŸŽ‚πŸ˜š #TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #MuleMountains #MountainLife #MileHigh #BisbeeAZ #Warren #MountainAdventure #HappyBirthday

Another early but beautiful morning up and gearing to go in Bisbee, AZ. Dealing with the dogs and stomach woes on top of recovering from a bad seizure late last night. Running low on meds but still better than back in Florida. Thank goodness for K.I.N.D.! I don't remember much of it all but it lasted almost two hours on and off, and all I can really remember is my husband holding my hand for much of it all. Sometimes he was able to get me some puffs in with the pen if I was able to respond enough on when to breathe in and out. Much better now, though! Just a bit tired and sore.
Our original plan was to walk to Mornings Cafe for a birthday breakfast, followed by a trip to the Farmer's Market before setting off to pick up my medication in Benson (and his free birthday gram) but skipping Mornings for today so we can save more for Old Bisbee later. He still hasn't decided on what restaurant he wants to have dinner at this evening. Too many awesome choices. Do we go with a place we've wanted to try or a place we already love and wanted to go back to? If we make it back from Benson in time, with lunch and dinner, maybe we can do both? πŸ˜ƒ Officially one year in Bisbee now and last year for his birthday we started with a flight and a chili dog at Old Bisbee Brewing Company. Much more we can do this year, for sure. Though not sure the Bloody Mary's around here can compete with his 30th birthday brunch ones in Seattle... 😍 We will give them a try, tho. After all, putting a slice of pepperoni pizza in a Bloody Mary sounds πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. #TheBazaarTraveler #GoodMorning #BisbeeAZ #HappyBirthday to @thelifeofalan 😚 πŸŽ‚ #PartakeResponsibly #TravelingTechs #DigitalNomads #RemoteWork #Tired #WomenInSTEAM #womenintech #ArizonaMorning #BeBisbee #InBisbee #beyourselfinbisbee #partakeinadventure #HappyShatterday #Bisbee #ArizonaLife #stayhydrated #milehigh #mulemountains #mountaingirl #mountaintown #epilepsy #ptsd #bisbeelife #arizonaisforadventurers #stila #lipstain

Life isn't always exactly like a box of chocolates... Unless you're making some of the chocolates yourself and putting them in the box years in advance only to forget about them and try to eat them a decade later, blaming another chocolate maker for why the ones you made are now moldy, full of bugs, or full of filling in trendy up-and-coming flavors, "New Coke" and "Zima". I may have thought of this meme'd drawer statement when cleaning out my actual junk drawer. And first I wrote "drunk drawer" and now I am curious as to what one of THOSE would look like... It's Friday, any of you have any fun thoughts for that one? πŸ˜‰
Still no internet but at least my phone is working again after 24 hours of nothing. Lots of work to catch up on online but so much to still do offline. Tomorrow is hubby's 32nd birthday so there is much to plot and our original plans to cheer on Ryan at poker in Vegas changed when Alan's days off did. It is second Saturday here, too, so the fun stuff really kicks into gear in Old Bisbee with Bisbee After 5. Galleries, shops, and restaurants stay open "late" for all the fun (until 8pm, because this city runs on a similar schedule to Portland, Maine apparently. Remember when Dave Attell took Insomniac to Portland? Haha. Yeah. He, and/or Stanhope, should try to do one for Bisbee. Some stuff is open later, tho. Some stuff...) This month's theme is "Independent Spirit" which should be excellent for the free spirits around here. He wanted to go to Cafe Roka for the bday dinner but decided to save that for our 11th anniversary (of our first date) at the end of the month. Instead he wants to hit up at least 2-3 places we've wanted to try since moving (and also possibly The Quarry and Thuy's again because those are amazing). We'll see what happens. Maybe we'll see you out and about there...? πŸ˜ƒ Bisbee is a Mile High so you can definitely beat that Tuscon and Phoenix heat with a visit! πŸŽ†
#TheBazaarTraveler #inBisbee #BirthdayShenanigans #BisbeeAZ #Life #SafeTravels #HappyAdventures #PartakeResponsibly

Another beautiful summer day in Bisbee. 89°F with puffy clouds forming all day, creeping up over and into the mountains. Will we finally see real rain today? The forecast has changed so many times, so it is all just a fun gamble/game at this point. By now in Florida, we were already on a very strict schedule of afternoon rainstorms (and intense lightning). This time last year we were driving somewhere through FL, dealing with being unmedicated and trying to camp our way across the country and make up for lost time/money. Eventually found ourselves booking at a La Quinta in Kerrville, and met some of the most amazing people even among the chaos of room issues and seizures galore. And awesome friendships came out of it, to boot! Kerrville, TX was more beautiful than we'd anticipated, and we also truly fell in love with Western Texas after our night and subsequent adventure from there to El Paso. It was our third time through TX at that point, but something about that turning point and all points West really captured our hearts, for sure... Kerrville, TX to Bisbee, AZ (including the old Lowell neighborhood, where this photo was taken) takes roughly twelve hours with good traffic and weather. More if you stay on i-10 instead of the more rural route 9 along the border of New Mexico. There will be more options for hotels if you stay on i-10 but in season you can often hit some pretty bad sandstorms and traffic as you head into AZ on there, especially in the afternoon... Plus, the rural route (not that i-10 is anything like i-95 there or anything, lol) is absolutely gorgeous. There are many places to camp along the way but if you time it right you can just head right into Bisbee (and AZ doesn't have Daylight Savings so you might find yourself gaining an hour or two when you cross from Texas into New Mexico then Arizona depending on what time of year it is!). My Texan friends and followers should definitely come say "hi" to us in Bisbee sometime. 😊
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Just got home from errands and found a leak at the new place. It is surrounding the issue with the swamp cooler we already submitted a ticket about but a little nervous as it is a long holiday weekend for many around here! We'll see what happens. Dinner is going to be very late, though, as we spent a lot of time dealing with that.... It's okay, though! More time to post pictures. (Also, hubby grabbed tequila so there might be some of that... Safeway has their own that is fairly inexpensive and surprisingly good!) Here's a shot from our quick trip through Lowell earlier today. Had to go get the mail in Old Bisbee but it had been a while since we'd come through here... #TheBazaarTraveler #Lowell #InBisbee #BisbeeAZ

The water windmill and the mountains. #TheBazaarTraveler #Sunset #InBisbee #Mountains

Less than a week away from being Bisbee residents for one year. Still remember when we were first assigned our PO Box in town. Came in to the old city to check our mail and it really sunk in how long it has been now... Very excited to actually be in town and "settled" (enough) to enjoy the 4th of July festivities! (Hubby is most excited for the coaster races... Hehe. 😁) Who else is in town for the fourth?
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